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Bloody Marys North American Book Tour

Catch Bloody Mary Live!

Join Bloody Mary New Orleans Voodoo Paranormal West Coast Book Tour August in Bay Area at USS Hornet’s Paracon overnight Ghost hunt & East West’s bookstore supernatural storytelling time; then follow her for a Serpents Kiss Conjure Class in Santa Cruz and all the way to Canada for a Supernatural Symposium

Bloody Mary book signing #bloodymarysguide

Come Enter the Spirit Realm, live and in person, with Bloody Mary New Orleans Voodoo Paranormal Book Tour.  It started with a July sneak preview in Hollywood but continues up the West Coast through August.  She IS taking the show on the road before looping back for a Gulf Coast voodoo paranormal tour in September and October. Bloody Mary comes armed with her haunted books and gris -gris in hand as she presents a series of workshops, ritual, paranormal book signings and ghost hunts across the land . This list is not done yet, the party goes on for everyone wants a piece of the magic that is New Orleans!

First stop: The Green Man Store in Hollywood. New Orleans Voodoo Queen met a sold out enthusiastic crowd on July 17th Sunday 2pm-5pm. This was a rare insider’s Supernatural workshop focusing on New Orleans Voodoo and Bloody Mary’s specialty Voodoo Paranormal theory. She makes it obvious why New Orleans historically has always been a hotbed of mysticism; And when you add in, Bloody Mary herself,  stirring that cauldron for the past two generations you get religion – the Voodoo religion.  Bloody Mary also explores historic hauntings of yesterday, current day active hauntings all way to modern day paranormal after-effects of Hurricane Katrina.

The tour just jump-started in Hollywood at the Green Man store, where owner Griffin was delighted to book Bloody Mary. Griffin reminded her that “people over here on the West Coast are starving for this type of knowledge.” New Orleans’ mystic backbone has an international appeal and Bloody Mary has been the face of that supernatural knowledge for a generation. She is honored as an expert in her field of the Supernatural and the Occult.  You have seen her appear in over 200 international documentaries about the spirit side of New Orleans. Now she gives all  a taste of her hometown’s magic and shares s a few secret ingredients, in her book and on her book tour lecture circuit.

Guest attendee Reyna says.” …I was fascinated with every word you said, every story you told, I could see it as if I had lived this life before….I am skeptical on who to go to for guidance and study under and so when I met you I was so tickled because I will love one day to be a priestess myself!”  Patron Tshaylin adds. “Thank you for a Fantastic workshop and very interesting book.”#bloodymarysguide

The Spirit of New Orleans travels with Mary as she spreads the word of her spirit guides Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, and  the mighty Mississippi – Maman You along with all of Le Morte and Les mysteries en Voodoo.  Bloody Mary’s Guide to Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing With the Dead True Stories From the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans published by Weiser Books ©2016 has rave reviews and a very eclectic appeal and audience.  Mary explains :

“It is a self-help book for the living and the dead and a psychic investigator’s paranormal journal how-to.”

Bloody Mary is such an inspirational speaker; she captivates you in storytelling verse as she brings lives and afterlives back to life and brings New Orleans spirits right to your door with a moral to the tale. It is even believed that the book itself is haunted!

The East West Bookstore in Oakland welcomes Mary into their more New Age audience who seems more interested in her famous art of  supernatural storytelling  how Voodoo comes into play. Come hear her inspirational afterlife angle learned direct from the spirits. Hear the history of New Orleans Voodoo from Bloody Mary’s eyes where she shows you that Voodoo is actually light working. At Serpent’s Kiss in Santa Cruz Bloody Mary will do an “out and out conjure” lesson and call the ghosts in the spiritualist’s old-school way.

The biggest event on the tour is on the USS Hornet in Alameda, California: there will be a Ghost Hunt at this Paracon but with a Bloody Mary Voodoo Paranormal twist. Bloody Mary is one of list a star studded key speakers alongside many other television paranormal TV stars from Syfy”s Ghost Hunters and Destination America’s Paranormal Lockdown and surprise guests. The insiders and co-sponsor speakers of the event are The Alameda paranormal Researchers, Parapsychologist & Author Lloyd Auerbach and the spirits of the USS Hornet themselves. The USS Hornet event promises an interesting paranormal overnight out. Remember, Old school meets New school in Bloody Mary New Orleans Voodoo Paranormal book tour circuit featuring something for everyone.

BUT Just what is it about New Orleans? Why is she so fascinating? Why do people feel something different here than the rest of this country? Mary explains:St. Louis Cathedral Garden Night Touchdown Jesus

“You see, in New Orleans, the mysticism is built in; it is organic. Its not grafted on in modern day – you don’t have to go on a tour or read a book to feel it.  But when you do read this book or join the tour you will understand it. It was “built-in” from the get-go, geophysically, and it is supernaturally imbedded. Spirit filled and grounded in the swamp magic, New Orleans has put visitors under its spell for three hundred years . She’s been known as Americas most haunted city long before the paranormal was as popular as it is today. The Spirits, the swamps and the brick and mortar speak.”

She also reminds us that New Orleans herself is endangered. A decade after Katrina over 50% of the population there is new.Katrina Memorial Sunset New Orleans by Bloody Mary

“It seems that some of these newbies ‘master plan’ is a bit too whitewashed to stay true to the heart of this town. It is my job to keep the old customs, the spirits & the soul of New Orleans alive and the magic, if you will,” admits Bloody Mary in a concerned tone.

Bloody Mary’s family been there since 1718.

“My New Orleans ain’t afraidof getting her hands dirty, her hair drenched or her soul bumped around, if  its for a cause. You see we are a mud town with mud fish and mud music. Our magic is raw energy, resilient and creative to the core – you know, down and dirty –  in a good way.” She explains, smiling like a crocodile.“The New Orleans Voodoo diaspora already spread through this country during and after the reconstruction era of the Civil war. Many citizens dispersed from here and spread throughout the lands with their magic packed properly away in the closet. It is the time for that knowledge to travel again, from the source and right out in the open this time.” Bloody Mary New Orleans Voodoo ALtar

Bloody Mary New Orleans Voodoo Paranormal Book Tour & lecture circuit moves up to the the Bay Area in August, back down through Santa Cruz, and skips all the way up up to Canada by August 20. She has all sorts of private and public voodoo workshops, readings, healings and rituals scheduled along the way.

Bloody Mary has also been called in for private paranormal investigations and house cleansings for some wild spirt goings on in Chinatown, Oakland, Santa Barbara and Edmonton, Canada. Bloody Mary will be presenting in many other cities and will be making a few episodes of The Bloody Mary show along the way. So stay tuned Here or new dates and information!


Join in on a public paranormal  investigation on USS hornet August 13 in Alameda, California. Bloody Mary is one of the key speakers at their Paracon‘s full symposium of paranormal is a hands on learning experience.

Her Voodoo Paranormal theme and storytelling as a form of calling spirits is set to be discussed at Oakland ‘s East West bookstore.

Follow her down a nature trail to a haunted forest book signing and ritual blessing at Wild in the Woods in the redwood forest on Sunday 8/14. Then, in Santa Cruz, a hands-on workshop where she will actually call in the spirits old school style is all set for August 15 at Serpent’s Kiss Botanica is bundled up in a a unique magical framework

The Canadian visit is a ritual grand opening dedication ceremony of “Sacred Groundz” Metaphysical shoppe  221 50th street Edson,Alberta  on August 20 & 21 . Plus you will want to join the public Voodoo paranormal Supernatural symposium at the Jean Hatlen Theatre in Red Brick Arts Centre with workshops, classes, book signings, psychic enhancement exercises plus paranormal hands on connection sessions. Email 780-723-4475 tickets sales start 08/03, and  check my Special events  & Appearences section for details

And that  will end that run of the West Coast to head home for a spell.

Back to NOLA area

Following her West coast and Canadian escapades, she has a Gulf Coast series set to include Baton Rouge, Houma, Gulfport, Houston and Pensacola in September.

Then home sweet home for the Big Month of October and a local signing at Hex Old World Witchery in the French Quarter , Barnes and Nobles in Metairie and the Garden District bookstore in early October: Stay tuned at Special Events & Appearances.

As you can guess October is an insanely busy time in New Orleans, for the living and the dead!  We will be offering our infamous Bloody Mary Tours, ghost hunts and voodoo themed events to you but book early.

There are already sold out events & workshops plus a book-signing, ghost tour extravaganza at the Paranormal Activity Party of the season! This is our biggest Dancing with the Dead Bloody Mary event is at Harrah’s Casino! A premier movie viewing of the Bloody Mary Show in Harrah’s theatre is sold out! This high roller event is in Harrahs for Halloween weekend is: Hauntings, Horrors and Harrah’s! Plus voodoo doll making, supernatural lecture Q&A and voodoo drumming and dancing with the dead.

Midnight Sunday, October 30th. Bloody Mary New Orleans Voodoo annual ritual at the VIP Masque for the Endless Nights Vampire Ball at the Foundation room. Book signing to follow

Rolling onward to the Folk Magic Festival in November 7, 8, 9, 10  filled with Magic workshops books signings and where Bloody Mary is a sponsor and key presenter.

You can catch her live anytime in New Orleans on her infamous Bloody Mary tours and virtually anytime on her Youtube channel, The Bloody Mary Show

More About Bloody Mary and her book checkout her bio and press


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