Bloody Mary Voodoo Queen in England once again!

paranormal collaboration w Bloody MaryBloody Mary Voodoo Queen in England brings a little New Orleans spirit to Great Britain. You will now enjoy her special style of  Voodoo Paranormal live at Sage Paracon. This Author, Voodoo Queen and Curator of the New Orleans Haunted museum, Bloody Mary, shares Hoodoo and Voodoo secrets personally with you at this exclusive Paracon. As an incredible entertainer and storyteller as well as renown priestess expect surprises! Bloody Mary Voodoo and Spirit world personal experiences come to life to teach you in an organic and sometimes humorous way!

Bloody Mary

Sage Para-con presents Bloody Mary Voodoo Queen in England November 2019 as a headliner!

This international celebrity Ghost hunter appears in hundreds of international tv shows about ghosts, graveyards, and Voodoo. See her in everything from Ghost Adventures, Buzzfeed Unsolved, Paranormal Lockdown and  on BBC, NBC, Discovery, Scyfy and Nat Geo.  Do you want to hear some behind the scenes info about American Horror story! Maybe get some behind the scenes dirt on some of your favorite paranormal  shows too and a few voodoo protect and connect ideas, then come on down.

Now come see her live in England this year at Sage Paracon!  Or at home for her fabulous month long Halloween events in New Orleans!

Now you can definitely dabble in Bloody Mary’s Voodoo public events in town in New Orleans all year long OR at the fabulous and haunted 13th century Coombe Abbey in November.  Hands-on Paranormal investigations Seminars, Consults, Mystic shopping and even a Voodoo Ball are part of the lineup on both sides of the pond. However, add a Medieval feast and extra side Voodoo surprises wait for you when you get to the Coombe Abbey Hotel in Coventry, United Kingdom.  Enjoy a full house of paranormal experts and add-on your own Bloody Mary private VIP options! HINT: maybe some gris gris, mojo and voodoo dolls are on the menu with some mirror magic!

“Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary!’ chant the children round the world…

…Little do they know, that they are dabbling in a bit of Mirror magic with a taste of royal blood on the side. For instance, the legends of the elusive Bloody Mary Mirror are real. Examine how this is deeply deeply entwined in the flesh and blood Bloody Mary, Voodoo Queen as just one of the many tidbits you will just have to come find out about in person. Her vast voodoo knowledge may amaze you and she twins that with the old celtic religions with the classic religions, especially the Catholic connection.  Then see how the spirit world is a part of it all.  Did you know that Her own literal royal bloodline may wake up too as she walks though the halls that her ancestors did in Combe Abbey! This New Orleans Voodoo expert and Haitian Voodoo Mambo Asogwe conjures up quite a concoction for you with Voodoo paranormal.

 Just a few tickets left — Buy now

Come Dance with the Dead

Dancing with the dead is also on the menu as she opens the gates, the Voodoo way and teaches you how to honor the dead, Voodoo style. Did you know that Voodoo is a danced religion and a musical religion? Voodoo is ancestral reverent, talisman filled, animistic and deity rich! You can now learn a bit more about it direct from the source all because this years fabulous Sage para-con chose a voodoo theme. Come dance with the dead which may also wake the dead. with us

Plus Preorder Bloody Mary Voodoo Queen hand made voodoo items and her book: Hauntings Horrors and Dancing with the Dead and bring them for her to sign and wake up! The book is said to be haunted too! Remember when in New Orleans come to my Haunted Museum and spirit shop 828 N. Rampart street. Book Now – book a tour, do a ghost hunt and come to a seance toThere are the 2 release new edition 2019 Paranoraml Blue books now as ebooks

And the Fab New  Bloody Mary Haunted museum App debuting at our  Halloween Party- Preorder Now! Its a podcast, its a scavenger hunt tour and Vlog all in one!


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