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Ghost Voodoo Vampire Trilogy Tour


Walk in the infamous footsteps of our ghostly citizens, hear forgotten histories & find spirits that have lingered behind,and even feel the fear of the vampire lurking in the shadows. Add in a splash of hoodoo and voodoo you have the Undead Tour. 

Join this intense look at the other side of New Orleans spirits. Learn the old New Orleans ways to call, banish and work with the spirit world and some modern spiritual and paranormal techniques as well. Hear of the many documented encounters with New Orleans Ghosts, both past and present. Learn the truth behind the characters of legend: visit Madame Lalaurie’s mansion, part of a true American horror story, learn the ways of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and hear tales of the handsome rouge patriot, pirate Jean Lafitte, Julie the naked ghost, Pere Dagobert and many personal spiirts tales too


These tours are a macabre marriage of true horror, spirit interaction and residual impact, take the most in depth tour around. Jaunt the length of the French Quarter all the while hearing history, mystery and folklore which provide a lurid alternative history mixed with much magic. Occult history is part of New Orleans History! Visit haunted sites, see slave-quarters, meet at a haunted pirate’s pub, see New Orleans’ oldest buildings, tour our now defunct red light district and stay for a spell in a Vampire’s lair. This is not one of those tours that deals simply with the serial killer aspect of vampiric humans but instead how vampires effect us. Just where does the zombie fit in to all of this? We will explore the folklore, fears and realities of these monsters. Join a discussion of how their images have changed over the years.

Learn why the mystical reputation of New Orleans is as much reality as Mardi Gras, Jazz or Creole food. Experience a cultural masterpiece unveiling the motivations, fears and turmoil surrounding the growth of our town amidst intense class rivalries and power struggles the spiritual power sought to overcome. In New Orleans Voodoo met colonial Catholicism, European witchcraft, Native American Shamanism and Freemasonry to form a syncretism of Spirituality which still sizzles in its Gumbo brew today!

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You will hear cruel French execution tales, unusual customs and explore the true history of vampires: Just who were the Nosferatu in New Orleans? In 19th century the concept of vampire was becoming increasingly popular. At the same time, our death toll was reaching highest in the country. Thoughts of vampires and werewolves (tales of the Loup Garou, our swamp werewolf, is still spoken of around town). Just Why is New Orleans still so closely connected to these creatures of the night? When did the popular romantic angle of modern vampires, from Anne Rice to Twilight, become one with these once feared creatures of the night?

You will also see ghost pictures from America’s first ghost photo gallery, displaying Bloody Mary’s paranormal photography from the sites featured on her tours and her travels. Take your own paranormal photos during the tour using Bloody Mary’s field method of holistic connection, her “voodoo paranormal” technique. It is possible that you see, hear, feel or, at times, even smell a spirit nearby. We can only help you open your senses to try, we cannot guarantee sightings. However, it does happen during tours, so keep connected and keep trying. Combined historic and personal experiences shared within the tour may have you believe that New Orleans deserves her reputation as America’s most haunted city.

Haunted Pub Crawl

Join this scandal History Tours with a Paranormal twist! Award Winning Pub Crawl – In depth history & first hand paranormal encounters + Join us on ghost adventure tours through the haunted history hot spots of New Orleans 4:30 P.M. Friday Saturday & Sunday or by private reservation.

An intense underworld historic and partially paranormal presentation, the Haunted Pub Crawl is an adventure into the historic nightlife that was and always has been New Orleans. Psychic and Voodoo paranormal investigation tips: theory and application are explored as we weave in and out of many haunted bars and historic sites along our route. be prepared for a total French Quarter exploration looking though the evolution of the French Quarter: her peoples, places, scandals, cocktails, and other worldly anomalies.

Give a toast to the ghosts and maybe they will tag along. We cannot guarantee you will see a ghost, the ghosts are not on the payroll, but we share with you methods for connection. Go back in time through their histories, hear of these old imprints left behind by the spirits and the modern hauntings.

Go inside two of America’s most haunted bars and a few other more obscure ones  We are featured international television shows with 2 of our stops Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar and Mae Baileys Bar have our personal paranormal evidence shared on the Travel Channel, History Channel, A&E, Discovery and in the field studies in Bloody Marys new book! So come to the source where our featured ghost hunters will lead you and tell you true hauntings and behind-the-scenes stories.

This walking tour is history first, hauntings second and alcohol third. This is not a bar-hopping, drinking tour. We have three or four stops inside historic bars as a part of our route. New Orleans is open all night long, so there’s no rush to get drunk. We call it a Crawl but we want you to walk the route, hear all the tales and for everyone to enjoy equally, if you become to intoxicated to complete the tour that is on you. Liquor is not included.

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From the very conception of our town, New Orleans debauchery was a historic fact. As our lovely city grew through colonization to modern day, see what has changed and what has stayed the same! Scandalous memoirs of those from New Orleans’ past and the spirits themselves combine to create this decadent night out for you. Hear tell of the bawdiness of burlesque, the brazen hussies in brothels, b-girls, bar room brawls, classic duels fought over the demimonde, creative conspiracies planned in concert-saloons, barrel houses of keel boat men in their rests for weary travelers, battles planned in grog-houses and attempted assassinations and assignations. Much of our history and underworld business dealings were planned inside our bars!

Bourbon Street and beyond lay many hidden gems with stories begging to be told. So No matter if the highbrow or the lowbrow, in our Opera Houses and Grog Houses to Whore houses and everything in between— the spirits have always flowed through this town – even during prohibition.

Learn why even two hundred years ago we were called “the Great Southern Babylon” and “the Perfect Hell on Earth.” Come explore the original sin city with her world renowned vices: personal and political that have left paranormal footprints. Hear of New Orleans conspiracy theories, assassination plots, suicides, tragic romances, crimes of passion, mafia connections and musical legends as we travel to a colonial taverns, an old brothel saloon, a famous restaurant that housed an old speakeasy, see modern nightclubs and exclusive hotels where so much of our history occurred. The vice, graft and the aftermath that hover in our famous bars and historic buildings throughout the Vieux Carre will come to life in exciting melodramas. This is the history of our port town where some things never want to disembark and if they do, just like you, they want to come back for a return visit!

Moonlight Graveyard Tour

This cemetery walking tour is a great platform to understand New Orleans – her living and her dead. History, Architecture and the Paranormal. Ninety minutes duration, held 5 P.M. Friday and Saturday. Also explore the spirits and how to connect with them through old school and new school paranormal methods. Experience inside at least two cemeteries; walk in and around fifteen cemeteries.

The moon is out all year, but this tour is only moonlit half of the year. Spirits come out whenever they choose, they will not let a little light stop them but it is on the dark through March..

Note: This tour is no longer the midnight cemetery tour due to a new city ordinance and tour curfew. It is the moonlight graveyard tour. We go inside different cemeteries depending on time of year, This is NOT st Louis cemetery tour that is daytime only. With daylight savings time this tour is sometimes full daylight, sometimes we tour cemeteries in the dusk and  in the dark . We walk inside the cemeteries in the night and in between.

So come on this serious and fun paranormal historic adventure: an introduction into the unusual cemeteries of New Orleans and the supernatural spirit world surrounding them.
This tour does NOT meet in the French Quarter. It gathers at Beachcorner Bar in the cemetery district: 4905 Canal Street. 3 miles from the French Quarter. It is not far but Traffic is terrible so leave ealry

Gravestones and ghosts await you! Take an inside look at our incredible New Orleans cemetery history, unusual architecture, secret society history and of the spirit encounters who call these places their home. No one is hired to pop out at you. There are no simulators. If and when that occurs it is very real. Experience multi-sensory adventure from the other side! Learn to see with all of your senses and begin to detect the subtle paranormal realities all around you.

Which graveyard was known as the Druids cemetery? Find out all about this and other secrets buried within the most unusual fraternal and religious cemeteries in the South. Travel inside at least two graveyards and see many more. Learn about the Odd Fellows Rest, Metairie cemetery, Masonic Cemetery, Holt Cemetery, our Potters fields, Greenwood graveyard, St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Cypress Grove, Dispersed of Judea and the Katrina Memorial. Enjoy a haunting walk with New Orleans spirits and explore with psychic investigation and paranormal techniques – open your third eye. We will explore channeling, paranormal photography, EVP vs DVP and much more. This is an introduction to spirit connection with theory and application portions.

Go inside at least two cemeteries; walk around fifteen cemeteries as we explore New Orleans Cemetery District.

Ghost Hunting Tour: A Paranormal Adventure

Hauntings, Horrors and dancing with the dead

This Ghost Hunting tour is an exclusive Paranormal investigation and small group Ghost tour combo. Please Join us for this Fabulous Brand new Bloody Mary Voodoo paranormal presentation!

Travel through the French Quarter to known haunted sites and connect with the spirits and the spirits of voodoo. Explore hauntings, Horrors and dancing with the dead. Start  at the world famous haunted Lafittes Blacksmith shop bar, stroll by a haunted hotel, check out an alleged Sultan’s retreat then off to see Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau’s old homesite, Congo square all before we go inside a creepy two hundred year old haunted house for your exclusive ghost hunt and psychic investigation combo.

We select different locations though the year to investigate (or they select us) Join in in an intense paranormal investigation and perhaps help in clear a dark chapter of New Orleans history in the process-Hurricane Katrina, in a location on History channel, TLC and 20/20. We go into an old and ominous site to investigate and hopefully communicate with spirits using some modern paranormal equipment for ITC sessions and old school automatic writing and psychic connections too. We will delve into man vs machine and spiritual connections. Get a voodoo protection opening ceremonial blessing before and after as we go deep , as w go dark , as we go inside an infamous site to go to the other-side. This is real, Please be sober or we may not let you participate.

So trust Bloody Mary and be a part of this paranormal experiment. We provide paranormal tools and voodoo ritual protections for the inside ghost hunt portions. – so you don’t take the spirits home with you.

We meet at Americas oldest and most favorite haunted bar: Lafittes Blacksmith shop bar 941 Bourbon street begins our journey to the other side by 9pm. Two hours+ of inside and outside ghost adventures on Bloody Mary’s Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing with the Dead explore -Sundays and Thursdays 9pm or by private appointment

Be sober for this tour- the other type of spirits will also be waiting for you after the investigation tour is done

  • Alcoholic beverages are allowed on the streets in New Orleans, but you can be arrested for being drunk in public. Drink responsibly.
  • Please Come sober and eat before tour. There are no food stops on tour
  • Ghosts are not on our payroll, sometimes they are busy elsewhere, sometimes they walk with us.
  • Closed toed shoes are recommended as a smarter decision. Broken bottles, sidewalks and other unknown substances are scattered about. Fire ants are on some tours in the parks  which get at you earlier in flip flops
  • There are designated drink and bathroom stops on some tours- please use them or ask guide to show you!
  • We are not responsible for you if you wander away from the tour group and get lost.
  • The Haunted Pub Crawl tour contains adult themes (historic prostitution).
  • We reserve the right to refuse without refund if you are disruptive or abusive(drunk or sober).
  • Your Outside drinks may prevent entry to some locations on pub tour.
  • No drinks are allowed in the cemeteries or inside the buildings on paranormal investigations.
  • Drinks are not included in the price of the tours.