Bloody Mary’s Haunted Book : Old School Paranormal Vs New School

/Bloody Mary’s Haunted Book : Old School Paranormal Vs New School

Bloody Mary’s Haunted Book : Old School Paranormal Vs New School

Is it possible for a Haunted Book to exist?

Bloody Mary’s “Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing with the Dead” is purportedly just that haunted book! Her haunted book illustrates an organic psychic investigators approach to living within the supernatural worlds which Bloody Mary calls Voodoo Paranormal.

Can a book be haunted ? It seems so! How? Perhaps Bloody Mary’s Voodoo paranormal investigative approach which preaches a balance of old school paranormal with the new that activated it. Perhaps it is her tonalities and storytelling verse that awakens them. Maybe it’s because this haunted book is based in the very haunted city of New Orleans, but more likely it’s because of the choice of the spirits themselves or…

Many people who have read my book send their paranormal reportings to me: “Things started to move around in my room while reading,” “Shadows ran though my house that my husband  and I witnessed,” “There was disembodied  laughter” and “I heard sobs” all during different parts of the book. Many others felt the spirits and some were physically touched. Others simply felt the familiar cold spots. Peripheral visuals were frequent especially when reading from the chapter about the children’s spirits who literally manifested.Bloody Marys Haunted book reading at her supernatural symposium 2016

In Bloody Mary’s Voodoo Paranormal approach there is an attempt to balance both worlds: to blend old school and new. She teaches this method using her own yin-yang, organic style marrying spiritualist, magical, shamanic, psychic, voodoo paranormal and science. She teaches her methods and provides supernatural symposiums internationally.

Recently, Bloody Mary has solicited the help of the modern Geobox by George Brown as well as old Ham radios plus the spiritualists old trumpets, bells and whistles to see how they fare in the paranormal experimentation game of today (they do indeed fare well).

Many ghost hunters out there run for any new gadget that includes paranormal in their title, but some are more creative. Enter the Microsoft Kinect.

According to the article by Alexa Ray Corriea on Oct 30, 2014  at

“Polygon contacted Microsoft to find out how the company views its hardware being put to such a purpose. Microsoft declined to comment.   …

…Paranormal groups like the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association — a team that has taken on dozens of documented cases — take a scientific approach to their investigations. These teams commonly use video and night-vision cameras to record any unexplained physical activity and digital voice recorders to capture “electronic voice phenomenon,” or EVPs (an EVP is the standard term for a recorded voice that is believed to have come from a ghost). Recently, more groups have adopted the use of thermal imaging cameras and Spirit Boxes, handheld radios that sweep through frequencies at a rapid pace that investigators believe allow spirits to easily form words and speak aloud…

In the hands of a ghost hunter, the Kinect essentially functions like an even more sensitive version of the famous Ouija board. Shows like Ghost Adventures frequently feature investigators using the Kinect to hunt for spirits.”

Bloody Mary had no experience with Kinect but has a selfish reason to look into it further now. “I have so many case studies,” She says. “I’ve witnessed paranormal phenomenon and part of on going group activities with in-situational experimentation and visits with the dead, sessions in haunted and sacred sites full time for 22 years plus a lifetime of part time encounters. I also have hundreds of comments that explain how even my book itself is actually a haunted book. I have repeated these findings in passing, on radio and television shows as well as the lecture circuit. Yet I was still surprised when on a recent extended book signing tour, I was  challenged on that fact.  A guest of my 2016 Canadian supernatural symposium in Canada confessed that he didn’t believe in my haunted book.

#BloodyMarysguide to: Hauntings, Horrors, and Dancing with the Dead

Bloody Marys book is haunted!

Paranormal Investigator Kevin Metzger had read the publicity mentioning about my new Haunted book coming with actual spirits and decided to test it for himself, “I laughed and asked him why he didn’t believe me!” He said “he just needed to test it himself.” So he did an investigation on my book!  He decided to chose the Microsoft Kinect to prove it. He admitted, “I was actually surprised to see was the tell tale dancing stick figure right on the cover!” He now believes I have written a haunted book.

Thank-you, Microsoft.

My book does seem to carry spirits in both the old school supernatural way and the Paranormal moderne Kinect way too.

While discussing the phenomenon of the haunted book with TLC’s “Paranormal Lockdown” producer Justin and co-stars Nick Groff and Katrina mentioned the use of 3d mapping, Geobox and a few other methods to test in paranormal investigations and will also test them out on “my haunted book” . “I anxiously await their results.” You can see some of these new investigative tools in action on Paranormal Lockdown season 2 which debuts this Friday on TLC ! Yea!  I will be featured in their New Orleans Paranormal Lockdown episode airing later in 2017.  Join my facebook fans page or check into my Bloody Mary’s Special events page for updates on the New Orleans episode.  Come try out some of this equipment with me on New Orleans tours direct. Old school and new school paranormal do meet- with Bloody Mary. Come to New Orleans and ghost hunt with us and find out first hand:

Do the  personal paranormal experiences  hold more or less weight than the techie ones?

What is the true tell all the experience of the many readers of  Bloody Mary’s Book, “Hauntings, Horrors, and Dancing with the Dead” or the techie results? That beauty is of course all in the paranormal eye of the beholder. Who wins?

I like to balance the two and I guess I have to give bit of a thumbs up to the Microsoft Kinect for anthropomorphizing anomalies even if it’s just to a stick figure dancing on my cover. Man versus Machine, you decide. But I guess they both win.


Bloody Mary 12/13/2016

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