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Let our Bohemian theme parties birth your unique Spellbinding Soiree!

Bloody Mary Paranormal Party New Orleans Food Museum 3

Ghostly Gala

Throw a paranormal party of legends, folklore & connect with real ghosts + Paranormal activity tables Pop-up Haunted museum+

Voodoo dancer Cinnamon Black at Bloody Marys Voodoo nights party teaching the men how to voodoo down

Mojo Ball

Voodoo Queen and her troop open the way with drums and dance at this ritual party with doll making, mojos and mo”.

Storyville Striped stockings new orleans Bloody Marys tours

 Bordello Bash

Wanna paint the town Red! Cool Jazz, hot girls,torch singers, hoodoo hellcats , maybe, even a duel awaits.

Mardi Gras Revelry

Mardi Gras

March with a Second Line, throw beads with your own Krewe, be your own Mardi Gras royalty.

Bloody Mary at Theme partty Living history keeper character Madame Lalaurie

‘Dat Dead Dance

 Party with creatures of the night, bring out your inner monster. Dance with the werewolf, vampire & zombie!

Voodoo Weddings - Second Line

Bawdy Birthday

Have mystical, magical or Voodoo theme. Maybe a seance, bury your youth in a full Jazz Funeral. Anything goes!

Try our tried and true New Orleans themes or new & exciting parties created just for you!

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  • Event planning New Orleans by Bloody Mary Voodoo Nights
  • Voodoo Weddings - Second Line
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  • Priestess Cinnamon at Bloody Mary VoodooNights Ball
  • Bloody Mary Voodoo Ritual Congo Square
  • Bloody Mary at Theme partty Living history keeper character Madame Lalaurie
  • new orleans Voodoo veve for Maman You, La sirene the mermaid mother of New roleans by mambo gina ant a Bloody Mary Solstice ritual
  • mesmerized with lve potion at Bloody Mary New Orleans Voodoo Nights party
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  • Haunted Ghost Hunt Bloody Mary's New Orleans Home Voodoo Temple

 Theme Parties

Check out a whole host of unique New Orleans theme parties already created for your perusal.

Dig deeper and click on the toggles below for more ideas but best is yo make your planning call appointment today! Email your dates and rough party concept and we will polish it up and set the date. But of course, we can also help you create your own unique special theme parties too. Either way you go, we will strive to make sure that the other side of New Orleans reveals herself to you and lingers in your memories forever… Some ideas include: a Ghostly Gala  with  Paranormal activities,  a haunted or Voodoo picnic, a full Voodoo ritual extravaganza,  a swamp monster horror delight, a Mardi Gras Mambo costume party, a Bawdy Birthday Bash or a private or public Psychic Party. Any and all options of our theme parties have artistic decor to match and are tended to by “living history” characters and real life local artists as your professional servers added for an extra twist.

Flip boxes below to explore a bit more and then read toggles below for a further description + Call for your planning call today!

New Orleans Theme parties:  Ghostly Gala can includes paranormal ghost photo displays, psychic readers and a Ghost Storytelling hour by Bloody Mary herself to help set the mood. Dine in one of our haunted restaurants or in enchanting locales such as an ancient Oak forest.Add special foods to evoke the spirits in a haunted ballroom, restaurant or any place of your choice. We display evidence with paranormal photo display, EVP hands-on table to hear ghost sounds through our equipment, automatic writing table and fortune teller booth with paint the scene for our customized party night. Break bread with the dead. Create a secluded meal for lovers while learning methods to connect with spirits, or a full blown paranormal investigation party for all your guest- you choose. Bon appetitte!
New Orleans Theme parties: The Mardi Gras Mambo party is done in true New Orleans style. Start it off with an incredible local Second Line Brass Band. A Second Line is a great way to start or end any party: costumed revelers with music to match marching down the street throwing beads to onlookers! So get your party going, have a local Mardi Gras Queen preside as we decorate you in themed Mardi Gras costume (face painting, mask making and much more).
New Orleans Theme Parties: The Bordello Ball is an ole hot Jazz and Voodoo blues party with a Storyville Madame as your hostess. Watch a reenactment of a duel, a cat fight between card carrying ladies of the night or, even, add a torch singer in style of Ol’ Jelly Roll Morton. This your past life dream party! Delve deep into the wild and raucous goings on of the infamous Storyville our 19th century legalized red light district. See where Jazz was born and be regaled by Storyville Madame’s tales.
New Orleans Theme parties: Bawdy Birthday-We’ll help you roll in the years with style. Whether you want a mystic, magical theme or anything else we can bury your past or revel in it. Its all up to you!
A Mojo Ball includes a historical New Orleans Voodoo ritual as your main attraction presided by Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary. It’s a full Voodoo Themed event complete with Voodoo doll making, Psychic readers, Voodoo themed décor, elaborate voodoo altars, snake dancers and a carefully created Voodoo Ritual food menu. Add drummers, costumed voodoo revelers, fire dancers or stilt walkers for an even more elaborate event. All participants are local Voodoo practitioners, Priestesses, and psychics who live the life, not just act it out, for you!with hands on Voodoo activity tables, voodoo wish blessing booth, voodoo doll making and much much more
The Loup Garou Howl is for you if horror is your fancy, the macabre more to your taste. We shall become werewolves, vampires, and other the creatures of the night for your night of the dead. Have a coffin display, inner monster caricatures or have an above ground tomb built for your party.
A haunted picnic is a romantic way to break bread with the spirits. An intimate affair or a full event catered for just you. Sit under the ancient oaks in an enchanted forest and travel tandem to other unusual spots nearby. Join in a 19th century, surrealistic encounter, explore methods of spirit connection in a hands on experience.
Let Bloody Mary create a psychic soirée for you or simply invite her to a party of your own. She can come on her own or offer her hand selected and gifted psychics to answer some of the questions you may have about your past, present or future. Check out the whole psychic party page.
Plan a paranormal party in one of the numerous New Orleans haunted buildings or let it come to you.

We can connect and bring our paranormal pop-up haunted museum. Add Psychics, ghost hunters, a paranormal activity table and even a ghost photo gallery. There can be a how-to table with investigators, strolling spirit storytellers and dramatic decor to fit the mood.