See Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary Occult Expert at Aaron Sagers paranormal Comic Con

/See Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary Occult Expert at Aaron Sagers paranormal Comic Con

See Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary Occult Expert at Aaron Sagers paranormal Comic Con

What happens when you add a Voodoo Queen and a paranormal pop-culture Icon together with New Orleans Ghosts?

You get a hell of a Paranormal at the  Big Easy Comic Con ! Meet and greet with them both: Voodoo Queen, Bloody Mary, local expert and Voodoo paranormal guru who is the very special guest of  your Paranormal pop guru, Aaron Sagers. Go to Big Easy Comic Con  2019 Nov 1-4 at  November 1st Paranormal City: New Orleans panel in Room 2 at 7pm Friday Nov. 1 and   Nov 3 at 3PM  Sunday f room 4  for the special panel for the Truth about Voodoo  at Ernest N. Morial New Orleans Convention center .

Join him for the Paranormal City: New Orleans, 7pm Friday lecture in room 4 but I”ll be too deep in the cemeteries at that point to join you for this one!

and if you want to know about vampires and are up earlier at 11:30 am has a vampire panel too

And come visit me the Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted museum Halloween week events before and after these para-panels all  and join us from All Saints day onward…

Paranormal Comicon 2017

Aaron Sagers

Bloody Mary New Orleans Voodoo Queen Comic Con panel expertParanormal City: New Orleans and Voodoo City: New Orleans w the Truth about Voodoo

When it comes to most haunted cities, New Orleans ranks right at the top. Along with legends revolving around voodoo, monsters, maniacs and more, the Big Easy could rightly be re-christened the Big Creepy. Join TV host and Paranormal Pop Culture expert, Aaron Sagers (Travel Channel, Syfy, TLC, along with local paranormal guru, folk historian, author, tour operator and very special guest Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary (Travel Channel Ghost Adventures, TLC, Destination America, as they separate fact from folklore, and explore the unexplained haunts behind the history and the voodoo that lives here. Bloody Mary is also the curator of the New Orleans Haunted Museum at 828 N. Rampart street in French Quarter,

Bloody Mary Wizard World Paranormal Comic Con Panel Expert

Listen up for some behind the scenes secrets they have to share as well as many personal voodoo paranormal how-to tips. Also show up if you have questions about theories, equipment or want to share your own experiences! This promises to be the best paranormal Comic Con ever! Aaron and Bloody Mary and other local guests will surprise you with their varied and valid outlooks in to the paranormal and Bloody Marys will present her own Voodoo Paranormal techniques she has implemented and taught professionally for 25 years.

So this is a real Paranormal Comic Con Event.

This is Bloody Mary’s fourth guest appearance at  Comic Con, having appearing  1st  year as special guest of the Paranormal Society of New Orleans. 2nd year with the same Aaron Sagers and Dave Shrader of Darkness radio  earlier this year!

Stick around, Bloody Mary will do a Book signing right after the paranormal panel on her 5-star Amazon rated 2016 Best seller release “Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing with the Dead” by Weiser publishing. See how this book itself is Haunted book  too!

Check out  her 2018 newer release Voodoo: Conure And sacrifice Schiffer publishing.

And be the first to get her new coffee table  2nd edition 2019 as e-books, coming soon

Plus new virtual museum tours APP  with the storytelling verse of Bloody Mary and the para-engineering of Dark Waters

premiering at our Oct 23,2019 Haunted Haloween Skeleton Key Soiree

Bloody Mary did a special farewell to the flesh for Carrie Fisher before her 1st Comic con and she popped in ! Lets see who pops in this time!Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary New Orleans Big Easy Comic con

 Come to this Big Easy New Orleans Comic Con. New Orleans. COMIC CON.  November 1,2,3. Fri–Sat–Sun. 

See all Bloody Mary tours for that week and Book Now  Subscribe Now to our You tube Paranormal and occult Web-series- The Bloody Mary Show to Enter the spirit realm and remember @bloodymaryNOLA on Facebook Twitter & Instagram
and @AaronSagers on Twitter and Instagram. and come to the brick n mortar Haunted museum 828 N. Rampart st
Happy New Year!
By Bloody Mary October 2019
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