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New Orleans Best Psychic readers for all your Psychic Readings:

Palm, Tarot, Mediumship, Past Life, Reiki, Seance, Tea Leaves, Bone readings &  Energy Healings…

Look here and Book Now for Bew Orleans best psychic readings & spiritual services!

Meet our adept readers & teachers in our Psychic Spa at The Haunted museum

Best Psychics New Orleans Bloody Mary

Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary:

Local Born Psychic Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Qui-Gong Healer, Past lives, Hypnosis, Bone throwin’ and Psychopomp

New Orleans Best Psychics Bloody Maru with Lady Lizette psychic medium Bloody Mary Haunted Museum Team member

Lady Lizette:

Adept Psychic, Tarot, Palm,  Tea leaves, Pendulum, Crystal readings & Sound therapy

Bloody Mary Psychic part

Shaman Andi:

Priestess, Psychic Medium, Bone Throwin’, Reiki Master, Root woman, Tarot, Crystal readings

New Orleans best psychics Bloody Mar7y Haunted Museum

Swamp Witch Melissa

 Native born Swamp Raised  Native American Houma tribe Tarot Reader and apprentice Shaman

Meet more of out readers & healers in our Psychic Spa

voodoo mambo Gina bloody marys tours

Mambo Gina:

A local born Initiated Voodoo Priestess, Paranormal Investigator, Tour guide, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Yogi and Pet Psychic

New Orleans Best Psychics Bloody Mary

Psychic Juliet:

Holistic Healer, Tour guide, Medium, Astrologer, Crystal Ball, Palm, Reiki, Tarot and Tea leaves

Haunted Museum New Orleans best psychics Bloody Mary Haunted Musuem

Kathryn the Hair Witch

Card reader, rune reader and bone throwin ‘  w a touch of Glamoury on the side!

Bew Orleans Best Psychics Sam Jagger Bloody Mary's Tours 2

Jagger & Samantha

My Voodoo Hounsi assistants extraordinaire. They will zap their mojo your way- In voodoo dolls, mojo bags and even  smudge your aura clean!

  • Seance Sundays at New Orleans Haunted Museum
  • Bloody Mary New Orleans Voodoo Temple Psychic Readings
  • Psychic ReadingPsychic party with Meidim Andi
  • Mambo Gina and Bloody Mary
  • Tarot Cards Psychic Services and Readings 4
  • Bloody Mary New Orleans Ashede Meadow's Peristyle Voodoo Temple
  • Seance Sundays at New Orleans Haunted Museum

Come on in and get your walk-in Readings with New Orleans best Psychics!

You can trust Psychic readings by Bloody Mary & her hand selected Psychic Mediums & Mystics.  Choose from Tarot cards, Bone throwin’, Seance, Crystal ball, Past life, Runes, Palm readings & Reiki coupled with other Mystic methods.  At the Psychic Spa New Orleans Best Psychics and  adepts wait to psychically navigate your needs with their spirit guides and yours.

You’ll want to take advantage of our walk-in psychic reader of the day at discount prices. Perhaps you prefer to pick from one of our psychic adepts by appointment, in person or by phone in a private suite. Maybe you deserve a whole Psychic Spa-Soul day. in house or on locale. Let’s make a full day of it and book our most popular things in one of our predesigned packages. We can also a custom design full workings with you just for you.

Our Psychics do it in private and can even come to you to liven your party!

We dazzle thousands at New Orleans Events and parties for over 25 years. Let us come to liven up your party!  Our psychics for hire can come right to you! But planning your Full theme party or psychic party is our specialty– my place or yours!

You choose: co-channel and commune with spirits in parties, private sessions or group Seance too. A wandering whisperer could mingle in the party and pull a card, inspect a palm or maybe even offer guest a wish blessing gris-gris!  You will always want to include the tried and true traditional psychic table set ups for one on one sessions!  We have so many options to add on!

We do big picture holistic healings by offering energy work,  folk magic remedies +

We offer Multicultural energy style medicines, energy healings, folk magic prescriptions, remedy baths and even some psychic training and grounding classes. Our focus is for you yo be whole and independent. We want to work with you for your “big picture” goals and successes. But, more importantly, we teach you how to heal yourself.  Since we strive for your independence we encourage you to give time for the workings to process into your lives and write spirit suggested prescriptions. there are not prescriptions for internal medicine but hoodoo, mystic follow ups.

Do your Spiritual Homework & Give time for the workings we do, to process in you.

We also offer a small run of follow up psychic reading assessments to follow our session and some full programs come with built in email check ups. This provides dream analysis or life counseling phone check ups. Most Obstacles can be navigated in just one session, but you need to do the homework assigned! Our initial psychic intake consultation could prove that a series of psychic readings in a package with ritual work is best. Or you might find the times for a full Tune up eclectic psychic spa day with us- we shall see.

“People come for psychic readings and Spiritual work in crisis situations. We suggest a more preventative medicine  approach .  Offering a full mystic healing approach we remind you that we are life coaches. We strive for balance and can include uncrossings and banishes for a fresh start. We want the clearest big picture long term success for you.”


Delve deeper into the methods each of our psychic readers have mastered.

Each of our adept Psychic readers also has their personal spirit guides to assist you in your session.  You can always trust your gut and book the mystic that you resonate with. We may ask you to trust the spirits advice to choose the style best to work for you! Many selected psychic styles by appointment s require 30 minutes or more. call for more detailed info 504-915-7774

Our 15 min options are limited to one style & one person per session by phone or in person with daily reader on staff or by appointment for special reader 3o min or more

Check out our Psychic Spa Day options, Some of these work with you to design a step-by-step program to help fulfill your needs

Bloody Mary is a celebrity Psychic and Voodoo Queen offering holistic psychic sessions, Kuji-In :Qui Gong energy healing, seership. She is an evidential medium and will do channeling, hypnosis and Voodoo/Hoodoo ritual consultations by individual appointments and offers psychic services for  groups at psychic parties, weddings and conventions.

As a full rounded Mystic, spiritual healer and certified hypnotherapist she will consult with spirit guides, angels, ancestors and the Loa directly to help your soul for guidance and healings. As a clairvoyant, clair-sentient, Bloody Mary may prophesize and/or synthesize through a sort of psychic x-ray which may reveal spiritual, emotional and physical blocks to your spiritual well being so they may be faced . We glimpse into the akashic records and begin transformation

As a teacher she can help you open your own psychic abilities in order to help you heal yourself. Empowerment and teaching is the main goal.  As a light worker and psychic who lives a life of Spiritualism offering help for you treat the root of the issue as well as the symptoms in order to heal is her goal. If your diagnosis requires more than spirit alignment you may be prescribed homework or offered a spirit tool such as a gris-gris, bag, cleansing bath or other further ritual workings.

I can help you navigate through rough waters, to calm seas with open sails and seal damages incurred along the way. I am but the hollow bone, a conduit of energy from the source. ” – Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is an ordained Mambo Asogwe (priestess) of La Source Ancienne Hounfo in La Nouvelle Orleans of Haitian Voodoo, Voodoo Queen of Creole New Orleans Voodoo, ABH certified and registered hypnotherapist, Traituer (Cajun creole healer), ordained minister of Ordo Templo Verdius, reverend mother of the Universal Church, knight priest of the Mystic Knighthood of the Crowned Heart, a QiGong and Kuji-In healer of Hindu and Mahayana Buddhist Oriental esoteric traditions, master energy healer, twinned priestess with Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion, Queen Bishop and founder of Les Salon L’Esprit de Verite a la Criolle Nouvelle Orleans. Coming Roman Catholic background with deep New Orleans ancestral roots are pieces that guide the forces in her work. Local Houma Indian and Lakota teachers have also been a part of her studies to deepen the pool of her shamanic contributions with New Orleans Voodoo. Her learning has been a interdisciplinary, deconstructive and reconstructive process from the roots of New Orleans Voodoo.

Bloody Mary now offers reservation only in person, by phone, skype or by email readings for those who seek her psychic healing services. Using her own psychic ability and her connection to the spirits she can lead you to the answers you seek.

The Spirit of Place, the river and her children of the Swamp blend in heavily with my healing work – I work in the river and on the green at sacred sites. In other words, nature spirit guides and the ancestral.” -Bloody Mary
Mambo Gina and Shaman Andi are our premier in house Psychics who work with Bloody Mary available for appointment.

Mambo Regina: a native born New Orleanian and a Mambo Asogwe in Haitian Voodoo tradition, New Orleans Voodoo priestess, Hoodoo conjure worker, Master reiki healer and animal psychic. She reads tarot cards, energy and the tea leaves. Her family has been rooted in New Orleans since the early 1700’s and has been held responsible for the fire of 1788 which took seventy five percent of our town. Hence, Gina is fireproof. She holds the element of fire at hand to hep reunite your fiery side. She has over a decade in animal healing experience, a background in strega Italian witchcraft and twenty years of voodoo studies under her belt.

Priestess Andi is a gifted psychic, Tarot reader, medium, diviner, ordained minister, practicing shaman, conjure woman, root worker, ritualist, and healer. Andi was born into a line of seers and healers and raised by her grandmother – a spell worker and root woman. Andrea is an initiated shaman with lineages in Tamang, Bon, Dagara and Quechua traditions and ties them to her own birth traditions in the West here at home. For 30 years she has worked professionally in the spiritual and mystical realms, using a combination of technique in her psychic readings including crystal healing, reiki, shamanic processes, tarot and bone readings, and direct channel. She sees her work as a gift from Spirit and feels a responsibility to use her talents to help others reach their fullest potential.
“My calling is as a shaman, healer, and a seer; one who walks with one foot in each world – the world of man/woman and the world of Spirit. I see each individual as a river flowing direct from source. I am able to see where the course of the river has been changed or diverted, and through communication with Spirit and the ancestors am able to help guide them back to the original path.”

Psychic Juliet:

Juliet explored her psychic gifts as a young  child but her journey into formal  studying the esoteric arts at Desert Institute of the Healing Arts where she studied Massage, Reiki and Holistic Health. Juliet has a unique approach to Healing, incorporating Shiatsu, a form of Acupressure Polarity and Lightworker Reiki into her own eclectic form of body work. She also holds a BA in History/Psychology. She has been a Professional Psychic for over twenty years, specializing in Mediumship, Tarot, Channeling, Tea Leaf Readings, Astrology and Palmistry and Crystal Ball Readings. Her favorite specialty is Karmic Astrology – An In Depth Chart Analysis by Astrologer and Psychic Juliet is an insightful and fascinating journey into self discovery.

Our vagabond Liz is new to New Orleans but not to Mysticism. She is an adept Psychic Medium, Palmist, Seance, Tarot, Tea leaves, Throwin’ Bone & Teacher Lady Lizette with- 20 years experience professional psychic under her belt. Add on a B.A. in Religious Studies and Philosophy & Theology Grad work w an ancient language focus plus that altruistic school of hard knocks -LOL. Spiritual healing is also on her plate so add   some smudging  to a little sound therapy with singing bowls and wallah! 

Many talents traveling psychics and healers who visit New Orleans may be available during your stay. We have out Canadian partners Brenda Walsch and Debbie Fleming and out West coast favorites like Shaman Kapaouah, our Salem sister Sharon Graham and many more.

Most All of our full mediumship readings and psychic healings by Bloody Mary and others, psychic symposiums and  classes are by appointment in advance. wE also offer shorter tarot or palm readings for 15-30 minute walkup readings from 1-5 daily

and are always happy to assist you with our full array of mystical products too.