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St.Patrick 1,2 & 3 Est. 1841  5000 Canal Street.  70119


St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery 1-2-3 were established starting in Est. 1841. St. Patrick Cathedral was mainly filled with Irish Catholic immigrants who, like many newcomers to the area, succumbed to the plagues and pestilence that devastated the New Orleanians. The St. Patrick’s Parish was created to tend to the living souls of our new Irish citizens and the St. Patrick cemetery was created to tend to their remains. The cemetery filled so rapidly that soon three St Patricks Cemeteries were founded and filled.

The St. Patrick cemeteries are landscaped with the typical, two shelf family brick or granite tombs and an abundance of coping styles. The copings are in the earth and surrounded by a coping enclosure of cement, brick marble or granite. Built in what is now known as the cemetery district St. Patrick’s cemetery was originally on the outskirts of town on relatively high ground. There are now fifteen cemeteries in the cemetery district in the neighborhood officially known as Mid City. Though, there are also two hidden cemeteries underneath it all.

There was no flooding or damage in Katrina to these Cities of the Dead but the cities of the living that surround were in dire straits. Bloody Mary’s house is six blocks away and was gifted eight feet of flood water! No visible wind damage was reported to these graveyards either.

These particular New Orleans cemeteries rate in “good” condition in general. “Perpetual Care” contracts are on many of the tombs within. A certain level of maintenance is provided by the Archdiocese when the tomb owners are contracted with them. When the cemeteries were founded this option did not exist and the responsibility for maintenance was “family care.” The full responsibility fell to the owner and his future family. Tombs are inherited as part of probate, but you also inherit the contents and a responsibility. This cemetery is a mixture of perpetual and family care which is reflected visually in the integrity of the tombs. 

This cemtery is seen on Bloody Mary’s cemetery tours du jour and on the walking Moonlight Graveyard Tour. Go inside on the Cities of the Dead tour or one of many custom, exclusive excursions. Visit St. Patrick’s Cemetery Catholic Cemeteries tour, see the city through our New Orleans Cities of the Dead.

by Bloody Mary 05/21/2016

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