Our Mothers Never Truly Die

/Our Mothers Never Truly Die

Our Mothers Never Truly Die

Your mother might be in the ground but she is still your family. Remember to toast to and dance with her spirit who lives within you.

Several years back I stumbled upon a wondrous spell in New Orleans’ Holt Graveyard. Here I found a dramatic folk magic salute waiting within actually on Mother’s day. Personal items, pictures, prayer and much preparation went into this mystic ceremonial decor designed to lift someone’s mothers soul upward. Note the feathered wings soaring near the top, the old shoes with notes written on their lower portion and even the addition of the netting to busy any outside spirits who may attempt thwart that journey. All meticulously designed on Mothers day afternoon to lift up and protect. Bravo!

Bloody Mary suggests how to celebrate with your mother if she has passed on

Perhaps set up a formal tea in a private place to sip and chat. Maybe add some automatic writing in the form of a letter with a shot of whiskey or a cigarette if that was more her speed: whatever she liked in life. Create a sacred space for her in afterlife. Go all out: cook brunch; go the extra mile, buy those fancy chocolates, gather pictures and some of her favorite things as a centerpiece and strengthening post for her to come for a visit.  Throw your fears of what others might say right out the window and toast to the woman who carried you, The woman who raised you – even if you did not know her and you were adopted – raise a glass and cheer!

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I dedicate this Blog to my mother who has crossed over, Beverly.

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