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Have you heard of Franks Box? Have you heard of Ghost Box? These are ITC communication devices intended  to provide conversation with  the other side(s). ITC stands for Instrumental transcommunication. It was Frank Sumption (1/05/53- 08/16/2014) who started that whole Para-ball rolling. If you want to hear Franks Box talks, you can – even though Frank is no longer with us. But, here, with us at “Under the Moon” in Bloody Mary Haunted Museum NOLA  you can still connect through tour new Chris Moon “Franks Box Exhibit” collection loan. Tune in with Chris Moon himself on October 13th in New Orleans and he will show you how to communicate, in a special workshop 7:30pm! Come hear for yourself, Franks Box Talks.Even stay for the ghost hunt after 

But what is Franks Box Talks?

Franks box talks is your Hands on workshop, lecture and live demo show n’ tell on the ITC communication techniques shown on the actual, legendary and fabulous first Franks box! Many believe the whole ghost box craze started with Franks EVP research in the late 1990’s, but is that the case? Or was it really all much earlier in the 20th century?  The answer is probably a little bit of both. The telephone to the dead and the idea of radio voice has been around since the days of the golden boys Edison and Tesla. Even Alexander Graham Bell had his hands in a form of phone to the other side. All this research never really died with them. It got swept off to the side under the rug of pseudo science for the few and was forgotten by the masses for a while, until now. The Paranormal investigation and ghost hunting craze has created quite a demand  for ITC and there  are so many new ghost boxes and APPS bombarding the market that it is hard to keep up. Frank would be proud, or annoyed – (we will have to ask next session) Frank tinkered and channelled using a bit of telepathy, smarts and elbow grease to continue the work of those golden boys until be became one himself! It was EVP that spawned his tinkering in the garage till his para-engineering worked and it still does. (And the answer is, Yes, Franks Box Talks and he IS annoyed by many of the new items created without proper testing.

Paranormal research lived on in some colleges for a bit but really grew behind the scenes in garages with geeks, survived in secret psychic parlors, ceremonies under the moon to the Beat of the drum and through those things that go bump in the night. All of this blossomed in budding paranormal teams and mystic members adding their own flavor to the research. At present and for about the past 15 years or so EVP or para-sound is very “in”. Lets see how and why, or hear!

Accordingto Chris Moon, ” It has been an incredible journey with Frank’s Box. I was the first ever to use the device in the field and soon the world would learn the reality of true two way spirit communication. I am pleased to loan the original Frank’s Box, Frank’s Box 2 as well as unit 9 to Bloody Mary’s Haunted Museum. I am excited to introduce a whole new generation to “this” mediums tool that was originally conceived by the great Thomas Edison and completed decades later by inventor Frank Sumption.”

Bloody Mary has been using other Ghost boxes like the Geobox ever since she filmed  Paranormal Lockdown in the early stages of the Haunted museum. ” The Geobox had such great results provided specific voices of several spirits in the museum coming though, we could not really refute the findings. Friends of the deceased even agree on the authenticity of communication ” reports Bloody Mary and Nick Groeff from Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Lockdown. Since those early days of the Haunted museum, Bloody Mary NOLA paranormal investigation agency and mystic institute has delved even deeper with this type spirit work.

The Haunted Museum will always teach and use old school Voodoo paranormal in our ghost hunts and have Bloody Mary Victorian seance as an important backbone of communication. The museum represents and sells Paranologies paranormal investigation equipment in Le spirit shop of the Haunted Museum NOLA as well . Bloody Mary adds. “Now with “Under the Moon” collection and electronic medium Chris Moon  coming in to teach, we’ve come full spectrum. (pun intended) 

All of us can see and learn first hand with an actual Franks box talks – so exciting!” adds Bloody Mary

Franks box talks Chris moo

Franks box talks Haunted MuseumMost of the Ghost hunters today use some form of radio communication but many of them started off from some version of hack box of the Franks box. Psychic Chris Moon, the Co-publisher of the Haunted times magazine managed  to ” collect them all”,  well most of them .  We are very proud to announce that Chris Moon has loaned this impressive collection to the Haunted Museum and we will happily display in a techy spot “Under the Moon” for you .

Come to the first live museum demo and a ghost university class and try a how-to with electronic medium Chris Moon and SEE the original Frank’s box  ( yup #1) Temember to have him sign his book, “Ghost Box” while you’re here.

Join show and tell with Chris Moon, his Franks Box and his lovely psychic and Bruja Lady Dee with Bloody Mary at the New Orleans Haunted Museum. We are proud to set up the Franks Box collection with a special corner “Under the Moon” and cabinet of ITC communication. This will feature the very first Ghost Box ever created by Frank himself! Come see the Master Chris Moon manipulate the boxes and hear his technicians (Guides) speak to us in this ghost talk and How-to Ghost Box sessions at 7:30- 9:30pm $55

My Voodoo Paranormal arsenal needed some new spice and I am slowly getting wooed by the electronics. I still believe that you are your best paranormal instrument but as long  s you are not totally engulfed in wires and strip down once in a while to your own psychic and empathic inner wiring with its intuitive connections , then I am all all for it !” explains Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary.

Make sure to stay and reserve for the Bloody Mary Midnight Ghost hunt w Chris moon and Lady Dee as special Guest ghost hunters too (11pm-1am)  October 13  or call for reservations 504-915-7774

remember to reserve private readings with them as well

Franks box talksBook Special psychic readings

w our featured Traveling Psychics

Electronic Medium Chris Moon

or Bruja Lady Dee

October 13th , 2018 Call for appointment

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