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Spirit Shop at Bloody Mary New Orleans Voodoo Pharmacy

Here Now on line or in person at the Haunted Museum 828 N. Rampart St. in French Quarter

Come get your personal Voodoo prescription filled at the voodoo pharmacy!

Mary New Orleans Voodoo Pharmacy items are hand made Hoodoo spiritual tools, created in house for you. Come in person to the New Orleans Voodoo Pharmacy at Le Spirit Shop at 828 N. Rampart in French Quarter at our gift shop of my Haunted Museum or call for our “mojo to go” and famous Voodoo ritual kits!   Most of our ingredients are hand picked, home grown and carefully created with old school mystic methods and swamp magic. These are not internal medicines and should not replace actual doctors care that may also be needed. This is instead, mystic healing aids: spirit led,  rooted deep and passed down.Maybe you can come Conjure your own New Orleans magic at our voodoo doll bar or let us design your own dolls for those special cases. Do you need to awaken more magic at the gris-gris apothecary or enlighten yourself in a psychic reading. Go all out with a private workshop, class or tour.  Since spirit is part of the process when dolls, mojo’s, gris-gris and other spirit tools are ordered many times they include a scheduled consultation; some come with follow up psychic sessions too, by phone or in person.

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Voodoo Pharmacy-How to use your Spirit tools:

Bloody Mary and her Voodoo house team create the dolls, gris-gris on sacred sites and inside their New Orleans Voodoo Temple. We gather ingredients in the swamps, at the rivers edge, growing wild in the forest and some from our own backyard. Of course, some ingredients are purchases from holistic organic growers such as all-natural, organic essential oils and herbs. When we gather in nature we ask, thank and gift divine source within and do awaken spirit in all of our spirit tools.

Bloody Mary’s Books will come autographed and if it is personalized  to a name other than the purchaser please let me know with the order or call 504-915-7774 o send it priority to insure it and i awaken in personally and add a little gift too!

This infamous effigy is simply a surrogate of the intended, the doll, mannequin, poppet! Because of Hollywood you would think only of it as” intended victim”  but actually it is your intended patient, a passed on loved one, a guard or simply you! This  all depends on the motive of the creator (pun intended). But seriously, we need to activate the doll with name and baptize your voodoo doll with the energy and or DNA of the receiver. When you add hair, nails, clothes, breath, body fluids and the like to the doll  it awakens it even more fully. Dress it in the clothes of the person, bedazzle it with their jewelry and all that jazz! Everything you add, add with a purpose. Feed your doll at least once per month or  best at once per week.  Dolls can be made as helpers, money magnets, love dolls, protector spirits or become houses for the mysteries. This vessel can contain your spirt or house others. Feed this relationship and grow.

(Though humans use dolls to stop others and drain them is not advised. focus on gaining your own strength for self and those around you  from the source for your true needs!)

Your Bloody May New Orleans Voodoo pharmacy makes you an authentic gris-gris. This  spirit pouch  created in ritual is for you to carry for your needs  and  is an actual spirit too! the word Gris-gris, a Mende word meaning roughly, wish. It is an African term mainly used in Africa and Louisiana but other areas have similar devices referred to as a Mojo bags, flannels, nation sacks, zin zin etc. The old school system of gris-gris is actually more complex than those for it was to conjure a spirit out of a combination of animal,vegetable and mineral mater. Through these life making kingdoms you are re-creating a spirit helper. The creation process is a spiritual one marrying the ingredients in a special way, awakening , baptizing and tasking. Your Gris-gris must be fed, nurtured and tended to as it grows with you, It is advised to feed it at least once per week and to never open it. Feed by pouring in pure oil, whiskey, rum, champagne, coffee etc as required, desired. carry it, sleep with it under your pillow or at your altar and listen. No one else should truly touch it
Never throw away a gris-gris! Disassemble it , thank it and release it, Set ingredients and spirit free in running water or in nature.

Voodoo ritual kits are hand made by Bloody Mary;

Each is blessed and spirit led so they are all made little different

Each kit is dedicated to a particular goal and to a particular Spirit or Loa

contents: Juju, scroll, potion, candle, holy card, talisman, voodoo powder, herb, incense, secret ingredient

Love  – to draw love to you or to strengthen and increase the love you have  $44

Make-up – relationship helper designed reestablish communication and reconciliation ( comes with 2 dolls)- $44

Money– Prosperity; increase in funds, new or better pay at job and increase in business too $44

Evil Away – Banish that darkness, bad luck and sludge holding you back ; strong defense $44

Cleansing-  Stay clear,  strong and purify; maintenance program  (includes special salt bath) $44

Protection– Stay strong and stay safe with protection rituals; strong offense and shield  $44

 Custom Voodoo Kit– this comes with email consultation and 5 minute voodoo activation phone blessing and infusion. Bloody Mary custom creates special kits just for your needs   $75