Nick, Katrina & Bloody Mary New Orleans 2/17 episode from TLC Paranormal Lockdown shoot at #HauntedmuseumNOLA aka Ramoart Street Murder House

Bloody Mary Paranormal Lockdown new New Orleans Haunted Museum location episode airs Feb 17 on TLC with Nick and Katrina!

Watch TLC’s Bloody Mary Paranormal Lockdown episode aired on Friday, February 17th- first look into  New Orleans Haunted Museum. Check back here to get updates on the hauntings of this Lockdown location on and Be there to see New Orleans Haunted Museum investigation with Bloody Mary Paranormal Lockdown from TLC  Friday February 17!

This New Orleans Haunted Museum & Mystic Institute opened Sept 2018, inside what TLC dubbed “The Rampart Street Murder House” of Zach & Addie. They are not the only ghosts inside either! Bloody Mary is an author,  tv celebrity , ghost hunter and Voodoo Mambo who works as a psychopomp and provides spirit counsel for the living and the dead. She listens to the Spirit world and teaches you how-to too! Come join us in New Orleans.

“Spirits come and go and communicate at various levels in their stages of development. They can still do work, karmic work, in the “interlife. I try to help,” explains Bloody Mary. “I believe they try to help us too.”

Remember to join me for Bloody Mary tours or a Ghost hunt now and I will show you the otherside of New Orleans.

Bloody Mary Paranormal Lockdown New Orleans Haunted Museum