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Bloody Mary NOLA Voodoo Queen and Curator of Haunted Museum NOLA Joins Justice Howard’s “Fierce As Fuck” Radio Hour LIVE by Renagade Radio

Do you believe? There has always been controversy surrounding communicating with the spirit world . There will alway be controversy  surrounding the Voodoo world as well. When you listen here in on this radio show you can get some clarification on both these subjects direct from the source, Bloody Mary from inside the box of Haunted Museum NOLA! Subjects covered include the true horrors of Katrina and the spirit impact still reverberating through the dimensions in the here and now New Orleans; see how you can help #reclaim the Matriarch with her upcoming  Free fest and non-profits benefiting from some of the proceeds; get some info on  their newly released  book  Voodoo : Conjure and Sacrifice by Schiffer Publishing & info the 2 book launch parties one in NOLA June 22 and one  in LA Oct 5; Plus touch on some of the Misconceptions of Hollywood on Voodoo here and learn so much more when you attend symposiums, tours when you come to Haunted Museum NOLA or watch Bloody Mary NOLA on the road tour circuit or even through her You Tube channel.

Bloody Mary NOLA Swamp magic Nola festListen now:

We hope you can gleam some inside info on how we can all work to help unite together in a cooperation with the flesh and spirit worlds. As a strong advocate for spirit rights Bloody Mary and her Haunted Museum NOLA hope to preserve, record and continue to try to communicate with the spirit worlds with you , in hands-on, respectful, cross-cultural and spiritual methods.  She teaches through her own method that she calls Voodoo paranormal: a healthy mix of old school and new school paranormal communication plus prayer, ceremony, music, magic and all that jazz. Bloody Mary speaks in this interview from a lifetime of experience and study from relationships with the spirit world through Seance, OBE’s,  ghost hunts, tours, classes and psychic readings that she’s lived with her whole life plus from her full time teaching methods and tour company for the past 25 years.and counting. This is the tricentennial of New Orleans and Bloody Mary’s 300 year old bloodline birthday in New Orleans as well. Listen in and join Bloody Mary NOLA

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