Gene Wilder’s Ghost woke me up!

/Gene Wilder’s Ghost woke me up!

Gene Wilder’s Ghost woke me up!

Young Frankenstein lives, Gene Wilder dies!

The man that made us cry with laughter in Young Frankenstein and put a smile on our faces in countless other movies has left the physical realm. On August 29, 2016 Gene Wilder “died Sunday in Stamford, Connecticut from complications from Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 83, his nephew told the Associated Press” {1} But is Gene Wilder’s Ghost blazing saddles and still riding proud?

My husband told me I laughed out loud in my sleep but I can not remember why. Maybe Gene Wilder’s ghost woke me up! I do believe we never truly die. Hollywood loves to focus on the dark and dreary troubled ghosts- the evil side that may terrorize. But these are but a few, compared to the myriads of types out there. According to the spirit led philosophy I teach about, “… a spirit Who’s who and explain what they {spirits} do… spotlight{ing] specific roles that the dead can help you with.” {2}  More spirits choose to watch, guard or share their wisdom from the other side than harass us. And in the case of Gene Wilder ‘s ghost, he might just haunt us with an unexpected roar of laughter and gift us with an undying sense of levity. It seems that Gene Wilder did not consider himself a comedian but others did, including Jim Carey who testified in a Tweet: “Gene Wilder was one of the funniest and sweetest energies ever to take a human form. If there’s a heaven he has a Golden Ticket.” I hope so too.

Did Gene Wilder’s Ghost wake me up ?

Regardless of Gene Wilder’s comedic talents as a ghost, it is still a sad day when a man of such light and laughter crosses over to the other side. We do however wish for a happy reunion with Gilda Radner for our dear Gene Wilder. May they again have a Haunted Honeymoon.

As a Voodoo priestess, psychic medium and a paranormal adventurer I do know that Gene Wilder’s Spirit can reunite with his past love, and still love and watch over his wife and child. Those he left behind. “Love doesn’t die.” Laughter, also does not die when the flesh does. Gene Wilder’s ghost may come back to visit his favorite places in life, his friends and family, the place he grew up in and even the stages on which he performed. In his interlife he may choose to do more than that, including waking up a friend or fan and having them laugh out loud in their sleep!

I do not believe that most spirits are stuck, because their ghost visits us from the other side. In fact, I believe they stick around intentionally. Whether you look at it as earning their wings or karma, spirits stick around for many reasons as stay behinds or visitors. I also do not believe that heaven is a jail. They come, they go. To quote from my book, “Consider also the sides we speak of are not such separate places, but a fluid multidimensional matrix.” {3}  We keep on living and there are many types of spirits  out there. Many are ascended masters in their field who help us here. And in his field, there is no doubt that Gene Wilder was a Master, and still is.

Bon voyage dear Gene, you will be sorely missed…


2} Bloody Mary’s Guide to Hauntings , horrors and Dancing with the Dead. True stories from the voodoo Queen of New Orleans ©2016

3} ibid

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