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  • BLoody Marys Haunted museum Ghost Hunt
  • Bloody Mary's Downstairs Voodoo Temple Paranormal observation room
  • Bloody Mary's Haunted dusk to dark cemetery city Ghost Hunt Tour Metairie Cemetery Josie Arlington Tomb
  • Paranormal Photo Bloody Mary Jean Lafitte 2
  • Bloody Mary Bacholerette Tour Party - Ghost Hunt
  • Orb at Ghost hunt
  • Ghost Hunt - Bloody Mary's House
  • Haunted Pub Tour TLC Paranormal Lockdown after show tour with Bloody Mary NIck Katrina and crewe from New Orleans haunted museum
  • French Quarter supernatural Ghost Hunts by Bloody Mary

 Join us for nightly Ghost Hunting and paranormal investigations as part of small group outings 5 nights a week  or privae custom versions too. Join on our small group hands-on “Ghost Town Tours,” City cemetery combo van versions or walking ones to the public Mon thru Friday or Walk with the Spirits French Quarter Supernatural  tour on Fri Sat and sun with a an inside ghost hunt with equipment as the finale. You can join midnight ghost hunting events monthly or privately all inside a famous 200 year old haunted house. Remember we do house blessing and advise consults discreetly just for you and can create your own private ghost hunt customized just for you and your guests – my place or yours!

Look for our seasonal paranormal adventures for the public held in various haunted houses on ghost hunts. This new year brings us the Midnight Ghost Hunting – a paranormal investigation in an infamous location and the sunday Seance: Victorian style to the public

We also design all  these as both paranormal investigation workshops and adventures utilizing new and old school paranormal methods.

Learn our special “how-to’s” with Bloody Mary’s own field tested method, “Voodoo Paranormal. “Various Psi methods are explored in the process. Through utilizing a series of psychic and pseudo-scientific methods we determine the experience or paranormal activity of a place, person or thing. We identify the source and proceed to soothe and balance the situation. Through communication and assistance designed to help all parties (the living and the dead) we try to find a harmonious resolution to any disruptions occurring. Individual analysis is shared.

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Special thanks to the spirits and those in the flesh who have cooperated in our tours & paranormal adventures over the years:

The spirit dimension(s) and its unseen life forms are always interacting with the world in which we live. Treating them with respect earns the same in return. unfortunately many humans are raised and conditioned to meet the spirit world with negativity or fear. We need to learn how to interact with “the others” as sentiment beings natural phenomenon. My approach is a holistic one , intended to cooperatively heal. Bloody Mary and her Krewe have a philosophy including Spirits Rights, which we believe are an extension of human rights.not harm or provoke in order to connect.

When we erase the prejudices that society has put on these phenomenon, presently and historically and including some of the negative techniques used to command a quick performance through provoking spirits, as some modern TV shows promote (which i am dead set against) we can then free ourselves to participate in a healing that helps not only ourselves but the spirits too. Whether it is through connecting or even perhaps clearing our own bloodline, discovering answers to some of history’s mysteries- if we take direction from the spirit of place or commune with nature spirits and other entities there is a difference that will be made. My calling is to listen, to speak and to teach people how to see with more than their eyes.

This experienced cooperation between the living and the dead is now documented in Bloody Mary’s newly released book by Weiser Books, Bloody Mary’s  guide  to Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing with the Dead.  Share in this in-depth dissertation and paranormal diary of our outings and experiences,. unknown to most and some of Bloody Mary’s secret connection and protection methods.are exposed as well. Read on…

I have been traveling through and exploring America, France, Scotland, England, Mexico, Greece, and Italy in the last 20 years professionally on spirit quests to sacred sites, Haunted Castles, Cathedrals, Catacombs and graveyards but of course focus on a lifetime of research within my town of New Orleans, My childhood neighborhood of Haunted Mid-City where the cemeteries have been my playground since a toddler and of course Haunted French Quarter where so many of my ancestors lived through the generations. So many places and so many spirits- each communicating in their own unique ways. For simplicity sake you can refer to me as a paranormal investigator or better as a psychic investigator but mine are truly more shamanic journeys of the outer and inner worlds. Someone jokingly gave me the tag of necro-therapist and that works! It is more personal and I do help people communicate with spirits and vice-versa. Also as a certified hypnotherapist with a soothing voice I can help put you in an Alpha state where you are calm and receptive to what is around us -Using guided meditation and visual imagery I help induce a meditative state.
I couple scientific approach with my psychic awareness and spiritual training As a trained shaman and voodoo priestess I use ancient methods mixed with modern to understand and implemement as well as psi techniques. Certain forms of meditation can be achieved not only through sound, but also automatic writing, herbs, oils, foods and most importantly, courtesy. All in al a Holistic paranormal approach
There are many listed methods for paranormal investigations. Though I use some of these concepts to tap in to record anomalous activities, I prefer my own methods-spirt taught and learned through trial and error. .Part of my job is to help you achieve a state where you become more aware of the many worlds around you and connect with them. Removing fear is part of the process. I have tried many of the prescribed methods that tv ghost hunters depend on but have found some of the gadgets rather unreliable and sometimes more time is spent with them then with the spirits-. Certain weather conditions like humidity and areas with electromagnetic interferences coming through disrupt the mechanics.Though the electronics have gotten better over time many eager investigators do not use them correctly . Always sweep the area before investigation starts and TURN OFF THE MICROWAVE LOL.
I prefer to enhance my own natural inner abilities and not become gadget—dependent. Now a few researchers I have worked with like Bernice Barlowe, use Hertz rate machines from NASA which are much more reliable though harder to come by. I also have worked regularly with New Orleans MUFON president Greg Avery —commonly referred to by Jeff Rense and others as the Orbmaster, William Wallace now of Florida Panhandle professional paranormal Investigators as a consultant and brother holistic pure intent ghost hunter Christopher Melancon of New Orleans paranormal society who is now on our team as an in house techy as well as many traveling paranormal groups from around the world who have come to work with me here Most Agree that New Orleans is -Americas Most Haunted City!

We have decades of public paranormal investigation sites to suggest and hundreds of places to connect in haunted New Orleans.

If you are looking for help in your own home or workplace spirit situation you may need a psychic healing, banishing or house cleansing. Please check the Spiritual Services page and contact us about your situation.

Schedule Bloody Mary to come to you and tailor her incredible storytelling enchantments to best connect you and your group with her paranormal world. Her workshops are infamous for their ability to conjure up the spirits at hand.

If you prefer lecture/class style with a bit of narrative and some hands these option for you. Lessons include: teaching boundaries, house blessings, ritual cooking, spiritual house protections prescriptions, communication techniques, mediumship, ancestral altar building, automatic writing, EVP sessions and/or paranormal equipment overviews.

Call a spade, a spade – or so they say. Technically any time you attempt to contact spirits it is a seance. Holding hands and sitting round a table has nothing to do with it. There is no “scientific only” version of ghost hunting or paranormal investigation without a psychic investigation factor. Though our psychic aptitude varies, we are all psychic. The more we practice, the more we develop our psychic connection. There is an unconscious and sometimes conscious equipment manipulation factors which occur so it is difficult sometimes to tell who is actually communicating and from where. A professional psychic will more likely be able to weed out the spirit activity over the human activity but it is a challenge. The untapped capabilities of the human mind and spirit are as of yet uncharted. Everything is energy. The spirit world and our thought patterns exist alongside many electromagnetic waves, negative ions, radio waves and microwaves.