Mystic Stones and Bones: Crystal healing power

/Mystic Stones and Bones: Crystal healing power

Mystic Stones and Bones: Crystal healing power

Mystic Stones and Bones Magic Apothecary:

All Mystic Stones and Bones deserve a proper meet and greet. Animal bones, air, fire, water and stone bones all tell a tale and help guide us in life if we listen. There are tried an true properties of all these bones and stones to study. We need to nurture them and find our personal connections and unlock their bone healing power.

A southern hoodoo and voodoo divination is throwin’ the bones, casting of mainly animal bones, as a form of sortilege psychic reading  Bloody Mary and Shaman Andi Wadsworth learned from the elders for this form of divination but there is an important earth magic that can add into that mix too.

Crystals are the bones of the earth so it is important to examine them one by one and see how and if they fit into your life and your personal apothecary

Bloody Mary New OlrenasSo Come throw some Mystic Stones and Bones magic with Shaman Andi Wadsworth and Bloody Mary New Orleans at Haunted Museum and Mystic institute and unlock hidden Healing powers . Remember that many animistic beliefs consider rocks and stones to be “inorganic beings”.psychic voodoo

We have decided on a series of workshops and would like to introduce the fist class the public up Monday Feb 19 at 5:30pm on:

This is certainly a Power, Protection and transmutation stone all rolled into one and absolutely imperative to your arsenal!
We will Work it, Wear it, charge it- its pyroelectric! Remember terrible is also as in “awe-some” so we use the word in this way here.

Come Meet Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary and Crystal Shaman Andi Wadsworth for a specialty psychic protection seminar and a magic look into bones and stones.
Tourmaline is our number 1 stone to explore in this series of earth magic- Remember stones are the bones of the earth
Blessing ritual and psychic connect exercises as well as lecture, meet and greet and Q & A
Class 1 Monday Feb. 19th 5:30pm $22ea ( or by private appointment)\
More stones and bones to follow check calendar and Facebook

A Special  tribute to Marie- Mama chicken in our picture for her living bones – a frizzly chicken is also for protection too!

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