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 Wander the French Quarter Supernatural

Conjure the spirits, hear their history and step back in time on the first tour part of your French quarter supernatural night then the hands-on ghost hunt inside an old haunted house for the second part for your finale. Your New Orleans Voodoo priestess opens the gates for you to  know voodoo from the inside,  You can even dabble in a few spells! Then grab paranormal equipment and do your hands-on ghost hunt!

Reservation only to insure quality 8pm- 10:30 Fri,  Sat. & Sun $58 ea

Join this Full French Quarter Supernatural Walking Tour of the Undead. We also actually go inside for a Ghost hunt w paranormal equipment! Come share decades of documented, personally researched history and haunted experiences on your award winning ghost and voodoo walking tour first,; THEN go inside an infamous 200 year old French quarter supernatural and paranormal location: exclusive to us, for the grand finale!  Come learn how to communicate with the other side!

French Quarter supernatural and Ghost Hunt Bloody Mary's Tours

 French Quarter Supernatural highlights:

1)  Historic haunted houses : Marie Laveau, Jean Lafitte, Julie the naked ghost, and our mad Madame Lalaurie- a real true American Horror Story

2) Meet and greet a flesh and blood modern day Voodoo priest/ess and a ritual blessing

3) Share secrets of New Orleans Landmarks at 3+ of our oldest buildings

4) See true Voodoo Hoodoo inside the Voodoo Pharmacy and Voodoo hall of altars

5)   See the whereabouts of New Orleans 19th century vampire lair

6) Ghost hunt with equipment inside a 200 year old documented haunted site

Frecng quarter supernatural Ghost Hunt night vision with Bloody MaryHistory, Mystery and Hands-on with Bloody Mary’s Tours, the New Orleans insiders. New Orleans Ghosts, Voodoo and a touch of Vampires plus paranormal at your side makes this is THE tour to get in on! Yes, we actually go inside a documented 200 year old infamous haunted house. You can use OUR paranormal equipment . Watch your night vision playback  right on the spot on the large screen on this French Quarter Supernatural Tour. We have the only Full night vision installed cameras for instant replay in the South. View this “on the spot capture” in the observation room with a trained investigator and equipment expert at your side!

Join this French Quarter Supernatural Tour 

First we tour the historic hauntings in depth as we walk through the night .  Then go one step beyond- and Ghost hunt. Go GHOST HUNTING inside a documented haunted house w equipment as seen with Bloody Mary on Paranormal lockdown, Buzzfeed unsolved, Haunted History, A&E, NatGeo, American Supernatural, A Haunting and more.

On this Deluxe French Quarter Ghost Tour you will join an intense look at the other side of New Orleans Spirits . Learn the old ways our people called, banished and worked with the spirit world.  You really must mix some modern spiritual and paranormal techniques of today in that pot. Then of course, add a tad of voodoo and hoodoo on top. simmer them al together and you get Bloody Mary’s Voodoo Paranormal. All of this  Creates a ghost hunt using both psychic and paranormal technique with an organic  feel.

Add a touch of Voodoo ritual

See altars while we Explore a bit of voodoo and hoodoo- the religion and the practice. We share secrets, Potions and spells and connect with the Spirits the whole way. Get greater connection and protection with ritual guards set up and secret tips shared.  You are in good hands, led by experienced and professional mystics who grew up alongside New Orleans spirits! Always Be safe within a ceremonial protective opening and closing of the gates at the end.

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On its own this Extended  ” Tour of the Undead ‘ is a fabulous macabre marriage of true horror, folklore and fact.  Learn  documented  Spirit interactions , some compounded by  fear and folklore creating paranormal testimony that influences history. All in all this provides a lurid alternative history for you mixed with much magick. So book now on the most in-depth tour around! Join a Full French Quarter jaunt of history and mystery in the French Quarter supernatural full impact outing!
Occult history IS part of New Orleans History, so is paranormal history! Visit haunted sites, see slave-quarters, a haunted pirate’s pub, New Orleans oldest buildings, a red light district and even a Vampire’s lair. This is not a tour that only deals with simply the serial killer aspect of vampiric humans but instead how vampires effect us- then and now!  There is our own Werewolf lurking too. Just How Does the Zombie fit in to all of this?

We explore the folklore, fears and realities of monsters and New Orleans nightmares!

Wonder how monsters have been treated over the years? Add in a little swamp magic,Voodoo. hoodoo too.  We start at the haunted bar- a pirates pub  see voodoo altars and salute the spirits and Wallah:you have the new tour of the undead. Adding  Ghost Hunting  w equipment inside for a little paranormal lockdown for the fabulous finale!

Learn why the mystical reputation of New Orleans is as much of the reality of New Orleans History as Mardi Gras, Jazz and Creole foods. A cultural masterpiece of the motivations, fears and turmoil surrounding the growth of our town amidst intense class rivalries, power struggles and the Spiritual power sought to overcome. a City where Voodoo meets Colonial Catholicism, European witchcraft, Native American Shamanism and Freemasonry to form a Syncretism of Spirituality still sizzling its Gumbo brew in New Orleans today!


You can come check in earlier in the day at the Haunted Museum 828 N. Rampart Street Ask for your free postcard and a redeem $5 off psychic reading or even add on and indulge at the voodoo doll bar and decorate your own in house local made Moss Voodoo doll that we wake and task for your goals.! See you soon.

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Have more time, only here on the weekdays?

Monday through Friday Book the  7:30-11pm Ghost town tour  and Ghost hunt- an even smaller group van tour on  a whole city cemetery voodoo paranormal adventure , Bonus  inside Bloody Marys personal Haunted House  appearing on the 2012 Ghost Adventures  investigation plus a cemetery after dark and more plus the French quarter house investigation


Want even more inside paranormal investigation time :

Paranormal New Orleans Midnight Ghost Hunt at Bloody Mary Haunted MuseumWOW! Book Now Midnight ghost hunt Join Saturday late night ventures or create your own!  Every Saturday night  book all inside for your extended paranormal night out . Lets dig deeper inside a 200 year old documented haunted house. Use ITC equipment and psychic exercises to communicate. Book NOW for this exclusive Sat midnight ghost hunts If you book them together the cost is less so call 504-915-7774 for the after hours 10:45pm -1:15 am

or look for our special Night at the museum Para- parties.