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Welcome! Voodoo cemetery tour with the Best: Tour Two Cemeteries, French Quarter & Treme + make Voodoo dolls

Voodoo cemetery tour sight by Bloody Mary Iron Fence New Orleans Cemeteries 2

voodoo cemetery van tours by bloody mary and haunted city cemetery night tours too

12pm – 2:30pm  Fri and Sat  Max 13 participants  $75 ea

A behind-the-scenes, insiders look into our special blend of Catholicism, Voodoo, Hoodoo plus a detailed history of life and death in New Orleans. Ever wonder whats become of Storyville- Americas first legal red light district? learn the truth behind and inside above b=ground burial!  Come find out about some special Saints standing at the Old Mortuary Chapel, St Augustine Church and St  Louis.

 this tour and others are avail privately too

 Bienvenue!  Come visit Voodoo Queens, Grand dames, Madames & Messieurs + Pirates &  priests who ran this land

Voodoo Cemetery tour by Bloody Mary at tomb of Dominique You- Intrepid warrior of land and sea. Patriot or pirate tomb?

The #1 Voodoo Cemetery Tour in the the Back a’ town in the graveyards and off the beaten path! Take a Voodoo trip through time all the way round to modern day. glimpse into the lives of sinners and saints; See how they worked together to create America’s most mystical city. Get to the root of New Orleans most talked about controversy: Voodoo.

Go inside New Orleans 2 oldest Cities of the Dead.

Visit Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau tombs in St Louis one and St louis 2 ?

Get a Spiritual blessing at the tomb of The Voodoo Queen.

See 3 of our oldest churches.

Salute the tomb of the unknown slave.

See the sacred site of Congo Square.

Drive through history of the Treme and French quarter.

Hands on workshop: make & keep your own Voodoo Doll

Bloody Mary voodoo cemetery tour with workshop to make your own Voodoo doll

Get some hands-on hoodoo  to take home with you too  when you learn how to work the doll, activate and bless it. This is not the hollywood version, but a real glimpse into a Hoodoo folk magic working to create this surrogate to help your needs in life taught to you by initiated Voodoo Mambo (priestesses)