Join TLC’s  Paranormal Lockdown in Shrewsbury Prison just in time for Christmas!

Bloody Mary summons you to snuggle close together and start your Christmas weekend with a Paranormal Lockdown to make the spirits bright! Settle in for a good ghost hunt with Nick and Katrina on TLC’s  Paranormal Lockdown Friday Dec. 23, 9pm eastern . I already heard some secrets about what went on in Shrewsbury Prison in advance, but you will have to wait and see a for yourself this Friday December 23rd . I just shot a episode in New Orleans with them and I was lucky to get a sneak preview of some of their experiences and personally cant wait to see this episode in particular.

These two very sincere investigators are THE team to follow this year. They put themselves through some very real and harrowing situations in this second season to bring you the paranormal evidence.  Paranormal Lockdown is just growing stronger,  bringing you new equipment , new locations and even broadcasting on new channel but it needs you there with them (and me:))

Join TLC, Nick and Katrina for the start of your Christmas Weekend and make the spirits bright!

Stay Tuned for Bloody Mary will appear in this coming season 2 of Paranormal Lockdown very  soon. She is watching each an every episode along the way! Our New Orleans  lockdown is still secret but  if you come visit Bloody Marys tours in New Orleans I just might take you there in person on an exclusive ghost hunt . In the meantime watch season 2 Paranormal Lockdown not On TLC every Friday 9 pm eastern 8pm central.


Bloody Mary New Orleans recommends Paranormal Lockdown


Remember this Friday help make the spirits bright and watch Paranormal lockdown in Shrewsbury prison on TLC and say Hi to my friends Nick and Katrina!

This Christmas also remember to watch closely for your own Christmas Spirits; they gather round the old Yule log more readily when their whole families gather  together! Merry Christmas from the Bloody Mary New Orleans Family

Merry Christmas from Bloody Mary's Tours