Please let me introduce you to my home town – where my bloodline has been since 1718. If you desire a deeper understanding of New Orleans with an authentic approach, presented by local experts who actually live the Mystic life, not just report on it, then we are your best choice.

Bloody Mary New Orleans Ghost Tours , Weddings, Voodoo Paranormal workshops, ghost hunts and psychic services offer you an insiders look into the other side. We are the authors, source material researchers, psychic and paranormal investigators who both create and provide the services for you. 

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Choose from a wide variety of outings on different days and times to satisfy even the most discerning palates. All New Orleans Ghost tours are by reservation only to insure quality

 So Come Join  in on our pre-planned public tours: Walking or Luxury Van

Or reserve your New Orleans Private Custom tours designed just for you: Walking. Luxury Van,  Limo., Carriage or combination Progressive  outings

Have even more fun when choosing some of our interactive and hands-on options with our in depth one-on-one classes, rituals, Voodoo retreats and bespoken events. Perhaps romance is on the menu? Well, weddings, renewals and elopements are on our menus too.


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“How do I stop my husband from ever looking at another woman again?”
(stick around for the answer)
“Hmm- careful what you ask for and HOW you ask for it . If you want to isolate your husband in a dark quiet corner then you are correct but if you really want him to Love you more then you are on the wrong road …..”
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Come join our Award winning Haunted pub crawl  or gather together for a small group in depth Voodoo Paranormal adventure. We can make it even more personal and customize your VIP spirit quest at sacred sites or design your own exclusive psychic soul spa day out. Perhaps, a private paranormal investigation is more your speed, maybe you want to schedule a specialty voodoo doll making workshop or a Swamp Magic intro class. We can even combine them all together to create a hands-on event with an innovative, mystical and supernatural theme !

Perhaps sidetrack to awe-inspiring swamps and oak forests teaming with spirit; Wander unusual graveyards or just explore the French Quarter with an insider’s eyes at you side. Our collection of destinations and secret magic recipes create a phenomenal, even supernatural experience ever flowing with haunted history.