Book different cemetery tours each day- pick your poison :

Moonlight Graveyard Tour

Fri & Sat 5 P.M. This tour meets at the Cemetery District n Mid city, 3 miles from French Quarter at Beachcorner Bar, 4905 Canal Street

Ghost and Graveyards

This is our only public walking cemetery tour and the only cemetery tour in town that explores many Cities of the dead in the dusk, dark & daytimes.

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Two cemeteries, Two neighborhoods and a Voodoo Doll making workshop . This Tour starts and ends in French Quarter. High Noon Fri and Sat

The Marie Laveau Legacy Behind the Scenes tour

Let initiated Voodoo priestesses help you understand real Voodoo – the history and the mystery. Let these native born New Orleanians guide you on this insiders Cemetery Tour. We are the only ones that tour St Louis cemetery #1 & #2 . See and hear about modern day voodoo in New Orleans. Visit the real tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. PLUS: Try some Hands on hoodoo when you make your own voodoo doll. Book now with Select buttons above or read more via toggles below…


We go inside & outside haunted cemeteries, haunted houses, a haunted forest & a haunted bar. 4 P.M. Sun & Mon or (after dark 7:30pm Mon - Fri )

Ghost Tour | Ghost Hunt

Van & walking combo – we second sightsee on the way through your haunted city outing.
Equipment & instructions provided for our own ghost adventure for your Ghost tour | Ghost hunt plus Voodoo Paranormal.

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Mondays, High Noon, starts & stops in the French Quarter

Visit two, enter two, see twebty-two

Visit Americas richest cemetery and one of the poorest. Plus points of interest in between.

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Angels and Demons at Dawn

Tuesdays, 6 A.M. as the sun rises certain spirits come out at play

Nature spirits, Holy spirits and others.

Contact the Guides,  the grottoes and the graveyards. We visit the good, the bad and the ugly.

Dancing with the Dead

Wednesdays at high noon come second line through the graveyards

Visit three different cemeteries

Go to French Quarter, then  Congo Square in the back o’ town,Treme, all the way to Bywater  neighborhoods and da 9th ward Musicians’ village. We go to St Louis Cemetery , St Roch Cemetery and St Vincent de Paul plus add a visit to the International Marie Laveau Shrine at the New Orleans Healing Center.

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See breathtaking architecture and feel the spirits of New Orleans Saints and Sinners. Feel the impact on the history of New Orleans.
  • Voodo Queen Marie Laveau tomb with xxx's in St. Louis cemetery no.1
  • Dominique You- Intrepid warrior of land and sea. Patriot or pirate tomb?
  • storm clouds over Greenwood Cemetery
  • Voodoo Ritual - Holt Cemetery
  • Metairie Cemetery
  • Wall Oven Vaults St Louis Cemetery 1 2
  • Ex-votoes at St Roch cemetery and chapel on Dancing with the Dead Tour
  • St Jude novena chapel
  • Tomb of the Unknown Slave St Augustine Church New Orleans
  • St Louis cathedral
  • St. John's Eve Voodoo Ritual
  • Civil war: Army of Tennessee tomulous Metairie Cemetery
  • Masonic Cemetery Cat Bloody Mary New Orleans Stairway to Heaven Cat

VOODOO CEMETERY GHOST CITY TOUR COMBOS Second sightsee the City through the eyes of the cities of the dead with a vast array of unique NOLA neighborhoods on Voodoo Cemetery tours, ghost hunts, paranormal adventure tours, Sinners and Saints and more. Explore haunted history on our full ghost city tours and leave the French quarter to get the ‘ley’ of the land. On our 7 Days of the Dead we offer different cemetery explorations every day of the week to cover it all. You choose your favorites and remember each cemetery tour is unique and takes you off the beaten path.

NOTE: There is a 4 person minimum on the weekday daytime tours Monday thru Thursday so If you are just 1 or 2 people and flexible with your scheduling we can group you on one of these fabulous cemetery tours du jour and place you with other couples to create a shared, semi private experience. Or  take the gamble and pay for the 4 people needed and maybe get yourself a private tour at 1/2 price! 

Book now with Select buttons above or read more via toggles now on our City & Cemetery Excursions

This cemetery walking tour is a great platform to understand New Orleans – her living and her dead. Explore the spirits and how to connect with them through old school and new school paranormal methods. Experience at least two cemeteries; walk in and around fifteen cemeteries. The moon is out all year, but this tour is only mooonlit half of the year. Spirits come out whenever they choose, they will not let a little light stop them. So come on a serious and fun adventure, an introduction into the unusual cemeteries of New Orleans and the spirit world surrounding them. This tour does not meet in the French Quarter. Rather, it gathers at Beachcorner Bar in the cemetery district: 4905 Canal Street.

Gravestones and ghosts await you! Take an inside look at our incredible New Orleans cemetery history, unusual architecture, secret society history and of the spirit encounters who call these places their home. No one is hired to pop out at you. There are no simulators. If and when that occurs it is very real. Experience multi-sensory adventure from the other side! Learn to see with all of your senses and begin to detect the subtle paranormal realities all around you.

Which graveyard was known as the Druids cemetery? Find out all about this and other secrets buried within the most unusual fraternal and religious cemeteries in the South. Travel inside at least two graveyards and see many more. Learn about the Odd Fellows Rest, Metairie cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, Holt Cemetery, our Potters field), Greenwood graveyard, St. Patrick’s, Cypress Grove, Dispersed of Judea and the Katrina Memorial. Enjoy a haunting walk with New Orleans spirits and explore psychic investigation and paranormal techniques – open your third eye. We will explore channeling, paranormal photography, EVP vs DVP and much more. This is an introduction to spirit connection with theory and application portions.

Tour the back o’ town. Tour two cemeteries, two churches and participate in a Voodoo doll making workshop. Go inside St. Louis Cemetery #1 and the more obscure St. Louis Cemetery #2. Explore the mysteries of Marie Laveau, a great spirit overlooking New Orleans, the Voodoo Queen and get a blessing to carry with you. Travel through the Treme, hear its evolving history and see its unique architecture. Visit the St. Louis Cathedral and St. Augustine Church.

The tour lasts three hours and has a maximum of twelve persons (with a minimum of two).

The Ghost Town Tour is a ghost tour and ghost hunt all rolled into one Paranormal adventure. Join a haunted city and cemetery excursion for this full paranormal adventure tour. This tour includes situational investigations where you become part of the experience: we visit haunted houses, haunted bars, phantom filled courtyards, sacred sites, active cemeteries, haunted bayous and more. Over the years we have escorted our guests into everything from haunted, two hundred year-old French Quarter slave quarters and empty plantations to spirit filled forests. The locales visited on this tour rotate based on time of year and personal preference. We offer our complete investigation in over-one-hundred-year-old haunted house seen on Ghost Adventures, Oddities and featured in Americas Encyclopedia of Haunted Places. You will be provided with ghost hunting for your own personal experience, but if you would rather just watch we also offer a separate night vision screening room option where you can view the rest of the group during the ghost hunt in our spirit realm salon. We have decades of experiences to share and a multitude of connection methods to teach while traveling to some of the most intensely powerful and haunted sites in New Orleans. The twilight Ghost Town Tour offers a more in depth cemetery portion including the grandiose, “millionaires graveyard” of Metairie Cemetery. This tour’s visit to the haunted forest and french quarter storytelling are abbreviated compared to the after dark Ghost Town Tour.

The tour lasts roughly three hours and has a maximum of twelve persons.

See twenty-two different cemeteries and experience four: get out and walk through two and drive through another two. Walk through  Metairie Cemetery and Holt Cemetery and drive through St. Patrick’s Cemetery and Greenwood Cemetery. Hear of the living and the dead, the ghost soldiers and pets, learn history and see architecture and the tombs of famous musicians. Mondays at noon. This can meet in French Quarter or else where by private appointment.

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Visit the more obscure side of New Orleans Cemeteries: rarely explored gems showcasing architectural splendor, revealing decay and displaying heartfelt sentiment. Spiritual, sociological, architectural, and geographical trends motivated our Creole fore-bearers to honor the dead in above-ground family tombs which stand as proud witness today. See the famous and the forgotten while touring the city. Go to these true crossroads to understand the music and the magic that is that has been left behind as a tribute to our ancestors. Meet musicians, politicians, prostitutes and all the rest that New Orleans has to offer.

Guides, grottos and graveyards: the good, the bad and the ugly. This tour uncovers the mysteries of City Park including a giant Oak forest, nature spirits and bloody duels of years past. Explore the mid-city cemetery district, City Park and the Treme neighborhoods. See St. Louis Cemetery #3 and Metairie Cemetery.Se exotic Angels in our graveyards and explore esoteric symbolism etched in the city of new orleans herself, And the demons , well it is said you cant have one without the other, so we shall see…

Meets Tuesdays at 6 A.M. at the City Park entrance by Streetcar stop or Hotel pick-up with a private tour package.

A trinity tour: 3 cemeteries, 3 wards and a musicians village!Wednesdays at noon meet Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop bar or by private time slot hotel pickupThis tour Includes St Louis Cemetery number 2 St Roch Cemetery and St. Vincent De Paul,  meet Voodoo Queens, Gypsies, and regular joes and some miraculous ex-votives as well. A must see, must dance tour. Wa stop at the New Orleans Healing center to visit the International Marie Laveau shrine and it he Isle of Salvation Botanica too
See brilliant Cathedrals and some Saint relics. Explore Sinners and Saints: their deeds, their lives and deaths. Visit St. Louis Cemetery #2, Lafayette Cemetery #2, St. Mary’s of Assumption Church and their St. Seelos center. This tour goes uptown, downtown, in the French Quarter, Garden District, through a bit of the Treme and the CBD too.

Visit a Mortuary Chapel, a Minor Basilica, an old Archbishop’s church and perhaps even a Baroque Cathedral. Greet our newest saints — Francis Seelos, Henriette Delille and our first American saint, St. Frances Cabrini — all here in New Orleans! Learn about America’s only Spanish inquisition scare, freemasons, brothels, storyville madams and politicians abound.

Take a chance and get the Monday though Thursday daytime tours privately just for you and yours at less than 1/2 price of a normal private, custom daytime charter tour by paying for at least 4 people minimum now. If you want to guarantee this tour time and customize it  just for your guests  then the full day price of starts at $600 . So take the Bloody Mary gamble and try for this 1/2 price deal. If there are under four people in your group you will only pay for the number that you have if other people join, there is a maximum of 12 allowed. If and when others book you will be refunded for the extra seats. If no one else joins your discount private tour awaits , If you do not want to pay for the minimum four seats, you may wish to switch to a different tour on a different day where there are others coming OR you can get a refund. So book  an excursion with just your guests with four people paid . Call for more info!