Voodoo Queen Hoodoos Hollywood at Green Man Store, by special request,! This return engagement in North Hollywoods The Green Man store is coming July 17th Sunday from 2 PM – 5 PM. This Voodoo Hoodoo How-to workshop class, ritual blessings, book signings and voodoo paranormal Q & A are waiting all for you.  This is a rare glimpse into the spirits, the rituals the beliefs and disbeliefs about New Orleans Voodoo. Learn about he great ancestral loa Marie Laveau and the true divine mother Maman you- the Mississippi herself. Feel the Swamp magic squeeze between your toes and run up all through your body and soul with Voodoo Queen, author and spirit guide leading your through the deep. Q & A about Hoodoo Voodoo and Voodoo Paranomral and a glimpse into the new book sensation : #Bloodymarsyguide to Hauntings Horrors and Dancing with the Dead. True stories from the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

Click HERE for all the details and then I will see you in Northern California by August!