Come inside, my pretty…take a look at my future Haunted Museum- Opening June 2017!


Join author, TV celebrity and psychic medium Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary on her new venture: The Haunted Museum and Mystic Institute Opening to public in June 201; private viewings and Ghost Hunts Avail inside  Now! Since 1994 Bloody Mary has toured you in New Orleans cemeteries, sacred sites, haunted houses & guided you to the other side of New Orleans; Plus she has planned way cool Paranormal parties, Voodoo Weddings & ritual for you too. She is your foremost spirit guide since 1994. As a pioneer in her field, Bloody Mary opened America’s first ghost photo gallery and Seance parlor in New Orleans in 1999 which unfortunately closed by Katrina. She leads a New Orleans Voodoo family tradition & a paranormal investigation agency too. Now come visit all this & her ‘supernatural collection’ all under one roof at The Haunted Museum (address 826 N. RAMPART opening June) 

Bloody marys ghost town tour Haunted Museum New Orleans Ghost Hunt

Haunted Museum:

Wander through dramatic multi-media displays, investigate famous New Orleans ghosts and prominent paranormal figures. See a haunted collection, a haunted doll nursery, a 19th century séance parlor, ghost photo gallery, paranormal evidence, Occult artifacts- all in a 200 year old haunted house.

Haunted museum & Mystic Institute class by Bloody Mary

Mystic Institute:

The museum hosts a wealth of workshops, classes, experience groups, rituals, ITC & PSI seance sessions facilitated by in house psychic mediums & guests. We deliver a combined approach for Ghost Hunts, Spirit vigils, Paranormal investigations, healings, training, testing & social activities.

Bloody Mary New Orleans Voodoo Altar

Le Shoppe:

The museum hosts a supernatural boutique: Gris-gris pharmacy & salt apothecary and A store filled with angels, gargoyles, divining rods, spirit boards, tarot cards, crystals, protective amulets, voodoo dolls, art & sculpture, shamanic items, spirit tools, ITC & paranormal equipment+

Bloody Mary's Tours Team 7


Book museum tours to get an overall knowing of the spirit side of NOLA or let’s go deeper into the heart of New Orleans on our award winning walking tours and whole City & cemetery van explores with added ghost hunts, voodoo & paranormal! Book now on public or private adventures (museum tours opening soon)

 Mission: To teach & attempt to “protect and connect ” the paranormal and normal worlds together for balance. 

Seance & Mediumship: let’s trance together to get the information through from the other side. Participate in weekly live seances,  or schedule one to go.

After death communication: Try your hand at connecting! There are so many methods of old school and new school connection for ITC communication. We sample many methods and explore using them in private classes or group classes.

PSI, Tarot and Crystals: There are many methods of out there to help you open your third eye. Explore all the senses. Which is your strong suit? Are you more clairvoyant, clairsentienent, clairtangent or even clairgustinent? Can you develop and learn to gauge your empath abilities to tune in? Would you like to try automatic writing? Feel the power of Crystal grids help connect. We can sample many avenues of  PSI abilities and maybe even learn how to read the tarot. Call us about private or group classes.

Remote viewing & telekinesis: Try some long term and short term target practice on your far reaching psychic skills. The scientific approach of Remote Viewing is a training method developed by the government but its interest blended back into the psychic and paranormal worlds from whence it came. Maybe we can even try some distance movement exercises in telekinesis after we hit the target to grow our skills. We will have full special workshops with experts scheduled throughout the year as well as daily sample ares set up in the museum for you to test your skills.

Lets balance. Come get an important tune-up and teach you how to maintain a healthy balance of mind, body and soul. Reiki, Chi-Gong, Crystal work and mixed methods to tune you up. We identity and clarify  blocks for you to help create a more harmonious you and begin to rewire your energy circuits .

Private appointments available now and group meditations coming soon.

Go further back and let the past be present so you can absorb the power waiting from your past lives back within and transform the pain and emotional parts. Private sessions recommended and some group classes will start organizing in May.

We got ya covered! Whether you purchase our priestess made remedies, blessed crystals, spirit-guardes form our Gris-gris pharmacy, hand made protection salts from the salt bar, spiritual services and uncrossing ceremonies or a physchic self defense class or group meditation we got ya covered!

Ever thought that maybe a little bit of reprogramming is necessary? Through a variety of methodologies including hypnosis we will try to help you clear your path and clean up the debris, transforming it into your own pot of gold. Sometimes you need to face your dark side to climb up high. We can help you through that, so can the ancestors we help you align with. Individual and group classes available.

Classes , workshops, lectures,  mystic retreats, experiencers group sharings, hands-on field trips, guided meditations, ghost hunts and more are avail as custom private on on one tutor apprenticeship style or groups with in-house and guest experts and authors in their field

We have our Victorian visual of a seance: sitting around a round table holding hands, table tipping and summoning ethereal manifestations rebuilt for you to connect in live seance (its up to the ghosts on how, when and if they want to show). This is a valid way of connecting with the other side today as it was historically in old New Orleans. When group minds collect together to connect with a loved one or spirits in a place it is still a wonderful way to contact the other side. Note: This is not gallery style of psychic readings seance which is a more modern way the word seance is used.  We hold classic seance with psychic medium and sitters  manner of spirit connection. We have had this paranormal glamour atmosphere of yesteryear since 1999 here and there but now to the general public in my new Haunted museum, always at my personal  Voodoo house privately in the Spirit Realm for your personal mediumship needs  plus we also have pop-up paranormal and travel with our wares to your special event or psychic party or paranormal party for a Ghostly Gala 

Experience Old school and new school merge in Bloody Marys Voodoo paranormal technique. Mix a bit of ceremonial, spiritual , seance and modern tech a together and come break bread with the dead on or full moon or private slumber parties or Spirt vigils on Saturday nights at midnight starting in May.

The ghost hunting versions inside haunted h ouses and in the filed combos are available now privately or publicly on Thursday and Sunday. Remember  a whole different paranormal experience is avail thought the city of New Orleans on the van tour “The ghost town tour- the first and longest running ghost hunt in New Orleans since the year 2000!”

We have been acquiring our haunted collection for 25 years: some was found, some inherited, a few manifested all by themselves (apports) and others sought me out in various ways. I have Imortelles, haunted dolls, spirit bottles, apport objects, toys, talismans, totems, shaman’s tools and even some personal artifacts of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. Much more to see and feel in this collection in the Bloody Mary’s Haunted museum and or Ghostly galas with pop-up paranormal displays or Paracons

This is our paranormal preserve project and spirit realm studio. Please send us your personal spirt experience. Though we are focusing more on Louisiana oral history collection we will also have out of town contributions of spirits as well. You may remain anonymous and wear a mask while we document you if you prefer but if you cold share the address it would be helpful. You can come in person to the Bloody Mary studio to record your ghost story in the haunted museum or write in to request the questionnaire- its all up to you.

We offer advice if you need it to help the situation