Halloween Season Special Events


All aboard! Jump on this dynamic 2018 Halloween season spirit trail with Bloody Mary Halloween Season events, Book Now for we start in September and go till November.  Come to our New Orleans Haunted Museum Events, even travel to Los Angeles with us for the early days of October & then back home again for all month longs extravaganzas!. Reserve early so we have space for you , even reserve for the free events too. So some of our Halloween 2018 events are free and some of them are pay but partial proceed of all go to NFP charities. So tours, classes ghost hunts, parties and more all all extravaganzas and have a little lagniappe waiting for ya!

Everyday is Halloween in New Orleans and native born Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary shows you why! Bloody Mary New Orleans is an author, a priestess, a dynamic tour company, mystic institute, Haunted Museum and Le spirit shop with 25 years of  professional experience with the spirit world of New Orleans and a lifetime of supernatural background. She invented Voodoo paranormal and takes you into her world though hands on Bloody Mary’s tours, workshops,  classes, rituals, parties , ghost hunts and events

Get ready for the Most Haunted doll contest too

Does she rate to join Creepy doll Halloween tea party- can yours win? Is yours really the most haunted. The winner gets prizes and a showing in the Haunted Museum. Stay tuned for further details!


Fundraising efforts with Bloody Mary Special events

Bloody Mary New Orleans gives all year long to NFP charities and we hope you come to put events but you can give all on your own too. We give to New Orleans Justice center to help prevent domestic violence- take a look and join in hereBloody Mary Tours EventsWe add monies to cemetery restoration by donating direct and are a Friends of New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries, and so can you .

We also always help Veterans with their families Holiday food funds for decades and help the local VA halls themselves . We give to the Shriners Children’s hospital Plus always do help toBloody Mary Halloween special event fundraisers save the Swamps though the Bucket brigade

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