Friends and Fans please meet and greet Bloody Mary at Paracon on the USS Hornet.

Bloody Mary presents her Voodoo Paranormal How To’s and blends her supernatural investigation skills for overnight investigations on the USS Hornet San Francisco Bay Paracon. Bloody Mary has her own approach to share on how to connect with those who co-exist with us. Explore :Is is really “The Other Side”?

Bloody Mary is an advocate for spirit rights and teaches how to get along with spirits more than how to remove them. But at the same time teaches protection methods and grounding precautions that you should take with you , not only on your ghost hunts but in your everyday life.

Bloody Mary is a natural medium, New Orleans Voodoo Queen, traituer and author.  She is cross trained in physical and spiritual studies and therefore teaches a well rounded approach to the multi-dimensions we live in, every day and everywhere. But there are some places that are a magnets to this type of activity more than others, like the USS Hornet. Lets explore the why’s. We can try to develop a communication with our ethereal brothers and sisters and possibly capture evidence in the process but in the long run it is all about the encounter itself and the  connection,

” I believe in putting the humanness back into paranormal investigation” explains Bloody Mary, ” and I have been teaching my method- Voodoo Paranormal- for over 22 years”.

Get the behind the scenes info from her new book #bloodymarysguide to Hauntings Horrors and Dancing with the Dead and learn some extras on all the case studies in that 22 years of spirit encounters diary. Meet Bloody Mary alongside many other famous authors and Ghost Hunters TV greyghost2016 (1)

personalities in a star studded key speakers alongside many other television paranormal TV stars . Syfy”s Ghost Hunters Kris Williams &Dustin Pari and Destination America’s Paranormal Lockdown co-star Elizabeth Saint along with a few rumored  surprise guests. The insiders and co-sponsor speakers of the event are The Alameda paranormal Researchers, Parapsychologist & Author Lloyd Auerbach and the spirits of the USS Hornet themselves. The USS Hornet event promises an interesting paranormal overnight out.

Remember, Old school meets New school in Bloody Mary New Orleans Voodoo Paranormal book tour circuit featuring something for everyone.

If you are in the Bay area please come join us and meet and greet at PARACON  with Bloody Mary and the Others…