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Meet the Bloody Mary Krewe and Join the mission

The Bloody Mary Mission

“We are social historians whose goal is to preserve the old traditions of New Orleans that are in jeopardy of being forgotten in Post Katrina times. We are expert Mystics in eclectic styes of magic and psychic abilities that we share. In our House, the Bloody Mary family -we do voodoo, hoodoo,  folk magic and all that Jazz.  Bloody Mary shares secret source information and a lifetime of experience with personal paranormal investigations, spirit contact and psychic intuition that have led to fresh and unique information. You get a detailed presentation beyond description demonstrating the pioneering and legendary avant-garde style Bloody Mary is so famous for.” 

The Bloody Mary mission is to offer our savvy travelers unrivaled diversity through behind the scenes outings on hand-picked, spirit-filled New Orleans Tours. We show you the insider’s New Orleans while our storytelling and narration enthralls you. WE offer way more than what you could expect from “just” any New Orleans tour, we take you One Step Beyond! We also have access to go inside buildings than no other tours in town can take you to!

Bloody Mary’ New Orleans tours specialize in the most unique presentations and serious portrayals of the spirit and magic pulsing throughout New Orleans with a voodoo spice to top  it all off! Different tours are available on different days to offer you opportunity to travel all through the Mystical Spirit that is New Orleans.

Cemeteries are our passion and we have go to different ones at High Noon every day of the week to cover all the New Orleans cities of the dead  PLUS the longest running, award winning Nighttime small group van and walking tours that take you though them in the dead of night. All of Bloody Mary’s presentations are historic and revealing: some spiritual, some even racy- ranging from the slightly supernatural to full-blown paranormal, but all are designed  to honor those who came before. We live the  cultural nuances that have contributed to making New Orleans America’s most interesting city – the most haunted too!

Escape the scripted rhetoric of large commercial tour companies and delve deep into the real New Orleans with the best: Bloody Mary’s Tours. Our team of experts offer you behind the scenes excursions and explore rich historic paths. We take you on trailblazing Louisiana legend trips for hauntings, horrors and dancing with the dead.  Private custom tours are out specialty designed just for you.

Bloody Mary's Tours Haunted Pub crawl


Bloody Mary New Orleans

BLOODY MARY: Voodoo Queen, Medium, Author, Tour guide, licensed Hypnotist, Qi Gong Master, Paranormal facilitator 

Researcher, Author and Master Storyteller Bloody Mary is a preservationist of New Orleans Creole customs as a local social historian. She is also a strong advocate for Spirits Rights. As a gifted Psychic Mary’s clients list among the living and the dead whom she interprets with as an evidential medium.  She was born & raised in NOLA and lives with her husband, 2 dogs, 2 black cats, 3 snakes and a whole house of ghosts.  The American Encyclopedia of Haunted Houses lists her personal haunted house. She is an international celebrity about haunted New Orleans and called on as an Occult expert in over 200 worldwide documentaries . She is also a dedicated priestess, healer and spirit worker who created an entire style: Voodoo Paranormal. Mary is also curator of the New Orleans Haunted Museum and  premier tour operator for  over 25 years

Pet Psychic Mambo Gina

Gina Beard: Voodoo Mambo, Paranormal Investigator,Tour guide, Reiki Master, Pet Psychic 

Born and raised New Orleanian Gina has been imbedded into the culture here since the 1700’s. Her family is responsible for starting New Orleans great fire of 1788; so candle burning  has always been with her. Gina grew up Catholic but had spirits calling since childhood. She is especially in tuned with  animals- dead and alive. You can make appointments with her for psychic & energy work for man and beast as she whispers their way. Gina is Voodoo, she is psychic and an adept paranormal who will delight you with her extremes & is a true  home grown  New Orleans gem. You will find her leading many of  tours and ghost hunts.

Bloody Mary's apprentices Jagger and Samantha

 Sam & Jagger- Production team for:  Museum tours, store sales, Parties, Rituals & Ghost hunts 

This Quiet power couple makes things click: they edit, they organize and their modern approach keeps everything fresh & clean even if we are knee deep in swamp mud. You will see them assist classes, weddings, rituals, parties & managing our Haunted Museum. Jagger is a tour guide and general do all assistant, editor as well as my LaPlace in our New Orleans Voodoo House. He is Certified Rhine Institute Parapsychology Field Investigator.  Samantha is my Voodoo apprentice assitant and savvy sales manager in the spirit shop  ( & my new daughter in-law.)

Psychic Juliet: Lightworker Reiki , Holistic Healer, Karmic Astrologer, Palmist, Crystal Ball & Tour guide

Juliet discovered her psychic gifts as a young  child but her journey into formal studying the esoteric arts at Desert Institute of the Healing Arts. Juliet has a unique approach to Healing, incorporating a background in Shiatsu, Polarity and adds  Reiki into her own  holistic healing. She holds a BA in History/Psychology and has been a Professional Psychic for over twenty years and a tour guide. Mediumship, Tarot,  Tea Leaf Readings, Palmistry & Crystal Ball Readings  with a specialty in Karmic Astrology – An In Depth Chart Analysis provides an insightful and fascinating journey into self discovery. Book readings, walk-in days and see her at our Seances with Bloody Mary

psychic reader at haunted museum

Anastasia: Lifelong Mystic, Medium , crystal ball & spiritual advisor

 Anastasia is an inspiration and a mirror to us all; hard work and soft temperament blend perfectly to make her a great life coach . Anastasia’s second sight and eclectic psychic abilities make her intuitive gifts a necessity: Tarot, crystal ball, palm, mediumship, akasha record reader ++ Come enjoy local New Orleans native born and bred psychic medium for readings and sometimes at our Seances

Psychic Andi

Shaman Andi W.  Priestess, psychic, Reiki Master, Cranial Sacral therapist and P.A.

Andi is a gifted psychic, medium, root worker, practicing initiated Tibetan Shaman and healer. Andi is part time New Orleans resident who was born into a line of seers and raised by her grandmother-a spell worker and root woman. She has worked professionally for 30 years in the spirit realms specializing in crystal healing, Craniosacral therapy (CST), reiki master, tarot and bone readings. Her calm bedside manner can calm you but her pointed  advice will coheres procrastination to go by the wayside so your healing will begin. So she has a bit soft and tough love together in her medicine pouch

Houngan Matthew

Matthew Pouliot: Voodoo Priest, Drummer, Tour guide, Actor, Videographer & Paranormal Investigator

Matthew Pouliot was born in Wisconsin grew up in Santa Barbara and graduated from Lee Strasberg Acting Institute in Los Angeles before deciding to quit the Hollywood game and answer the call of the Spirit of New Orleans in 1998. His love for architecture, his adventurous social life & love of music made New Orleans the perfect choice. He earned his honorary local New Orleans title by marrying a local  (me) and He also married Voodoo which satisfied both his music & spirit side. He drums for the spirits & talks about them on all the tours too. He is a natural intuitive who has the healing touch. He assists the House as its spirit protector, physical builder, and raconteur.

Mambo Karen Jeffries

Karen Jeffries:  Mambo Asogwe, Tour guide & Party helper

Karen is our sister Voodoo Mambo, part time tour guide & veteran paranormal investigator who helps co-host some special events and ghost hunts. Karen in very active in the Arts scene of New Orleans and you will find her buzzing around with all the celebs at a plethora of parties and theaters all over town. She also owns her own haunted B &B in the Marigny. The Dauphine House B & B is a great place to stay for an intimate and homey, authentic New Orleans vacation.