Who do some Hoodoo Voodoo and St Josephs Altars at the Hoodoo Happening with us?

Hop on over to a Hoodoo Happening! Come do some Hoodoo Voodoo and St Josephs altars building with Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary at Haunted Museum 828 N. Rampart March 17th.

Hands on learning helps gain spiritual gnosis and bountiful blessings. You need to Come help build our St Joesph altar starting around noon.

We add bits throughout the day! Bring your fruit, vegetable and bread offerings for a little Hoodoo Voodoo and St Josephs Altars How to!

There are so many mystical traditions blended into this Catholic mid-lent holiday to explore but read here what the Catholics say!

Come for the building at 2pm  and and a Q and A to see what Bloody Mary has to say and book signing at 4pm.

if you cant stay,  just Drop off and view from 12-6 Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Many Catholics refer to St Joseph as the forgotten saint- but not here in New Orleans. He is the protector of the home for all. In Voodoo he is equated with Loko Atisou.  His wife, Ayizan is also equated with Mary!

So the Saints are all involved in Voodoo but the folk magic elements can be found on the St Joesph altars too. What about the Fava Beans? How did the lemon tradition start? Other interesting folk customs surround this altar. So come and see!

Hoodoo Voodoo and St Josephs altars
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