Exciting Grand Opening September 9, 2017 for the Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted Museum!

Come toast the ghosts at the New Orleans Haunted Museum Grand opening 09/09

Experience the rebirth of our 200 year-old creole cottage at 826 North Rampart Street. Celebrate the Haunted Museum grand opening with Bloody Mary’s newest paranormal attraction, dedicated directly to the spirits of New Orleans, 3-9 PM  09/09

Bloody Mary New Orleans presents: The Haunted Museum, Mystic Institute & Voodoo Pharmacy. The Haunted Museum grand opening party is Saturday September 9th at 826 and 828 North Rampart, 3 till 9 PM. Local celebrity, author and spirit Mother, Bloody Mary has rebuilt her Museum from a 2016 fire, all while trying to balance upgrading to code with historic preservation, and keeping the house spirits happy in the process.

“It’s an arduous task to balance spirits’ rights and wrongs with renovation in the first place but with ever-changing building codes and the resident spirits of our murder-suicide couple coming through on the ten year anniversary of their demise in the mix I knew something big was in the brew! Normally renovation brings spirits out of the woodwork but this case was way more than the norm. Then add in my Personal haunted collection and “BAM!” 

Priestess Miriam’s previous Voodoo Spiritual temple in this location moved further down N. Rampart after the fire,  and 826 & 828 North Rampart laid vacant for some time. Bloody Mary answered the spirits’ call in this location October 5th 2016.  Synchronistically this happened to be the anniversary of the infamous Zach and Addie murder-suicide that had taken New Orleans by storm a year after Hurricane Katrina. The couple are considered by Bloody Mary, and many others, as the last Katrina victims: it is the tragic tale of a young couple who rode out the storm and swallowed most of its darkness and it was just too much for them. They are a part of the very fiber of this building but they are not the only spirits within…

The Haunted Museum has its Hall of altars and houses a tribute to all of our deceased Katrina heroes, a pet altar, lost children Cairn, lost loved ones , swamp magic wall and Voodoo Altars all throughout. peruse the Hall of fame: Ghosts of Louisiana and the Ghost Photo Gallery in the Seance parlor. They too are invited to the Haunted Museum Grand Opening party.

 “New Orleans is considered the most haunted city in America and Bloody Mary has dedicated The Haunted Museum to the supernatural history and memory of them all.”

Food, drink, music, supernatural events, book signings, lectures, seance and much more await at this preview, plus a special voodoo ritual dedication at dusk! Come see a rotating array of haunted objects from many New Orleans haunted places and Bloody Mary’s solid supernatural permanent collection too. She opens her Haunted Museum and invites you to come join the party as she dedicates it directly to the spirits of New Orleans where her family has been since 1718.

Bloody Mary opened Americas first ghost photo gallery and Spirit Parlor in 1999 in the French Quarter, which closed by Katrina and now 12 year later the final evolution has arrived at her Haunted Museum! Join ua.

Bloody Mary Haunted Museum, Tours & Ghost Hunts

Experience a Supernatural History Museum, Mystic Institute, Paranormal Investigation Agency, Seance Parlor, Psychic suites, Spiritual Services and join with in on the famous Bloody Mary Tours, Workshops and dabble in a hands-on Voodoo Pharmacy.

“From our trance dance religion of New Orleans Voodoo through the Spiritualist Movement’s Séance Sensation all the way to the paranormal phenomenon of modern day, New Orleans has always been a big player in the supernatural worlds. Tales of the supernatural in the Crescent City stretch back over the centuries. New Orleans is an enigmatic place where Voodoo, Hoodoo, Shamanism, Swamp Magic, Spiritualism and Catholicism blend at a crossroads of spiritual power. New Orleans has been called the most haunted city in America long before the paranormal became as popular as it is today. Come visit and see how and how to… ” – Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary New Orleans Voodoo Pharmacy & Spirit Shop

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Voodoo Queen Marie Lavaeu . Mambo Marie, Priestess Bloodyu Mary Voodoo Queen New Orleans

Mystic Institute & Psychic Suite Spiritual services, classes & group meetings

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