Haunted Holiday Voodoo Garage Sale & Haunted Items Contest Booth!

Literally  walk in to the Holiday Spirit  with the Haunted Museum!

 Xmas Voodoo Garage Sale & Haunted Possessions Contest Booth! Dec 15 12:30-7pm 826 & 828 N. Rampart St

Bloody Mary Haunted museum

Who deserves that special gift? Shop the Voodoo Garage Sale for that certain someone. Finally buy that Raccoon penis bone for Dad!  Maybe try your hand at a hand carved Ouija Board for brother to keep in touch. Maybe you need a personal psychic reading in person or a gift certificate to go. BUY a haunted doll or spirit bottle for your sister (or a bone or a bauble)!

Bring your items to the Haunted Possessions Booth for a Check-up!

Voodoo dollsRehabilitate – Investigate- Communicate 

                           Donate,  Sell or Adopt!

             Is your item the most haunted?

          Contests- Prizes- Pop-up classes++

Let  Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary and her Voodoo paranormal team of mediums and investigators give your haunted objects a check up and see what’s up! Come shop and meet the mystics and Bloody Mary when you come enter the Haunted Possessions Most Haunted contest! Win the #1 Haunted Highlight Haunted Museum spot for your Most Haunted, cursed or Paranormally active Items! Meet all the mystic judges Michael Bill, Mambo Gina, psychics Andi, Liz, and of course, Bloody Mary. Maybe your item can win some Cash, merchandise and prestige Prizes! 12/15 Haunted museum New Orleans 826 and 828 N. Rampart Street!

You can call early to register you haunted item you will insure you make it in the running: 504-915-7774 or write your object’s description  and  name to register by email to voodomary@gmail.com  Remember we offer discreet private services  daily to help you with your discarnate hauntings  or item based anomalies!

Then shop for your self or your fiends and select some voodoo dolls, mystic art, occult items, Vintage,  tours,  seance and lots of goodies all in a row! PLUS  you want to see all the crystals, sterling, bones and baubles selected just for you! Come learn some inside info on how to DIY your Voodoo dolls and make ’em sing .

Catch some Mystic pop up free classes and holiday blessings!! Come get our end of year readings, buy unusual and hand crafted spirit gifts by local mystics and your New Orleans Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary. It’s festival, a flea market and a spirit filled metaphysical bazaar-the Voodoo Garage sale!

How-to Voodoo dolls Voodoo Pharmacy Voodoo Queen Bloody MaryHere is an overview of what else we  will do for at this event https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/bloodymarystours/?full-items=yes&flow=274705

Let us help make some magic for your holidays!

Haunted Museum and Spirit Shop Season events run quarterly events like the Voodoo garage sale themes to the season but always spirit filled! Always avail to inspect your haunted items too!Plus Visit our annul Swamp magic festival on June 23rd summer solstice time, since  the times of Marie Laveau and before June 23rd Baptism rituals held in New Orleans, Bloody Mary still offers the old school New Orleans St johns even River Baptisms to you. Classes, events tours and more also on the list of events

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