Seance at Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted Museum

Seance Sundays

Mental mediumship meets physical mediumship round the table as 13 gather, holding hands Victorian style to connect with house spirits, spirit guides, your friends and family, great leaders or wayward hitchhikers. Come Contact the Source and get to the heart of the matter-the SPIRIT source. Our talented Mediums await you at group table for our collective psychic connection work to commence at the public Bloody Mary New Orleans Seance Sundays.

Seance Parlor at New Orleans Haunted Musuem

Bloody Mary has collected  a wonderful group of in house mediums and mystics, traveling experts and YOU to all connect with her and the other side in house for Seance Sundays in the Seance Parlor at the Haunted Museum & Mystic Institute or appointment every day and night. Check our special events for alternative haunted “Night at Museum”  psychic paranormal parties and of course our fabulous ghost hunting options!

Psychic Suite at New Orleans Haunted Museum

Psychic Suite and small classroom in Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted Museum and Mystic Institute for your Psychic Spa’Day

“I am so proud that my Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted Museum and Mystic Institute is now known in the industry as the Hot spot  ‘where New Orleans best intuitives and psychics gather’ and also the best spot for traveling headliner Mediums and mystic adepts come to set up shop in our upper Psychic Spa suite.” shares Curator Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary.

Many people today may only know of mediums from the TV TLC show Long Island Medium. They also need to know that Some of that reality show is reality, other parts are staged by the editors for showmanship benefit. I am not at all doubting the star Theresa’s psychic abilities, it is just knowledge that most scenes are set-up in scripting. This is knowledge Bloody Mary knows from inside the box for she is on  hundreds of reality shows and strives to keep it real but has also been a victim of Frankenbites and unethical editing.  This may be annoying  but an even more important part of what is missing is the psychic and paranormal reality hiding on that editing room floor.

Hollywood makes everything appear to be so presto- instant- Wallah! Mediums should do their psychic warm ups, their work-outs and their cool downs toobut the most important thing is Grounding – in  your own physical world. The Medium and their own human relationships need to ground so they do not suffer unnecessarily. Most psychics have regular lives with families, bills and their fair share of stress. A Mediums psychic abilities do not always let them see what life has in store for them personally. Occasionally the spirits might be sending  direct messages but the medium clears their field to connect and ground. Many Mediums have sleepless nights and distracted thoughts, direct visions and the like, as the reenacted series “Medium” with Patricia Arquette illustrated. Since the spirits do not always hold to your office hours it is the Medium’s job to set boundaries and to “ground” in the physical realm to set the tone for these spirit-human relationships to flourish. If you don’t take the bulls by the horns and figure out how to balance it all, and set boundaries the “others” could take over completely. Sometimes the spirits help us and many times we help them but it should be a two way street since we are responsible to each other.Continued education is also an important part of the behind the scenes work. We offer some training within our tours and events as well as full blown workshops amd remind you that you never stop learning form the spirits and out friends in the flesh on this side.

Mediums should do their psychic warm ups, their work-outs and their cool downs too. Continued education is an important part of their behind the scenes work but the most important thing is Grounding – in  your own physical world.

Spirit encounters can happen anywhere. in grocery stores as well as in haunted houses or round that seance table with a crystal ball honing them in.  No matter what Hollywood may do in modern day it is that classic style image of afterlife communication with a Victorian visual of a Seance that sticks in our head: sitting around a round table holding hands, table tipping and summoning spirits near who ready and waiting for you to call. This tried and true method is still as much of a valid way of connecting with the other side today as it was historically in the old Spiritualist movement days. We chose this style at our New Orleans Seance Sundays in our Seance parlor to remember the past  bt inviting them to come here in familiar setting to the present. New Orleans was a heavy player in the Spiritualist movement and the leaders from then are listening now, so we honor them all in the New Orleans Haunted Museum in the French Quarter.

When group minds collect together to connect with our guides and our loved ones it is still a wonderful way to contact the other side. The spirits themselves are very familiar with this method. (its up to the phantoms on how and when they show)  Since this Particular current Seance Sundays series has started in the New Orleans Haunted Museum there has been an increase in ethereal participants knocking on the door, whispering from beyond, opening and closing doors, touching us, tossing tiny apports and showing anomalies here and there throughout our sessions. We are now marketing this event to like minded people to invite the  public to participate in 2018. “Whether Spirtism, Spiritualism, Voodoo or paranormal investigation is your preferred tag we add all the old school psychic connections as an utmost important element in our studies” states Priestess Bloody Mary, spirit guide and head facilitator Medium at the Haunted Museum and Mystic Institute. We have incredible on staff psychics and host some of the country’s top   traveling mediums too. but Bloody Mary & her wonderful team of psychic mediums all take their turns to participate and join us so you please come join us…

“Whether Spirtism, Spiritualism, Voodoo or Paranormal investigation is your preferred tag we add all the old school psychic connections as an utmost important element in our studies”

Chris Moon Ghost Box Sessions

seanae sundays at New Orleans Haunted Museum

Haunted Museum Mediums Bloody Mary & Juliet

The true field of parapsychology considers mediumship as a more accurate spirit connection method in ghost hunting than most of the gadgets modern paranormal investigations use today, and we use all of the above. Sometimes we use ITC communication and even celebrity ghost box sessions alongside with our ghost hunts and Victorian style seances for we mingle old school and new.  We set up this paranormal glamour atmosphere of yesteryear here at the Haunted museum & Mystic Institute and  privately in our Spirit Realm at 2 different locations for your personal paranormal and mediumship needs. We also travel with our wares to your haunted house or psychic party too. You can come to us for smaller groups and choose between one of several documented haunted locations where we do readings, ITC sessions and Seance for over 2 decades.

Remember Our Seance Psychic Medium and shamanic workings can also be one on one just to contact specific loved ones, house ghosts etc…Private group prices vary and depend on availability please call 504-915-7774 Call to plan this version
We would prefer a separate room for serious connections but will also set up in middle of your event.

Join Seance Sundays

Victorian Style Public Seance Sundays $ 66ea 13 people gather 13 strangers reserve to join us, + our mediums.

Maximum participants 13, 1.5 hours total Sunday 6:00 pm till 7:30 pm + and some special full moon and holiday Seances too. This also includes the tour of the Haunted Museum and a Q & A meet and greet


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