Bloody Mary’s Swamp Magic Symposium at The Folk Magic Festival

/Bloody Mary’s Swamp Magic Symposium at The Folk Magic Festival

Bloody Mary’s Swamp Magic Symposium at The Folk Magic Festival


    Swamp magic 101: Calling & Conjuring the Spirits of the Bayou with

       Bloody Mary Wednesday, November 9th 4:00-5:30pm at the Folk magic festival


Get your hands dirty and your soul clean as we are introduced to spirits of swamp magic that many of you have never heard of let alone encountered and engaged in magical practice with! Mary will introduce us to six important building blocks and the major spiritual forces in New Orleans swamp magic tradition that surround them by digging deep into the primordial mud and waters and riding the power of La Grande Crocodille and La Grande Zombi. She will also introduce you to the Spirit of Place of New Orleans- with Maman You, Grad Bois, La Grande Ibo…the Swamp Witch whose hair is the Spanish moss and whose power flows where two finger lakes meet and maybe you will even meet the Loup Garou (swamp werewolf)

 This is all guided by Mambo Mary with her spirit guide Marie Laveau by her side. Put on your magical seat belts because we think this is going to be a powerful ride into the spirit world. A special anointing and blessing is a part of this workshop as we ritually cal up the spirits- and we literally do call them up because they are beneath you ion every step that take in New Orleans

We will all be empowered through this rare opportunity to experience a living magical tradition that grew up in the hidden places and murky shadows of the swamp through the mouth and experience of an actual practitioner born of swamp blood living the practices every day.

Please look at all the Fabulous workshops, classes and presenters who at her here every year to share their secrets and join all the classes at the 7th annual Folk Magic Festival which I am a proud sponsor of.

Swamp Magic

    Bloody Mary’s New Orleans Swamp Magic

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