Calling all spirits to Bloody Mary New Orleans Seance Parlor

Calling all spirits! Bloody Mary New Orleans Seance parlor is revamped and ready to book now!.

Come connect with us to communicate and cooperate across space and time: House spirits, family spirits and even a New Orleans founding father spirit too .

“Thanks for the Great ‘Seance’ experience! ” raves Andrea Sachs of The Washington PostBloody Mary New Orleans Seance tricentennial tribute

“Thanks for the Great  ‘Seance’ experience!” raves Andrea Sachs of the The Washington Post who secretly stopped to consult the spirit guru of New Orleans. Andrea set out to find Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary herself! What better way then to attend her New Orleans Seance Sundays and tour the Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted museum! The Seance for Bloody Mary’s annual St Johns Eve ritual weekend June 23rd annual  #swampmagicfest  satisfied Andreas quest. She found Bloody Mary’s Tours offered the full spirit spectrum that she needed to cover the psychic side of her NOLA tricentennial journalism trip. Since Bloody Mary’s bloodline has also been in New Orleans for 300 years so maybe Andrea knew she had a better shot at finding the spirit of New Orleans founding father, Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville himself through her, and she did!Bloody Mary New Orleans seance

“We’ve been calling spirits using old school and new school techniques since 1994 . I  rarely thought of calling in Sir Bienville! The old man seemed surprised his colony even still survived (LOL)” adds Bloody Mary and through her co-medium Juliet

Most spirits appreciate the cordial bedside manner and the way Bloody Mary’s Voodoo Paranormal methods engrace them. Part of their attendance is indeed due to Bloody Mary’s social protocol. It is also important to note the intense energy built up within the New Orleans Seance parlor over itself.  It is apparent that the New Orleans Haunted museum attracts and sustains the spirits  and helps them to want to return again and again  (plus that new chandelier dazzles them)  The whole place is designed as a sanctuary for the spirits and that was Bloody Mary’s goal in building the New Orleans Haunted museum in the first place. By calling and honoring spirits day after day in the New Orleans seance parlor area of the Haunted museum and consulting spirit guides there,  it energizes the area . We offer all types of psychic services in person, by phone to at your place

Remember to say “Hi” to our little resident spirit of the room ” Michael” and ask to hear him talk back too! Spirits grow to like a familiar setting  especially where they are honored but The Bloody Mary team travels to you for spiritual services, for a seance to go, as always. You can now virtually tour the museum through our incredible interactive App. Just Look up  Bloody Mary tour at the APP store and but the app. It is a tour,  blog, vlog, paranormal evidence archive and a  podcast all in one!

“We get more and more regulars every day: Dead and Alive” admits Bloody Mary.

Our Sunday Seances and private Victorian style seance and mediumship are available by reservation . Come join Bloody Mary, Juliet Seer or Shaman Andrea or Liz on Sunday’s or your special time. All sorts of Spiritual services, psychic readings, healings are also available daily by appointment .

Bloody Mary New Orleans Seance Parlor advises: “Set the wheels in motion before you come sit with us and think seriously who you wanna  call, what you want ask!”

Bloody Mary blends old school Spiritualism and Spiritism, Voodoo, psychic connections, folk magic and paranormal investigation styles all together in her own special Gumbo Brew to serve to you; plus she has modern and historic equipment for the spirits to use if they so please. Mind you, not all spirits can come though, sometimes a friend hears the call for them and others do not hear at all , but we can boast a high positive response rate.

“People misunderstand Seance; no one forces spirits to come through. They are gently asked and  can be pulled in though the Bloody Mary New Orleans Seance parlorbloodline or familiar friends who are sitters at the seance.” according to Voodoo Queen & Mystic Bloody Mary , “so definitely set the wheels in motion before you come sit with us and think seriously who you wanna  call, what you want ask.”  Everyone is invited to connect together with group mind and the universe as a whole. All actively participate to open the channels and call loved ones, if they desire ” We believe our loved ones are always with us, we just can’t always hear them”, the priestess explains. You can also bring belongings of the people you would like to connect with and maybe psychometry will come into play.

New Orleans was a a heavy player in the 19th and early 20th century spiritualist movement and we honor all those who came here before and hope they will share their wisdom with us in the now. New Orleans Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau was very influential on the spiritualist movement and as a spirit guide of our House and New Orleans Seance Parlor, her shrine watches over. We always promote spirit rights and ask you to come with an open mind and positive outlook. We always open and close gates ceremonially, feed the spirits and even add experiments with paranormal equipment. Utilizing mixed methods helps Bloody Mary stay true to continuing studies of her voodoo paranormal methodology and bring them into the 21st century. ‘occasionally we add  the geobox, and other ghost boxes and static energy meters, electrcascopes, Rempods, the parascope 360 and night vision cameras equipment to see how the world around the seance table is affected . Sometimes we also even utilize  ghost box ITC communication techniques as we do in our Ghost Hunting evenings.

Reserve early for Public Seance on Sundays for the limited seating events at New Orleans Seance Parlor

Look for Seasons Special events with Seance involved

Try a class with many modern connections ITC sessions

or Midnight Ghost hunts. and our nightly combo Tour and Ghost hunt choices

and do come to our Anniversary Para-party too.

or Call to Book a private group seance with us or a Mediumship private one on one session

ALSO Bone readings, spiritual advice,pet psychics, energy healings and banishings.

Bloody Mary September 10, 2018

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