Pet Psychic for Man or Beast, Living or Dead…

/Pet Psychic for Man or Beast, Living or Dead…

Pet Psychic for Man or Beast, Living or Dead…

Revel at our Pet Psychic Sundays Kick off party and watch the Mardi Gras Barkus Dog Parade with us at Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted Museum and Mystic Institute at 828 N. Rampart Street2pm- 5pm 2/04. This Fun and Free Event Celebrates our FIRST “Walk-up Pet Psychic Sundays” Bring your Feather and fur familiars (skin and scales welcome too)  Come kick off this new psychic sensation venture at our Mystic institute in the Psychic spa suite for Man or beast with the fabulous Barkus Parade!

Pet Psychic Sunday -Meet and greet all of our great Psychic Mediums -your best spirit guides in New Orleans!

Premiering Our own In house Pet Psychic Sister Gina .Pet Psychic Mambo Gina

Meet Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary

Organic dog cookies available till they run out!

Enjoy refreshments and share knowledge 

Hear some psychic tips how-to’s to take home
Courtyard lectures throughout the day.
Bring pictures of your deceased pets to put on our pet spirit altar area for our Familiar Pet Spirit blessing at end of event!

“Our loving pet spirits are always with us. Let us message your living & dead Loved ones”

We do Psychic connect with your pet and find your animal totem guide too! Come visit the pet psychic to find out your pet relationship needs. Also Let us find out your prominent totem animal spirit guide. Walk-in first come first serve Pet psychic Sundays or call for appointment  7 days.
 Private Psychic healing room in the upper psychic spa or our Fabulous courtyard
Intro local sale special 30 min $60 normal price $75
(w passcode BARKUS & Louisiana ID)
Animal Reiki also available! Meet at Haunted museum psychic Spa suite or Remotely by phone also available
discount w Louisiana ID trough March
1 hour $125 normal price $175
Folk Magic Festival
Also remember our mediumship, spiritism, co channeling and spiritual energy healing sessions are also for you humans too. We have offer seance, ghost hunts, classes and full psychic spa services by appointment. Come meet all of our talented ladies for a taste today! please join and like Bloody Mary haunted museum facebook  to keep updated on all events
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