Small ghost hunt Spirit Connects to World’s Largest ghost hunt event at New Orleans Haunted museum Sept 28, 2019

Be there when Bloody Mary’s small ghost hunt spirit connects to Worlds largest ghost hunt September 28. 2019 in New Orleans Haunted Museum! All across the globe haunted locations unite for a group mind / Group soul experiment. In New Orleans it is Bloody Mary’s Haunted museum again chosen as a city spirit ambassador to connect.

Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary does ghost hunts every night and provides consults and  psychic services every day to help you connect with the spirits or protect if necessary . Her Voodoo paranormal method has received international acclaim and she advocates for spirits rights round the world. This event is world wide so the connection exponentially proclaims those rights helping us to connect far and wide. 150 different sites worldwide unite! We refuse anyone the right to provoke spirits. A New Orleans motto is included in our small ghost hunt too -Be nice or leave! That goes for everyone. We utilize old school and new school paranormal connections and treat everyone just like the people they are, with respect. We ask you to do the same.

Book Now- Only 16 spots on Sept 28 from 7:30-9:30 Bloody Mary Haunted museum Paranormal investigations Krewe  $55ea 

“We have 13 in house spirits who are pretty hospitable to new visitors every day, I am sure they will connect nicely with their spirit friends around the world.”

Para displays and ITC and ghost connect time with our small ghost hunt group to connect around the world through New Orleans on this event
Be a part of this interesting experiment w the collective unconscious -mind, body and soul + the spirits
A show and tell, hands on personal Ghost adventure.

Join the spirits, at worlds largest ghost hunt & you! Some of the proceeds for our ghost hunts help our historic buildings stay in shape so fundraising helps  the brick n mortar and part proceeds go to our own non- for profits favorites too!

see you soon

Bloody Mary

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