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Mystic Voodoo Workshops & Classes empower you! Public & Private:

  • Tea Reading
  • Bloody Mary New Orleans Hoodoo Love Spell
  • Swamp Magic New Orleans Voodoo Gator Spirit
  • new orleans Voodoo veve for Maman You, La sirene the mermaid mother of New roleans by mambo gina ant a Bloody Mary Solstice ritual
  • Bloody Mary New Orleans voodoo ritual and swamp magic Solstice moment

Take one-on-one Voodoo workshops, designed with  you, the student in mind.  Just like old school, you can come share in some of our old Hoodoo handed down way. The teacher priestess shows the way to her apprentice. Since all of her students were not on the same level, naturally she would teach to them according to their readiness. That is why I still prefer one on one conjure classes today and full Voodoo Retreats. These private ways can be expensive so I do  offer specialty public workshops or a premier class for your group privately as well as offer a once monthly  free, talk, walk or lecture for you to join in person.Every day there are  free magic moments in pop- up voodoo quickie classes.Remember to please also  join my youtube channel if you are not in New Orleans (BloodyMaryNewOrleans)

You might find me offing a monthly tour, at a historic site or online presenting a specialty subject of my choice in New Orleans or I might be traveling near you, (Check special events calendar here.)

I really like to meet and know the people I teach but I will be offering webinar program and group classes  you can join soon so please email your name for the waiting list

♥ Or you may be ready to do deeper than our Voodoo workshops and graduate to the entire Voodoo Retreat.

 Click here to read more and start seriously delving into New Orleans Voodoo or just get your feet wet first with individual Voodoo workshops and classes detailed + below:

Voodoo Workshops and Classes

Create a class for your level one on one wit Bloody Mary and her associates

Need money magic? want Love? need to clear and cleanse?

Pick one subject, do a bit of all plus many more subjects to choose from

Gather Raw Power , transform and Create with New Orleans Swamp magic!

Full day, night or, even, an overnight experience. This is similar to the  psychic soul VIP experience half day extended and the full New Orleans Voodoo retreat ritual workings focusing on the raw sample magic element featuring: head washing, training seminar on cleansing, grounding, rebirthing , collecting and communing with nature and ending with a departure empowerment blessing ceremony.

Meet our misunderstood friend and befriend the true power in the effigy known as the Voodoo Doll. Why do we dread it, why do we fear it is it black magic and all that jazz. Find all this out and more when we  banish your fears away and make this powerful ally, Maybe you need it to help you though life’s trials and tribulations, maybe to heal your aching back or bring a lover back. There are oh so many ways to use this surrogate . Learn the craft part AND the mystical part as we awaken the spirit within both of you!

Custom classes just for you or your private group. On site or off site available, material and instructions provided by trained priestess. NOTE: Doll making is part of the Fri or Sat Noon Voodoo Cemetery Marie Lavaeau Legacy tour

You may know the word Mojo from song and slang  but we make you the Gris-gris. This is a spirit tool not just a sachet or herb bag. Gris-gris is alive, that is the most important and almost forgotten part of the process, This is an actual spirit! We need to create, conjure, feed and nurture the spirit nature of this tool . Learn to make and take care of this helper and add the bonus “how to” – focus the power through lights and candle burning methods. Call now to customize Light the way, the correct way to make spirit tools and Learn to make a Gris-gris, aka mojo, toby. nation sack in this voodoo workshop class. Intro into living spirit bag creation and hoe to set lights and annoint candles properly.
(90mi-2 hours- ingredients included. Price depends on how many and when

Custom lecture with Hands on workshop , Light the way, the correct way to make spirit tools and Learn to make a . Learn by doing and learn by listening. A lecture with a hands on workshop plus a How to all designed just for you. Immerse in cultural traditions and hands on options like, gris gris, ju-ju’s , voodoo dolls ve-ve and more in your voodoo academy classroom! Look at the hoodoo walk about version to learn in the filed
(90mi-2 hours- ingredients included. Price depends on how many and when

Abundance & Manifestation Spell casting & Reeling it in
You will not actually be able to turn anything into gold, but metaphors and intense visualizations are an important part of your steady abundance. Ideas like The Secret or creative visualization methods are not a new age phenomenon, but an ancient folk wisdom. Let’s reactivate that power and visualize over-the top-abundance into our lives in this voodoo workshop. Spirit and metaphysical worlds around us may not be able to keep up with inflation so its our job to think excess so we get more. Two Hours.Abundance is your birthright , claim it. A workshop to remove obstacles, identify  and plug leaks : Seal up to fill up with abundance and empowerment. Energy work, folk magic, Voodoo, hoodoo and Conjure the prosperity and attraction you deserve


 Schedule the Marie Laveau Mysteries : New Orleans Voodoo  From dedicate level to adept apprenticeship programs.

Each Phase is different. Stage one: full day or overnight deluxe treatment with workshops, classes,  services and a full mystic hand designed itinerary just for you, Please call to get started