American Horror Story Duel of Truth: Laveau vs Lalaurie 3/25 Haunted Museum

/American Horror Story Duel of Truth: Laveau vs Lalaurie 3/25 Haunted Museum

American Horror Story Duel of Truth: Laveau vs Lalaurie 3/25 Haunted Museum

American horror story duel of truth bloody mary haunted museum                      You are challenged to a duel! American horror story duel of truth bloody mary haunted museum

Come to the Bloody Mary Salon de la ” Truth behind American Horror Story ” at the New Orleans Haunted Msueum. Join two famous authors: Carolyn Morrow Long and Bloody Mary judging and conducting a Laveau | Lalaurie versus the truth debate! ” We defend the honor of our two spirit first ladies.” Bloody Mary states, “and we are honored to have our special guest and biographer Carolyn Long to participate in this duel with me and, well, Hollywood. LOL. “Laveau vs Lalurie american horror store duel of truth at haunted museum free event 3./25Laveau vs Lalaurie american horror story duel of truth free event New Orleans Haunted musuem w bloody Mary and Carolyn LongMeet the real New Orleans historic and spiritual Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and duel the dark side of Madame Delphine Lalaurie at the same time.  Come hear some truths and mistruths behind the legends and legend lies of these two historic and spirited women alongside these 2 living legends channelling their stories!

You are invited to this March free event 1pm -3pm March 25 at the Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted Museum in the French Quarter for intellectual Book signings and Banter about the truth behind American Horror Story

Laveau vs Lalaurie duel of truth at haunted museum with author Carolyn Long and Bloody Mary in New Orleans 3/28Carolyn Long historic author of ” A New Orleans Voudou Priestess: The Legend and Reality of Marie Laveau, and Madame Lalaurie, Mistress of the Haunted House AND Bloody Mary – Local celebrity author of “Hauntings Horrors and Dancing with the dead ” 2016, Paranormal Bluebooks 2012 and Voodoo: Conjure and Sacrifice coming June 2018.

Carolyn Long also wrote series of articles about New Orleans and  American horror story  that we will certainly explore and Bloody Mary actually talks every night on her infamous tours about this subject and shares behind the scenes info from inside the set during the actual filming of season 3: Coven of American Horror story in New Orleans. Bloody Mary and her own coven were called in onsite. Now coven is not the right word for her Voodoo Krewe since Bloody Mary is not a witch. As New Orleans Voodoo Queen and Haitian Voodoo Mambo the Voodoo troop is more commonly know as a Voodoo house,  but is has a similar meaning as this witchcraft coven word- either way these two ladies have a hell of a lot of things to share!

Come join us at this “Salon de New Orleans” for a bit of  Voodoo Paranormal and New Orleans Spirit world talks. Try a sampling of the Mystic arts provided through the Haunted museum’s Psychic, Spiritual, Intellectual & Supernatural Voodoo Academie’ in the Mystic Institute portion of our Museum. Le Salon is mostly a magical, historical, and supernatural theory and practice banter! 

American Horror story duel of truth at new orleans haunted museum

We have a monthly free Salon, private and public pay classes, workshops and full Event Nights at the Museum -even private pop up para-parties to go. Come try A Sampling of Mystic Arts: Spiritual, Supernatural and Intellectual with Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted Museum 828 N. Rampart St. NOLA




Its free but we want a good head count so click here

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