New Orleans Voodoo Queens: The Marie Laveau Mysteries Talk & Touch

Do the New Orleans Voodoo Queens: The Marie Laveau Mysteries talk & touch at Hoodoo Happenings at Haunted Museum NOLA

It’s a Monthly Hoodoo Happening of New Orleans Voodoo Queens: The Marie Laveau Mysteries talk and Touch series. Secrets are revealed one by one as we unfold the mysteries of this enigmatic woman and Worker Saint for the people! Join us next on Sat. Nov 30 3:30  and 12/15 4:30pm for free talk and touch- a hands on event with some of the personal belongings of Marie Laveau Plus blessings for all. Add readings, Cemetery visits and even a Midnight Ghost hunt before and after our session.  Grab a gris-gris, get psychic readings and get a voodoo blessing along with us. Enjoy some pop-up  unscheduled classes too. Meet Bloody Mary’s Mystic Institute and Spirit shop all at the Haunted Museum NOLA

You simply have to be part of the Voodoo Queens: Talk of the Traiteur and doctors kit collection explore Saturday at 3:30pm. Learn the inside skinny from a local who actually is in the tradition of Marie Laveau not just reporting on it, Bloody Mary. See some of Marie Laveau’s personal collection and examine doctors kits from the 1800’a, get a voodoo blessing with Marie Laveau’s evil away crucifix! Each month come learn a different aspect of the great queen and get a blessing from the current queen too.

Lets honor the queens, living and dead! New Orleans Voodoo queens unite, for once you are the Queen, you are the Queens! Monthly free Marie Events. Remember to stop by and It’s a Hoodoo Happening at the Haunted Museum NOLA 828 N. Rampart in the French Quarter.  A wonderful witchy weekend of Mystic and Voodoo delights- Be there! We honor the Marie’s.  Join us in  Spirit Shop at the Haunted Museum with a Toast to the Ghost 826 and 828 N. Rampart St.


December 15 4:30PM-  Blessing of the Yule season and you! Come to our voodoo garage sale, haunted possessions paranormal  contest and the free  Marie Laveau’s crucifix blessing hour for cleansings.

November 30 3:30 PM – salute the trinity of Marie’s and Get Holiday evil away Crucifix blessings w Marie Lavaeu’s cross.

November 2 3:30 PM  for all souls day- Marie’s and more await at the Haunted Museum.

Sept 10 Marie Laveau saints day honorarium. This is the day she was born

Aug 11 is also the feast day of St Philoemina, Patron Saint of Marie Laveau 2, daughter of the widow Paris Marie Philomene! Do the New Orleans  Voodoo Queens: The Marie Laveaus Mystic weekend August 10 & 11, 2020 .

July 4 “Marie & Me”- Basic Intro the spirit of Marie Laveau, hear her history, see her belongings and meet the magic of the Voodoo Queen(s)

June 23 Voodoo Queen  St Johns eve Marie Laveau  New Orleans Voodoo river baptism style ritual at the bayou, come join us, bring foods and wine offerings and a dry set of clothes! 6:30pm

June 15 Marie Laveau Assumption day – This is the day she died in 1881. Come feed her altar with us at the Haunted Museum. 6:pm


Bloody Mary Haunted Museum and Marie Lavaeu

Lets honor the queens every month, living and dead! Hoodoo Happenings all year long with a bit of Talk and touch, Hands on learning form the great queen, exalted ancestors Marie at the Haunted Museum 828 N. Rampart St in the French Quarter! June is Marie’s month: Join our 27th annual St Johns eve ritual. June 1 is her assumption day, July continues the spark, August we honor the bloodline and continue Marie’s work, Sept celebrates her birthday, October honors the dead, November continues to call the spirits and  starts up the holiday yule season, January will be the all queens day on all kings day January 6. ( first day of Mardi Gras) Join us for free talk and learn a little different aspect about Marie every time you stop by! we visit her grave every day on cemetery tours and talk about her every night.

Aug 11 was also the feast day of St Philoemia, Patron Saint of Marie Laveau 2, daughter of the widow Paris, Marie Philomene!

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