Voodoo Queen Salutes Prince: The Artist Formerly Known As…

/Voodoo Queen Salutes Prince: The Artist Formerly Known As…

Voodoo Queen Salutes Prince: The Artist Formerly Known As…

Out Magazine artist symbol for " artist formerly known as "Artist Prince dies at 57: April 21st, 2016

Voodoo Queen Bloody Mary has talked about Prince on her New Orleans Voodoo tours and national lectures for decades. When trying to explain Voodoo “Ve-Ve,” Prince comes to the rescue! Ve-Ves are symbol-signatures in Voodoo They are the signatures of the mysteries and focused altars that can be engraved, sculpted out of  chalks and meals in 3-d form and occasionally created from the glitz of sequin.They are usually described as monograms, sigils, mandalas (etc.), but for the laymen she always adds, “or the artist formerly known as.” Then they get it.

Truly, The Artist Formerly Known as

Now he truly is ” the artist formerly known as” his sprit will transcend his physical form and his music will live forever. His own personal Ve-Ve can be used to call his creativity spirit to be our muse. Perhaps he will honor our presence as he becomes a sacred ancestor to some, to many. While the family is fighting over his millions, his spirit will transcend. Though he is likely still in the “tuning his guitar phase,” this too shall pass. He will be trained by those greats who have gone before and soon he can be found at that proverbial crossroads. The symbol of the artist to your right is from Out Magazine article entitled The Queer Legacy of Prince BY NATHAN SMITH

There was a cloud of confusion surrounding Prince at his passing, but that fog is lifting and  he is rising. You can help that ascension. So draw his ve-ve sigil, sing a prayer, listen to his musings as you lift the window and smell the purple rain. Never fear: know that your Prince is rising again! So mote it be.

Prince’s obituary was in the New York Times 

Up Close and Personal:

I had the privilege of seeing him at a Studio 54  Record Exec. party in 1990. All the suits were there. The crowd was small, the suits were square and busy networking up at the bar. The venue had a nearly empty dance floor, with no more than twelve fans leaning on the stage. It might have been a hard show for him to do: no one was paying attention but us few. But you never would have known it for his performance had the gusto of a full house. I have an eternal Prince memory.

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