Carrie Fisher Spirit force appears at New Orleans Comic Con

/Carrie Fisher Spirit force appears at New Orleans Comic Con

Carrie Fisher Spirit force appears at New Orleans Comic Con

May the force be with you Carrie Fisher, wherever you are!

Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary, on her way to the paranormal forum for her guest appearance at Comic Con, stopped to pay tribute and ritually salute the recently deceased Carrie Fisher at her memorial poster at the New Orleans Convention Center on the famous 12th night, January 6, 2017.

Bloody Mary was booked at  the New Orleans convention center with the famous guy, Aaron Sagers, exploring the roots of her haunted hometown NOLA in a panel called “Paranormal City: New Orleans.”  At this same event, Carrie Fisher was scheduled to sign her autographs at for her special personal appearance. In a bizarre twist of fate it ended up being Bloody Mary who signed her autograph to Carrie Fisher. Bloody Mary’s Voodoo blessings sit as epitaph alongside hundreds of fans signatures of mourning and bon voyage.

Bloody Mary New OlrenasNew Orleans Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary spiritually opened the gates, gave an offering and stepped back to take a picture and Wallah! A few spirit orbs danced their way in.

“I knew Carrie would show, one way or the other, after all she was contracted to appear in New Orleans to publicize her upcoming Star Wars role which was Princess Leia’s last stand, so to speak. Be assured that Carrie Fisher will  have her own premier screening in another dimension and be the star of it, but she also popped in to Comic Con 2017 to meet us and greet at The humble Wizard world comic con in New Orleans for several minutes.”  

Blinking spirit orbs can be seen with the naked eye, but since most of you weren’t there at the time, Bloody Mary has at least one closeup of orb on the famous Princes Leia’s hair to keep as a memento right here!

Bloody Mary New Orleans comic con Carrie Fisher memorial anomalous orb photo

We will sadly miss the force known as Carrie Fisher, the actress who was everyones favorite Princess Leia and my favorite psychotic girlfriend of John Belushi in the Blues Brothers, plus many other entertaining roles. Carrie was quickly followed on the after-stage by her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds. Mirrored in the earthly plane where Carrie followed in her mother’s footsteps . Debbie took her final curtain call just one day after Carrie and joined her daughter on the other side. Debbie was reported to have said ” I want to be with Carrie.” May they dance together and make the other side shine a little brighter as this dynamic duet take their continuing curtain calls on the other side.

Farewell and we shall see you both shining through on the silver screen where you have left your legacies; and also see you here and there, perhaps. 

Carrie Fisher:

 Born: October 21, 1956, Beverly Hills, CA Died: December 27, 2016, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

Debbie Reynolds:

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