Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau is still alive in New Orleans

Voodoo Queen Marie Lavaeu

“We all knew since childhood that visiting the tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau  to make a wish was the place to go. We knew to sign with a brick-chalk crossroads X, to bring pennies and gifts .We knew that she would help. This is something I have known my whole life!” states Bloody Mary who is  Creole New Orleanian with a bloodline from 1718.Bloody Mary In the graveyard

Hard cover books recorded this practice since as early as the 1920’s and everyone’s grandma passed down these traditions since even earlier than that. Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary follows and teaches the  New Orleans Voodoo Marie Laveau traditions to this day and escorts visitors to her tomb.

But we still need to ask, who was Marie Laveau?

“Her tomb, her life, and her afterlife haunt New Orleans throughout the ages in whispers and hushed tones in times of trouble and through troubadours by broad daylight telling her tales.

Bloody Mary reminds us in Hauntings Horrors and dancing with the dead that:

“For eighty years on this earth Marie Laveau’s spirit raged on in the insurmountable odds of the real world of nineteenth-century New Orleans. Her spirit is venerated and will continue to permeate New Orleans, as will the controversies about her life and her tomb. In the special case of Marie’s legendary growth both before and after her physical death she has reached beyond the limits of just New Orleans.  She is known the world over and is called on as the Popess of Voodoo.  Add in the sheer number of people who visit her tomb, evoke her spirit, willingly or not, she, is the number one spirit called upon in North America outside the confines of the church.”

But did you know The legends still grow about Marie and when you add in recreated folklore from the web, or fakelore, suddenly Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau is consorting with zombies or becomes a stealthy baby-snatching, murderess as in American Horror story and the confusions about Marie compound in exponential proportions.

Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau is still alive in New OrleansMarie Laveau mural Under the Claiborne bridge

Let’s go back a bit to enjoy some of the actual local legends from New Orleans for about the past 150 years about Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau :

“Her love spells were so wondrous that a rich client gifted her a cottage (on St, Anne Street) in gratitude. She led rituals there and in Congo Square. Those Voodoo orgies, especially on St. John’s Eve, were legendary displays of debauchery. The courts, judges, and policemen were all under Marie’s control. She stopped public executions by evoking a storm. She was an angel of mercy and a mercy killer to the condemned, depending on the case. Her regular job as a hairdresser, a ruse, was just one way to get all the info that she desired (and the hair too!)  She was updated by a slithering contortion of spies winding in an out of the rich homes who sold her their secrets to enchant all to believe that she could read your mind. She would even put spells on people just so they would come to her and have them removed, she did anything to turn a buck, her daughters grew to look just like her and they finally continued her reign granting her the glamour of illusion of eternal youth. She died in a storm on the lake on her big day of St. John’s, when she called on the debbil in the form of a snake. She had a big funeral with the who’s who in attendance, then her remains were buried and reburied again in at least four different cemeteries, particularly St Louis No. 1, here she still answers requests, grants wishes, heals ya, makes ya rich and makes ya cry.  She was and is forever Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau ” according to Bloody Mary’s guide to Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing with the Dead Weiser 2016.

Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau (Marie Catherine) 1801- 1881

“Would the exotic nature and devil-may-care attitude of New Orleans Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau be as compelling if she hadn’t danced naked with a snake at the lake on St. John’s Eve? It probably would not, but she probably also did not.

If Marie Laveau ever went ‘skyclad’ at her private rituals or while she concocted her gris-gris and stuffed her rag dolls, no one living really knows  but it is highly doubtful. But we do know that: “they danced naked in their little chemises.” This overused quote on descriptions of Congo square rituals by onlookers is an oft repeated one but one wonders …Were they naked or in little chemises?

And what about the drunken orgies that they say? She say, hearsay– No way!  These orgies were more Bacchanalian than Caligulian, in older definitions anyway. And I do not think that the drinking part is anything new in New Orleans.

Marie Laveau was a Mother, a wife, a healer & a one time a hairdresser.

People dwell way to much on that short-lived hairdresser occupation as her source for power and inside info, but that job was in her young years, pre-voodoo… {the hush money for her secrets or}  blackmail angle was fueled by jealousy thrown by those weaker than she; there are still those who talk trash about those with true power.

Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau had two husbands and many children. They say she had a lot of lovers too. So she did have her power and some sex appeal as she was certainly a well rounded woman.

She died at home in her bed, on the hottest day of the year in the house that she was born in on St. Anne Street that she got from her grandma. Her demise was Not as glitzy as dying in a storm in the lake like they said, but a humble death followed by a well attended church funeral. The New York Times even printed her Obituary.The fact that these free women of color owned property in the 1900’s is the more unbelievable part! Six other generations of Laveau’s were born and died in that same cottage too.  She outlived all of her daughters except one ‘Marie Philomene Glapion’ , That last direct lineage has nearly died out. A recent pair of sisters,  who would rather remain anonymous according to biographer Carolyn Long are the last living direct descendants. The local surnames Laveau and Glapion are not direct lineage from Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.

The creative pen of many male authors in the early 20th century took a certain slant to Marie and rolled with it. Through Marie they exposed all the shocking scandal that they could dig up or make up on the superstitious uncivilized behavior sizzling in the middle of New Orleans – known as voodoo. They were afraid of it, just a little, but arrogant and racist enough to feel superior enough to rewrite as they pleased. They were certainly sexist enough to undress Marie against her will and redress her as they pleased.  So perhaps it is true that every generation and sex has redressed her  a little, but let’s try with some truth and beauty. Legends grow to superhuman and strength or degraded into the dark- Marie’ s managed to do a little of both.

Photographer Justice Howard’s  Marie Laveau just literally stripped her so she truly has nothing to hide. In Voodoo : Conjure and Sacrifice , writings by Bloody Mary Schiffer Press 2018  she is totally exposed, strong, free and beautiful.

Bloody Mary reminds us, “To pull the real Marie Laveau out of the pages of time is an arduous task whether she be sky-clad, loin cloth covered with sea shell brassieres or the plain blue calico dress with lace up shoes as described by those who knew her…

Marie Laveau's Tomb St. Louis Cemetery 1

Come with Bloody Mary New Orleans on Voodoo cemetery tour to visit Voodoo Queen Marie Laveaus tomb

So who was Marie Laveau?

Mamma, mambo, mamaloi, spiritual mother, voodoo queen, witch-doctor, traiteur, priestess, wife or lover, witch or nurse, black or white, sinner or saint? Yup, yes she was, in fact she is 

“Marie Laveau spirit sightings are reported at her tomb shrine and all around town. People still come to Marie’s hometown in search of. They come to New Orleans to tap the root, and take the power that our mother river so freely pours. But you better stay on her good side. Marie did. Many do. I do. Marie holds the candle that leads the way for all those seeking magic to flock here to New Orleans. Salute her or she may burn you with the same.”

Bloody Mary copyright  July 2017

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