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Psychic-Soul Spa Day Packages

Our Exclusive Psychic Soul Spa Day Packages may land you in the bayou, under an old oak tree or even in Bloody Mary’s back yard or Spirit Temple.

Bloody Mary has put together combination packages for a sort of Soul Food Buffet to choose from- but the packages you choose will always enlist the Spirit of place appropriate to your soul spa day needs. We will have a short consultation by phone to discuss what your main needs and concerns are. Tell us about your goals so we can help you choose the right spa day and the help you set the achievable goals that you would like to accomplish in your sessions.

  • Ex-votoes at St Roch cemetery and chapel on Dancing with the Dead Tour
  • St Jude novena chapel
  • St. John's Eve Voodoo Ritual
  • St. John's Eve Voodoo Ritual 2

Psychic Packages: To Clear and Connect

Let us help rejuvenate your soul and connect you to all the elements. Your inner witch or your inner intuitive is waiting to balance and blossom. Let us guide you through meditation, cleansing and a peak into your past lives.
Are you at a plateau in your life? Are you on the verge of change and just cannot seem to start moving? Does some thing in your gut tell you that there is more out there? Or are you simply stagnate and complacent where you are? This is a common issue and through cleansing, by clearing some past issues and removing fears we can help you through the crossroads.
Get to ythe root! Psychic X-ray, Curse reverse & rebalance. Remove spirit attatchments & exorcism
Expose your baggage and lighten your load. We help you face your hidden truths to remove attachments and keep them off.
We may even release or reverse a curse if necessary & our heaviest exorcisms available 2 1/2 hrs. $399.Let us examine whats going on in and around you. We will perform a psychic x-ray and identify the issues. Sometimes we cross ourselves up, sometimes people throw ill will toward us and sometimes you have actually do have negative spirit attachments. We all carry a lot of energetic debris; no matter where it came form it can wear you down. It does not have do be a Hollywood exorcism style issue that causes you to need a good cleansing and banishing. We remove and transform the issues step by step.
Psychic development, channelling exercises, third eye tuning.

The platinum touch awaits; you will be fed soul food (creole style!). I believe when you feed the soul the balance will show and glow inside and out. We combine many of our sessions into one pristine day for you to shine. All of the above rolled into one, plus a little lagniappe!

Full info

1/2 day Psychic Spa Day $999 ($300 assessment & consultation deposit required )
Platinum touch
New Orleans is your muse and Bloody Mary is your spirit guide.
Secondsightsee Sacred sites excursion and private indoor sessions

You will be picked up at your hotel in luxury Van and feel the power of New Orleans sacred sites, healing waters and historic landmarks throughout our day. You will meet the spirit of place of New Orleans. She is a muse and can help unlock your raw creativity with her swamp magic, ground you with her ancient oaks and cleanse you in her sacred bayous. Your day is custom planned and our itinerary has healing and mysticism in store. Our intake begins when we connect on the phone prior in a spirit consultation and evaluation. So our work begins before you arrive and continues through our entire day of one-on-one attention to you. During our leisurely scenic drive with sacred stops we continue our intake assessment on your needs and let nature reveal her mysteries and feed your soul. Balance the Divine Feminine with the masculine thought the intercession of Our great Spirit Mama- Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau
Our days itinerary may fluctuate as things are revealed and the work continues even after you leave. Dream analysis and progress in charted by email and then an assessment follow up email program is sent to you weekly for you to journal in and create your own personal book of shadows focusing on your personal key point needs. Staring soon after your 9 day processing of our work we will provide certain homework ritual assignments that we prescribe during this follow up program. Your retreat becomes more than just that ½ day and more than just your full day, it can follow you and be at your fingertips forever.
During our one on one day, we go into sessions, workshops and ceremonial rituals for your specific needs and discuss ways to cut through obstacles and purge any issues, one step at a time.
12:00 -4:00 pm (or TBD)

Psychic Consultation w
Energy healing
Past life needs

Choose 1 from:

Guided meditation at sacred site:
Ancestral connection, retrieval and balancing
Cleansing, grounding, shielding and banishing
Or other hypnotic trance work warranted
Choose 1 Workshop on :
Developing and nurturing spirit allies and guides
Purging and banishing
Forgiveness and release
Building ancestral altars
Marie Laveau Mysteries
Gathering in the wild
Voodoo doll making
Candle burning

Choose 1 : Co-op ritual
Head washing / baptism
Element reconnection
Marie Laveau empowerment ritual
Other prescribed spiritual treatment ritual

You will also receive these spirit tools:
Custom Spirit tools to go by prescription
Custom Gris-gris bag and or custom doll
Ritual bath salts or other tools deemed necessary for your total growth needs

Sunday or Tuesdays preferred 1/2 psychic spa day 12:00-3:30pm (other weekday options possible)
Pick from prescribed items from choice list and or other suggested options from our consultation $999 ( some mid weekday discounts possible)
30 min reading and assessment pre-psychic day prep included with
$300 deposit
$999 total

Plus 3 weeks with follow up weekly workings and progress, contact and assignments
or enjoy all aspects plus ritual cooking lunch on our Full VIP Voodoo Retreat day – Marie Laveau Mysteries – a crossroads Experience

If you need help with hotel reservations or any other services while in town I am here to be your personal concierge

Get to the root!
Psychic x-ray, chakra balance, & uncrossing or exorcism.