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 Ghost Town Tour + Ghost hunt and Cemetery

The #1 Paranormal After Dark experience 7:30-11pm $89ea Monday-Friday

                           OR Dusk to Dark version Friday and Saturday 4:30-7pm $75

Ghost Hunt Stairs 15

Reservation only 3 1/2 hours After Dark  Van and walking combo $89 ea online advance discount price. Maximum 12 participants. Reserve early. We sell out!

OR 2 1/2 hours  Dusk to Dark Van and walking combo $75 online ( deeper in to a cemetery but ghost hunt inside 1 haunted house and all!

Travel 5 + neighborhoods, inside 2 famous haunted houses, go in Cemeteries, a haunted forest, secret ceremonial sites, 2 old plantation sites and much more after dark with us. This is your behind the scenes, insiders look at the other side of New Orleans. We take you off the beaten path where spirits dwell. Join Bloody Mary New Orleans #1 all in one on  your Haunted City Cemetery Ghost Hunt combo Tour! Of course we share some secret Voodoo tips and protections so you are always safe with us!

Haunted City Cemetery Ghost Hunt combo Tour

Let us drive you through the French Quarter, Marigny, Treme, Lakeview, Bayou St John and Mid-City Cemetery district. Walk through one haunted cemetery and drive through another! Feel the life and the afterlife in the incredible City Park Oak Grove. Get out of van and tour inside 2  famous exclusive historic haunted house seen on Ghost Adventures, TLC’s Paranormal Lockdown and Buzzfeed Unsolved. Do a ghost hunt inside an infamous 200 year old French quarter house from for an exclusive ghost hunt. We also take you to classic historic Haunted Houses and tell those tales as we Ghost Tour the Town.Explore paranormal technique, how-to’s and continue on with psychic connection exercises throughout the night. End it all at at a Haunted Bar for spirits of another kind.

Ghost Town oOur Haunted Van tours Bloody Mary's Tours Luxury Van city and cemetery tours

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Masonic Cemetery at duskBook the first and ONLY Full Ghost Town Tour! This is a small group, authentic Haunted City, Cemetery + Ghost Hunt EXTENDED after dark adventure. Ghost town tour was designed by the Queen of the graveyards herself, BloodyMary. She has been running cemetery tours at night the longest, for over for 25 years! As a result all this exclusive information and first hand experience comes direct to you. Therefore you get to join forces with the best and ONLY after dark Haunted City cemetery, Ghost Hunt COMBO in New Orleans!

• See The Infamous Madame Lalaurie Mansion- A True American Horror Story
• Jean Lafitte- and the Patriot Pirates at their haunted bar
• Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau’s Secret Ritual Sites & open the way at Marie Laveau shrine altar
• Connect inside Bloody Mary’s personal Private 125 year old Victorian famous Haunted House featured
on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures. Buzz feed Unsolved and Oddites
• Investigate inside the Murder house on Rampart at the Haunted museum
• Graveyards & Ghosts, inside and out
• Paranormal Investigation techniques and tools-Interactive
• Psychic connection exercises
• Spirit Photography & night vision video playback on site
• Swamp Magic & Haunted Oak Forest
• Beautiful Bayou St.John and her old plantations and Custom house
• Voodoo & Hoodoo- See Voodoo altars, artifacts, dolls & conjure -potions, spells

Note: Dusk to dark version goes inside 1 of 2 exclusive locations for a ghost hunt but deeper into a dramatic cemetery! Its shorter & cheaper 4:30 Fri, Sat 2.5 hrs

Everything paranormal & supernatural- except the history that’s just fascinating all on its own! PLUS VOODOOGhost Town tour Bloody Mary Haunted house

Join this exciting behind the scenes night out tour with us!  Ghost hunting uses our paranormal equipment and shares specialty techniques too.   interact & share with the class because we compare experiences!  See 15 cemeteries- walk inside at least one,  You also see bayous, plantations and haunted hot spots en route. Go inside several documented haunted sites and outside many more! Examine Voodoo altars, a haunted collection, ghost photo gallery, a Victorian Seance Parlor and the haunted  attic.

Then also wander a haunted house in the private sector (also exclusive just to us) Feel inside this Haunted Victorian New Orleans home that scared Travel Channel’s, Ghost Adventures” gang. Also investigate the infamous 200 year old colonial haunted home where the infamous Zak & Addy Haunted Rampart StreetMurder house is. This haunted destination appears on Paranormal lockdown, Buzzfeed Unsolved, Haunted History and more.
Enjoy night vision playback on the spot on our big screens of our night for paranormal activity capture! You’ll want to try your hand at live ITC communication throughout our night . You can also choose to simply sit back and watch the others investigate live in the night vision camera observation room.

Be one of the thousands who get direct personal paranormal experiences on all of our ghost hunts!

We integrate a holistic paranormal experience just for you. You can utilize many methods of connection- including Voodoo. This is a personal old school approach with the spirits. There are offerings, music and polite requests to connect. There are also attempts to spirit connect through beta and theta psychic exercises. Modern paranormal electronic equipment is used w a bit of show n’ tell on how-to first. Check out all of our ghost huntsBloody Marys Tours ghost town tour Wall Oven tombs

PLUS See Cemeteries, haunted houses, explore portals and even a spirit filled Oak forest in our Magical City Park- all with a dash of Voodoo on top.

This outing includes haunted highlights of the French Quarter. Share in our signature ghost stories of the spirit of Pirate Jean Lafitte. Come face to face with the real house of our infamous torturer Madame Lalaurie. Learn  some actual facts about Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. Do the television portrayals in American Horror story and Hollywood’s sometimes exaggerate displays upset the ghosts? Find out and hear the truths beyond the legends. .

Learn first hand info from our Personal ghost experience. We share accounts of interactions from our 25 years+ of paranormal investigations and tours. Let us facilitate experiential learning to you throughout the night.Journey though the city and her bayous with Bloody Mary’s Tours out into rarely explored areas of town- haunted graveyards surround us with 15 + en route, travel through some lonely crossroads all en route before we then explore inside.

Partake in ghost hunt portions with psychic methods,Voodoo & paranormal tools

Remember we do a voodoo ritual protection opening and closing blessing. Therefore  you should have no fears of spirit attachments or hitchhikers coming home with you! This is a full “in situ” investigating and connecting evening. Learn varied ways to connect with the unseen worlds all around you -utilizing some modern scientific paranormal methods coupled with historic shamanistic connection styles used throughout the ages. Plus share the tried and true technique developed in over 25 years of field research into Bloody Mary’s own method: “Voodoo Paranormal. A whole haunted city tour within a behind the scenes, hands on and multi-media presentation! Equipment available, night vision cameras set-up and tech viewing observation areas, K2 meters, Ovulus, ghost box, dowsing rods, Boo Bear, EVP tools and more for the ghost hunt portions.

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