Spiritual Services

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You deserve a personal tune up: Spiritual Services Cleanse & get to the Root

 Spiritual Services

We have a wide variety of spiritual services to offer, but they all begin with a psychic reading and spiritual consultation. Since no two situations are the same and no two people are the same you will need a unique remedy just for you. We  blend voodoo, hoodoo, conjure. traituer and Spiritualist techniques w Qui Gong and Kunji-en or reiki.  We may prescribe mystic psychic healing tools, such as a ritual baths, anointing oils, altar building, sacrifice, uncrossing and prayer. We need your full, honest participation in order to help you heal.

This is not Hollywood. If you think this is all instant magic,  then we are not the right people for you. We make no false promises or outlandish claims on out spiritual services. It took a long time for your life or love to get where it is today and you must participate in its healing. It is a step by step process and we are here to guide you.

  • St. John's Eve Voodoo Ritual 2
  • Ex-votoes at St Roch cemetery and chapel on Dancing with the Dead Tour
  • St. John's Eve Voodoo Ritual
  • Voodoo Fire Ritual Papa Edgar and Bloody Mary
  • abundance ritual with drama
  • Bloody Mary Voodoo Altar
  • Ghost hunt at Bloody Mary's with Gina
  • Voodoo ritual at Bloody Marys House
  • Bloody Mary Backyard Altar New Orleans Voodoo


Let us do a check up and see whats going on with you. We will identify, uproot and bring hidden issues to the surface to begin your transformation. We will expose and remove what ails you rebuild you. It may feel simple, but you can continue the process for the next 7-9 days. We will check on progress through dream analysis.
A deluxe refresher for soul, body and mind integration. We drain out what is not serving your highest good through the foot wash. We reintroduce the four elements through fire, earth, air and water. We baptize you with a spirit head washing (we feed your spirit!).
Bloody Mary employs the ancient art of Qui Gong Kunji-en energy healing. She has earned knight-priest teacher level in this ancient method of healing practiced by Tibetan Monks. Some of her other healers use the energy healing, Reiki. They all of us add their own folk magic twist and a bit of voodoo on top to offer you the best in energy work.
Let us baptize you and reconnect your spirit though the head; a head washing to be exact. This serves as a type of baptism and strengthens of your connection to the higher powers.
A fire bath to cleanse the aura , a fire purge to burn way the bad and a fire rebirth to rise again . Purge the excess in your life to make way for the new.Rise again and reclaim your rightful power.

Fire is destructive, but it can also purify. We call about the energy of this intense element to do just that! We purge away problems. We cleanse and sterilize new beginnings for a safe and trans-formative start with the great spirit of Fire. 45 minutes. $99

Draw and drain through the feet,.This marvelous part of our body not only carries us through life it draws negativty out of the body though the soles of the feet. We call and coax the energy cleansing; replenish and return it all anew through the foot wash!

Custom Rituals, Readings, Cleansings, Clearings and Classes

Experience eight full  hours together, in person with Bloody Mary on your New Orleans voodoo retreat as you uncover the Marie Laveau mysteries. This is a a psychic soul retreat and an intensive Voodoo apprenticeship all in one.Get in touch with your feminine and women’s mysteries are weaved through the retreat, but are gender neutral and All will benefit from this training. New Orleans Voodoo is Your personalized program can start from apprentice level to adept and comes with follow up exercises. This also comes with follow up consults and assessments to help you progress. Book at least two weeks to one month in advance.Hotel and meal assistance is part of this package and a mystical itinerary with your private concierge.Please call 504-915-7774

Take a fully customized VIP day or intensive overnight Voodoo retreat. Early assessment planning and psychic overview sessions prior to detailing your own customized program are included. New Orleans Voodoo and Hoodoo training and purification treatments with Private classes designed to meet your level and needs.  11-7 P.M. or 7 P.M.-11 A.M. Limited Availability.

The biggest celebrated voodoo day of the year in New orleans Voodoo is still St Johns Eve on June 23rd. I do the traditional water baptism at the lake and at the bayou, Bu ti also do this all year long, this picture is fro St Johns eve a few years back where the dragonesque fire element of St Johns eve rose out of the waters as i was dunking my patrons down so they ” die on the lake” in their spiritual rebirth, you can sort of see in this paranormal picture, We were not alone. Man you the great river mama mami wata of our area was awake and tending alongside St john on this Magical Fire and Water day which coincided with the Summers Solstice and mid-summers eve