Bloody Mary loves to share her passion about her New Orleans haunted hometown every single day. ‘To share my city’s secrets with like minded visitors who really want to know the inside story like NBC’s 1st Look Ashley Roberts is even more of a delight.”

You can almost describe Ashley as shy and despite her quiet beauty and international fame you couldn’t peg any preconceived TV Celeb conceit on her; there is just too much grace. Bloody Mary with Ashley on NBC's She was highly interested in all aspects of New Orleans, even the paranormal parts and Bloody Mary’s own methods of Voodoo Paranormal didn’t scare her in the least (and it shouldn’t have).Voodoo Queen and author Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted

“I have taught methods of spirit communication and spirits rights through Voodoo Paranormal in my New Orleans Haunted hometown for over 2o years combining old school paranormal techniques with new school. You might say I teach a Spiritualist’s mindset, a medium’s second sight and Voodoo roots all with a strong base of New Orleans pride.”

Bloody Mary took Ashley to a few recognizable, local, historic spots but also shared some little known tidbits tucked away in the corners. The two ladies traveled though Jackson square and the nearby favorite New Orleans haunted restaurant Muriel’s  plus a few other behind the scenes haunted places from Bloody Mary’s book Haunting Horrors and Dancing with the Dead.

You’ll want to stay tuned in Saturday night Feb 11th right after SNL and watch 1st Look for a mini Bloody Marys Tour and go inside the Voodoo Queens favorite restaurant which is also her favorite haunted restaurant too: Muriel’s at Jackson square. Even though 1st Look only had a quick look inside Muriel’s they did conjure up a bit of spirit acknowledgment.Muriel's Historic Restaurant on 1st look with Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted

“I’ve had over a decade of Muriel’s fabulous food and spirits (both kinds). I hold haunted dinner parties, paranormal investigations and many Voodoo weddings within their brilliantly decorated walls. I love their spirits and they know me well” admits Bloody Mary.

Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan was the 19th century previous owner of the 801 Chartres street address and resident ghost within is the star spirit, “I call him the ghost host.” He is served fresh wine and bread nightly at a special table set up to honor him. (See they do it right.)Bloody Mary New Orleans Haunted Ghost Table at Muriel's

“The dead are hungry and the dead are thirsty.” according a Bloody Mary’s mantra “So, feed them. They enjoy the things they liked in life and need the energy too.”

According to our ghost hunting author and Voodoo Queen spirit guide Bloody Mary: “Antoine lived and died there along with many other spirit residents; there are also the children, a suffragette,  some slaves, many Sicilians who owned and worked in the building for a hundred years and a few wanderers too.”

You must come take a New Orleans haunted  Bloody Mary’s tour, join a ghost hunt and visit Bloody Mary’s NEW Haunted Museum (come April)  but also remember to have a fabulous meal at Muriel’s and save room for dessert. They have bread pudding to die for, literally. LOL”

You can see this episode of 1st look on their website in its entirety after it airs on Feb 11th.

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