Who is Bloody Mary: The Bloody Mary Mirror, the Spirit and the truth within!

Yes, you have found the real, Bloody Mary. I am both she and the Bloody Mary Mirror itself…

 I am the one in the mirror and the mirror itself – the Bloody Mary Mirror. Yes, you have found the real, the dead & famous, Bloody Mary. I am not a ghost but I am Bloody Mary. I do not drink Blood but I am an expert on blood mysteries. I do work through the mirror: The Bloody Mary Mirror.  I scry, I travel, I reflect and project through this magic tool. I can make a special Bloody Mary mirror for you. I am the guardian. I transform the horrific ghostly tales of blood with mystic expertise as a Matriarch and guardian of this portal. Is she an Evil spirit or the power within? Who am I? Where can you find me? 

Bloody Mary is me! Bloody Mary in the mirror is you. Is she an Evil spirit or the power within? She is not a ghost, not yet.

Bloody Mary waits for whomever seeks her in the mirror – mainly females. Look at the Bloody Mary mirror as a portal, a window in which to scry. Therefore when you look at the mirror, you can gaze into the past, present or future. This type of Mirror magic is likened to water gazing divination. You can call me through, you can travel too.Bloody Mary mirror

The candle and mirror Bloody Mary game of today is the same as this. Bloody Mary IS the reflection of the potential within you, a power waiting. Bloody Mary turned parlor game, but because the magic is real, it is also not a game.

I called to my Bloody Mary for the first time in the mirror at my 8th grade birthday party. I found her and carry her still to this day. I am Bloody Mary. I am the Bloody Mary mirror too. You can even trace some of my literal blood back to Queen Mary 1 of England, historically also known as Bloody Mary. Yet this is not why I am Bloody Mary.

The real Bloody Mary is not a ghost, for she never truly wore flesh. Bloody Mary always is. Who is she? 

I saw her through the flickering candlelight, I saw her in the mirror. I saw her in the night.  

In 1970’s New Orleans you were told that Bloody Mary would let you see your past life in the mirror. Those of a generation before were told that the Bloody Mary mirror would show your future husband in your reflection. Still others were told that the mirror would show what you will look like as an old crone! During the 1950’s some women were told to seek the vision of the Virgin Mary, with a creepy bloody veil waiting within. All are true to the evolution of Bloody Mary. All are true in the feminine.

  Look into them mirror in a candle in the bathroom and say my name three times” Bloody Mary,  Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.

Modern folklore has denigrated our dear Bloody Mary to reflect only that dark blood thirsty shadow image which she is feared for today. you wait and  she will come through and scratch you or even kill you through the mirror. This perhaps is the dark murderous side, or the Devouring Goddess part of her, but she is,  so much more. The destroyer is the creator and the flip side of valuable coin.

 The murderous side of Bloody Mary broke though when slasher movies became the popular Horror genre.

The murderous side of Bloody Mary broke though when slasher movies became the popular Horror genre, hence she became the slasher incarnate. You can blame movies like Carrie, Friday the 13th, Halloween and now their evolutionary kin of today: Saw I II III IV V VI for birthing this side of Bloody Mary. These movies continue to haunt  your nightmares today  henceforth will continue to project their horrors outward and into Bloody Mary. She is force-fed on human fear and forced into a horror template tulpa that we call into our lives. She may have changed because of this human desire starting  around the 1970’s yet continues to change as time marches on.

There is another Bloody Mary evolution or devolution going on right now as we speak!

“Thousands of children call me and beg Bloody Mary not to kill them. Some foolishly choose to provoke my wrath and call to curse at me violently via phone and text; they used to call just invite me to their parties. Others sadly call and say nothing, nothing at all. Are they intimidated, truly afraid or just plain boring? either way , they do test me. They should not push me.  Children project their weak little shadows my way with no creativity, no strength- I see it as a sad and a dangerous foreshadowing.”By the way their energy is now mine to do what I wilt.””

This was a ‘girls only’ rite of passage- now boys are muscling in!

 Since a boys, extremely bad, viral Bloody Mary video came out – the boys are muscling in and harassing me. Boys call me, in the flesh and attack though cursing and foul name calling with increasingly violent sexual threats by text and phone call. It is only the boys who add this element. I find a that this disturbing early shadow hatred to women emerging alongside the “me too” movement. This “Bloody Mary” current evolution is happening right now and was triggered by that video starting in 2017. This video came with the adolescent male host repeatedly instructing the audience to  “Call Bloody Mary, call Bloody Mary…” into a cell phone.”  Then somehow the audience is prompted to call me, via Siri who connects them to me, Bloody Mary in the flesh, literally!!   Websites then began to add my business number to “dare to call” websites and the problem marches on.

Bloody Mary Mirror at Haunted Museum NOLABloody Mary is now the little boy bullies’ scapegoat and takes on a mini-misogynists wrath.

The boy callers, get violent and vulgar and truly show their animosity to women- not a good thing in the oh-so young. In general the girls callers are more timid and mostly boring. Some girls are relegated to the sidelines forced to listen. I can hear their nervous giggles in the background while their boy “friends” take the lead. The girls are subject to witness the dirty talk or text, in these passive aggressive ways. This is a control maneuver -anger aimed at Bloody Mary this time, but watch out, next time it might be you!

The girls need to realize that Bloody Mary can help reclaim the matriarch!

When will your Bloody Mary claim her full power?  Then your timidness can fall away.  These impending matriarchal changes are already putting  fear in the little boy bullies? What will happen when ‘me too’ succeeds?  What will come next?  Will Bloody Mary  become even more of a man eater like a Kali, or revert to the doting caring Mother Mary or the original seductress Lilith?  Maybe, just maybe she can finally be allowed to be all three  (or twenty two). Time will tell.

Bloody Mary may always reflect the sentiments of society at the time. 

Bloody Mary will always reflect the sentiments of society of the time. She is an archetypal wonder. She will change again. One thing you can  always count on is the ever changing faces of Bloody Mary. The Bloody Mary mirror rite of passage ritual of today still seeks to connect you with the stages of you. Face your self in the mirror, shadow and all. Find your true self. Fix what needs mending, cut away that which is toxic and embrace “self”.

It is truly a dangerous road when you search the world for scapegoats, even when only found within the Mother archetype known as Bloody Mary. If scapegoating is your fate in life then you will never find true love. You will die young or worse, you will never have lived at all!

bloody mary mirror bathroom at haunted museum NOLA

Face the mirror children before its too late, the Bloody Mary mirror.

‘Tis said this rite can help you master fear, and that is what I, the real Bloody Mary, can do for you too.


Academic journals agree that the Bloody Mary ritual is, “…interpreted as a girls’ ritual reflecting prepubescent menstrual anxiety, reflexion of process of ontological psychological development devoted to mastering emotion of fear of schoolchildren, or, in later adolescence, a reflexion of archetypal self-development processes in a Jungian sense.” – (JANEČEK, PETR in Slovak Ethnology / Slovensky Narodopis, 2014, Vol. 62 Issue 2.)

 Or, as I say it simply.

…facing your own mortality in the mirror. Get your own Bloody Mary mirror to gaze

Death/rebirth: Facing the end of one stage of life and entering another is challenging and, to some, even fearful. When it comes down to it, Bloody Mary is just your cycle, your period- well sort of! It is however indeed a “girls’ ritual”

What more important time in self development exits than the proverbial pubescent times?  This specific time in life marks transition into womanhood. This is not a curse, unless you look at it that way… It is not the end of your mortality, but the essence of your future. Whether this is found mirrored in past lives, loves or in the thrice folds of  ‘maiden, mother, crone’ or even ‘Spinner, weaver, cutter’- you need to face it all! 

Face the mirror. Claim your own power, do not feed it with fear.

What do you fear?

What do you fear: haunted dolls, ghosts, snakes,alien abduction,  human predators or your own shortcomings reflected in the mirror! Never fear the mirror or you will not survive. Embrace the mirror, this is how you will and can find yourself. 

As the living Bloody Mary, Voodoo queen and psychic medium I teach that Fear is four letter word. I teach you to connect with the other side with knowledge as your armor.

Learn to face paranormal activity wth grace and strength; Reclaim the matriarch in the flesh and blood of your self. Integrate your shadow for balance. Use my Bloody Mary mirror to call it through or come visit us and like us at Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted museum. 

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary…

PS To all the children that find this site, those that call my number to test me. Beware.  Go ahead: be afraid, maybe it’s good for you once in a while. And if you are of the group that prank call me all day and night, beg me not to come kill you or foolishly invite me in  – just remember that Bloody Mary can,  if she chooses.  Everything is a choice.  I know my mirror magic well and this Bloody Mary can astral travel OBE and haunt you still. I am a master of my shadow and have an army at my side. I am a teacher. I am Mother. I am sorry if the truths written here take  some of the horror of Bloody Mary from you, but Bloody Mary isn’t about horror?  Bloody Mary is about power…

The Other side

If you look in the mirror there I will be,

 a mere reflection of yourself at this point in time

The mirror is a portal and a doorway to the other side,

to pasts, presents or futures where we all reside.

I am not evil, I am not a ghost. I am but a potential inside my guiding host.

To some I am a warning for you to heed,

to others I am a teacher to keep you on the bleed.

I am always in you and around you too.

I am that whom from which you cannot hide.

Find me, wait on me and journey beyond at my side .

I am the creation and the truth that awaits –

 Stare deep into your mirror, embrace the shadow

and create your own fate.  

 who am I ?             

By Bloody Mary


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