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Meet New Orleans Spirits: Flip gravestones for phantom facts

Marie Laveau


The Voodoo Queen

marie-1-220x300Marie Laveau portrait by Charles Gandolfo hangs in The Voodoo Museum. She was born a free woman of color and grew to be the most sought after folk healer here. She rose to fame in the 1820’s and held reign until her death in 1881. The Queen still remains in charge: Marie Laveau’s tomb in St. Louis Cemetery #1 is a sacred site.

Madame Delphine Lalaurie


Most notoriously known ghost in the South!

DSC05334 Socialite, sadist, serial killer and cougar, Madame Lalaurie was a New Orleans native – a true Creole lady. Her parties were famous and the treatment of her slaves infamous. She ranks high in our list of Spirits “Whos who'” and is the most well known ghost in the South.

Julie, the Octroon Mistress

1800's - 1830's

Julie, the Naked Ghost; Seen most often on the roof

A Night Alone “A Night Alone,” portrait by Rodrigue Gallery located in Julie’s haunted home, 730 Royal St. Julie’s tale is one of romance and tragedy She was a beautiful Free Woman of Color whose lingering spirit is still very concerned with matters of Love. She ranks in the Top  3 New Orleans ghosts in our  Spirits Who’s who Ghost legend list, and is a personal favorite o f mine

Josie Arlington

1854 - Feb 14th, 1914

Queen of the Red Light District, Famous Storyivlle Madame

madams_Josie_Arlington1 Born Mary Deubler in NOLA of German Descent

Jean Lafitte

Roamed New Orleans to Barataria 1800-1815.

Patriot, Privateer, Smuggler

DSCF31281-300x247 Jean Lafitte was an adventurer both in his life and afterlife.

General P. T. Beuregard

Native New Orleans 1818-1893

Confederate General, Local politician & Author


The Axeman : Unsolved

Serial Killer 1918 New Orleans

Killed 6, maimed 6 ...

Who's who haunted museum new orleans axemanKilled 6, maimed 6 and shall we add another 6 for good measure? Earlier murders in 1917 New Orleans were rumored to also be at the hand of the axeman. This case stands unsolved .  In a letter from the axeman himself to the local newspaper, he claimed to a be a ghost and a demon +  and will also always be known as a serial killer.

Loup Garou

& Rouge Garou

Swamp werewolves

Bloody Mary tours werwolves in New OrleansOur werewolves lurk in the swamp, under your bed and sometimes even in the French quarter. Our cryptid friends fall in my category of spirits for I include these creatures because I believe they are inter-dimensional . And Yes we have run into them  in New Orleans. Some believe it is the result of a curse and they are dark and evil, others think of them as protectors of the wild. I say “monster” is relative to the eye of the beholder

(In Haitian folklore) they are almost always female and love babies _ to death)

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The Who’s Who

 Explore the Who’s Who from legends, lore and the world of New Orleans spirits ghosts.

The famous and the infamous rank in our “Who’s Who,” Lets start with our top nine New Orleans Ghosts. Some are more active spirits than others, but all contribute to keeping New Orleans herself legendary. New legends are born and die everyday in New Orleans, so our Who’s Who will grow right alongside…

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Check my blog for more inside info on their hauntings today. Check on their gravestones for a little bit more of their history . Dig deeper and read toggles below +

Maman You - The Spirit of the MIssissippi

Protector and Ancient Mysterie. Sometime she is depicted through a statue of the Virgin Mary, sometimes a woman with snake or mermaid lower extremities.

Sweetwaters Mermaid Spirit

Mermaid2Our Mami Wata  is a cryptid and a Spirit -but we call on her as “Maman you”. The true Goddess mother of  this land once known as TcheHouma (red crawfish)

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Marie Laveau – A New Orleans Native born free woman of color who became famous around 1830 as recognized as New Orleans Voodoo Queen throughout the rest of her life till 1881 . This New Orleans Voodoo priestess was called upon for help in the flesh and still in spirit form is still the voodoo queen today. Her final resting place in St. Louis cemetery no. 1 is considered a shrine by many who appeal to her for intersession and as a folk saint for her renown psychic and physical healing abilities.

Through the years the persona of Marie has been subject to transformation and is constantly rewritten, loved and smitten and feared and revered. The most recent resurgence unfortunately was in the dark side of Voodoo and Marie Laveau revitalized through the SFX American Horror story season 3: Coven. Here Hollywood digs up an unfounded rumor of Marie as a baby killer, a Voodoo filled with evil spells only and the spirit of Papa Legba deflated as the Devil and a Baron Samedi combined who requires baby sacrifice plus other inflammatory ideals fabricated for entertainment.

The religion that New Orleans Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau taught and practiced in 19th century was a tribute to her ancestral lands of Africa, European and native American bloods

Mystically her spirit is very active in New Orleans where she has been seen and felt in deed and apparition, Her spiritual presences is acknowledged heavily to this day and she IS buried in St Louis Cemetery #1. Rumors say she had been moved but it is an unfounded rumor. It was a documented fact that she had requested specifically NOT to be moved from the Laveau/ Legendre tombs before her death and meets and greets from there today.

Marie Laveau is talked about heavily on my Voodoo cemetery tour where we take you to her gravesite and we bring you to The international Marie Laveau shrine at The New Orleans Healing Center as part of my Dancing with the Dead city and cemetery tour .You get an exclusive view of my New Orleans voodoo house private Marie Laveau shrine on My Ghost Town Tours-  New Orleans only Ghost Tour- Ghost hunt combo tours . A huge and intricate chapter About the Spirit of Marie Laveau and updated history is documented in my new Book   Bloody Mary’s Guide to Hauntings horrors and Dancing with the Dead. True stories of  the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.

Madame Lalaurie was a native born upper class creole aristocrat who was known for her beauty, grace and wealth She threw lavish parties in the style of her first cousin

Micaela Almonester, Baroness de Pontalba, the richest woman in town. She was connected physically and politically to the upper class. Madame Lalaurie is acknowledged today as a serial killer a sadistic torturer but was above reproach in her lifetime till a fateful fire in April 10. 1934 exposed the atrocities of her tortures and she was run out of town, Never to step foot in the flesh in New Orleans again, Her remains were eventually returned and her spirit never left her native soil.

She haunts Her Royal street address and other areas as well. She is not alone on  1140 Royal street for the spirits of some of her slaves and latter tenants join in on the haunts, The Madame Lalaurie Story is the most infamous and debaucherous  ghost story in the South . Many renditions of her tale have been whispered and written-  in under inflated and overinflated slants since the before the final curtain call  in 1834. Recently American Horror story resurrected her once again and revamped her tale. But. though pun intended, it was Bloody Mary all along who has taught of her as femme fatale incarnate de la Nouvelle Orleans  Madame Lalaurie may have been depicted as blood thirsty in AHS, but she is clearly portrayed as a Vampyra in Bloody Mary’s new release: Bloody Mary’s Guide to Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing with the Dead. Delphine Lalaurie is a world famous New Orleans ghost but Bloody Mary shows us more: “in the flesh and spirit, Delphine is the perfect Vampyra .”

Bloody Mary Tours takes you to the Lalaurie Mansion on 3 different tours.: The Tour of the Undead, the Ghost Town Tour : after dark version and Ghost Town Tour: Twilight and you see the Delphine McCarty Lalaurie family tomb on the Voodoo Cemetery Tour. An extensive report is in Bloody Mary’s New Book Bloody Mary’s Guide to Hauntings Horrors and Dancing with the Dead True stories of the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

Julie is one of the top 3 most famous ghosts in New Orleans. She is viewed mostly in December and sought after on the rooftops of the 700 block of Royal Street atop of the famous Blue Dog Gallery where she froze to death in the early half of the 19th century.

Some believe she walks the roof naked today , though when I have seen her and I and my tours have indeed seen her, she is usually dressed. Her spirit is strong and her story has been passed down orally and written about since the 1800’s.

 She is a very active spirit. We actively communicate and I consider her a friend from the other side. I write a lot about Julie in my new book and take you to see her on My Tour of the Undead, Paranormal Romance, Haunted Honeymoon and Mystic Bachelorette private tours or Bachelor party nights out too. She is a very sweet spirit with a purpose…

The Queen of Storyville, New Orleans most famous Madame is still the talk of the town.  America’s first red light district was in New Orleans and Josie is still the First Lady of that Tenderloin district. Storyville lived form 1898-1917 and Josie lives in legend to this day. She died in the flesh in 1914 but her spirit still makes headlines today. Her gorgeous red marble tomb in Metairie Cemetery has been rumored to be haunted since her death , and it is! Read more about her in  my book #bloodymarysguide to Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing with the Dead and See her tomb in person on the Cities of the Dead tour and occasional  moonlight graveyard twilight tours too. The bronze beauty statue at her tombs front door is said to walk evermore and the tomb itself used to glow a phantom red.

Jean is an incredibly active spirit who seems to still reach out the protect the downtrodden and help the common man.His spirit, sometimes alongside his brothers,  have been seen from New Orleans to Galveston, even up to Missouri! He was an American patriot and war hero in the Battle of New Orleans , He was also a sort of Robin Hood to the people here in life, providing goods and services at a good price. He refused to be called a private and preferred the term privateer for he had letters of marque! He is a large part of my new book, Bloody Mary’s guide to Hauntings, horrors and Dancing with the Dead and do watch for an up coming log post , Jean Lafitte’s is  course is a star presented on almost all of the different styles of Bloody Mary’s Tours which meet at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar 941 Bourbon Street, Bloody Mary’s tours and meeting place for fifteen years and the best haunted bar in the country!

Beauregard is said to haunt the Beauregard Keyes house in the French Quarter as well as his tomb in Metairie cemetery and possibly soon at the entrance to city park where the ghost of he and his equestrian statue may soon haunt if the recent decision to remove civil war statues takes effect.

Protector and Ancient Mysterie: Sometimes she is depicted through a statue of the Virgin Mary, sometimes a woman with snake or fish mermaidesque lower extremities. In New Orleans Voodoo and the Native American tribes that were the watchers of the land and spirit of place. We to salute and honor the Mother, the head of the river system, the Mississippi herself. Her caretakers throughout time feed, sing and dance to our spirit of the river in mermaid form and call upon her  as Maman You. She is our Mami waters Of  Gulf Coast and Louisiana swampland -the spirit of place. She Generally honored through a statue of the Virgin Mary at the pinnacle of the New Orleans Voodoo altars though she was also shown as a woman with the lower extremities of a snake or mermaid with a Sirene fish like tail .

One hundred years ago the axmen cometh to your side door.  The Axeman aimed his weapons at New Orleans Italian grocers whose blood splattered scenes dotted all over town. This  is still an unsolved case. No one ever got a clear look at this elusive serial killer who stalked the grocers at night, in their sleep. He killed them with their own ax. He also stole their own straight edge razors to slit their throats. to silence the screams, in the night. They called him the panel murderer, at first. He entered the buildings by chiseling a panel out of the door. As the Blood pool thickened he became known as the Axeman!

Was he the Black hand, as rumored? Or was he indeed a ghost and a demon from the hottest of hell , as he personally claimed in a letter sent to the newspaper in 1918? He added an interesting twist of the blade by offering a deal to the humans in that same letter:  “… I swear by all the devils in the nether regions that every person shall be spared in whose home jazz music is played in full swing…”  Everyone did, and no more died.

We drive you by one of the groceries hidden in a quiet neighborhood on some of our van tours . The centennial offers an Axeman Jazz display in side the Haunted museum. Maybe he will stop by for a visit.

Cryptids are reported the world over so no wonder they are here in New Orleans on both land and sea!  Part human, part animal, these cryptids have been revered as gods and goddesses or feared as monsters.  Add inter-dimensional abilities or the art of invisibility and you have them enter the Paranormal Realm.

The mermaid of the River- “Maman You”  is our Mami Wata. The local native tribes honored her since the beginning. Both the Biloxi and the Houma tribes played music to her. They fed her too, as I do. Her singing bayous still echo in response to the the call throughout our land. She is the river goddess

On land we have many other Cryptid creatures commingling in the night.  The #1 is the Loup Garou or is it his brother the Rue Garou? Are they flip side of the same coin? Well, not exactly.

In  New Orleans many legends surrounded this swamp werewolf.  The curse of the Loup Garou can be thwarted easily, re might share just how on the tours. See ya soon.Tread lightly in the forest or in  town, and you may be safe.