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Here lay a memorial  for Bloody Mary New Orleans old flash homepage; No longer can you navigate though her but you can see her fine points!  Then please  tune in to some Great Testimonials for this international TV celebrity historian, Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary New Orleans Media with podcasts , Blog & Vlog video links !

Watch the above whole episode 1 of The Bloody Mary Show: Enter the Spirit Realm then click here for more Bloody Mary New Orleans Media & listen to the 3/31  8 PM CST rebroadcast of the first LIVE STREAM part of The Bloody Mary Show: Paranormal Chat . Subscribe to my Youtube channel now and watch it all…

PODCAST… an 11th generation Creole New Orleanian, Bloody Mary, made her debut on the show. A strong advocate for spirits’ rights, she runs Bloody Mary’s Tours, and guest lectures at Loyola and Tulane Universities. She discussed the rich history of voodoo and the paranormal that permeates the culture of New Orleans, and her interactions with the spirit realm. Spirits aren’t necessarily something to be feared but rather can act as our protectors, she revealed …
Hear George Noory interview with Bloody Mary 2/11/2016, Coast to Coast am
Jason says about Bloody Mary , “You have way too much energy than we are used too, especially this time of night ! ” Bloody Mary replied- its only 10:47 (And everything is energy, right? ). They forget, New Orleans has no last call and neither do our spirits! Listen to the podcast of the show where we talk about spirits in New Orleans, graveyards, Bloody Mary’s spirit philosophy and her new book : #Bloodymarysguide to Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing with the dead. True stores of the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans
Jason Hawes, Ghost Hunters JV Johnson, TAPS Paramag, Beyond Reality Radio
Kat Hobson “Paranormal experienced” Radio interview Podcasts are in depth and from the heart ! Kat Hobson is also a satisfied customer having personally taken Bloody Mary’s Ghost tours, was part of a personal ghost hunt in Bloody Mary’s paranormal investigation and is a great fan of her book, Lisiten to these podcasts !!