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Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties and Tours

  • Bloody Mary Bachelor Party haunted pub tour deluxe
  • Bachelor Party Tour
  • Tea Leaf Reading 2
  • Bloody Mary New Orleans Hoodoo Love Spell
  • Bachelorette Party - Murieal's
  • Voodoo Doll Making
  • Bloody Mary Bacholerette Tour Party - Ghost Hunt
  • Storyville Striped stockings new orleans Bloody Marys tours
  • Ghost Hunt - Bloody Mary's House

  Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties with Bloody Mary are the best and completely unique.

Let Bloody Mary design the perfect day or night out for you for your bachelorette parties or tours. If you want to make a tour then our New Orleans insiders guides can bring you to lesser-known spots and tell you histories that just might wake the dead. We ask them to join us, so they just might. maybe add a psychic party  where all your guest gat a reading, a seance  or maybe just the bachelor/ette! We have specialty romantic, ghost love tales, stories of girls good and bad, prostitutes, voodoo queens and even swashbuckling rogues to set the tone for our night out.

Add a Voodoo doll love workshop and /or purging ceremony. We can shop till you drop, make numerous haunted bar stops, visit a cemetery, go to the park with a wish stop at a magical oak. Maybe call forth the power of the Mississippi at the river’s edge. Mix and match. Give us a ring and we can customize your favorite points and add them to design the perfect party inside some of our historic and spirit filled  restaurant, or try that tandem style by foot or limo van bringing you on an eclectic trail of intrigue and fin for the best tour outing for your bride or groom,

  • Mystic Bachelorette Tour – Start with a few haunted bars, mix in a bit of paranormal romance and add a splash of voodoo all with a women’s history of New Orleans edge and this is your perfect match! It’s a bit of good girls, bad girls and some blood and gore for good measure. We make this memorable and magical. You might consider adding the Hoodoo edge and make some voodoo dolls (for love).

  • Bachelor Party Tour – We could always just take you to a strip club, but you can do that on your own. Let’s meet and greet with the rogues of yesteryear and go to a haunted pirates lair. How about learning a few tricks up the sleeve of riverboat gamblers? Then break out a money spell for the groom or, maybe, even add a paranormal investigation. There are lots of ways this could pan out, it all depends on what your bachelor wants.


Add a little Voodoo and Hoodoo to your evening out. A simple love vblessing form you ordained voodoo prisestess or have drummers Whether we just dab on some Homemade Love potion Number 9 make a honey pot to preserve your love or other hoodoo and voodoo love spells we will help you keep your mojo rising ! Your priestess will also extend Voodoo love blessings form the spirits and add in a purging of bad ju-ju no bad lick befall your way, We can aadd drums and h the whole works for an entire Voodoo love ritual too

If you want some Hoodoo we shall conjure it up for you. Dab on some Love potion number 9, maybe do a honey pot to preserve your love, and add a fire spell for purging of past hurts. We have many old school New Orleans Hoodoo folk magic to share with you.

If you want a unique hands on experience then maybe add the voodoo doll making workshop, WE can either all make our own voodoo dolls under the supervision of a trained masters of this art,.Ordained voodoo priestess teach you every magical step. We also magically focus the dolls to help you achieve your goals- in this case Love! WE have expert set skills and training from shamans of old. We bless and awake the dolls in a special Voodoo love ritual for bride and groom , with some extra surprises in store for you!

Spirits Love Spirits! There is no shortage of either kinds of spirits in tniis haunted Old New Orleans. Spirits prefer some bars over others and we take you there or maybe even rent the whole haunted bar out for your private party. We can make just a few stops to these historic haunted Bars and either do a haunted pub crawl or just a few quick pit stops in between our paranormal, voodoo or architectural tandem outing or choose a full blown party style.

We can schedule our psychic readers to come to your party or we can deliver you to the perfectly matched reader at the end of our night out when you choose the tour version of our stag and staggete parties. We have a special love blessing and psychic advice for your bride as part of the tours but she may want more…