Death Notices: 2016 Gone but not Forgotten

/Death Notices: 2016 Gone but not Forgotten

Death Notices: 2016 Gone but not Forgotten

Death notices of those who tragically passed in 2016, they may be gone but their spirits linger in more than one way.

We have started the year with a great loss to the music world: David Bowie. I had the pleasure of meeting the man long ago in New Orleans, but I can only say that I am a fan. David’s beauty, artistry and individuality will inspire many long after the sad,  sad day of his passing 1/11/2016. 69 years on this earth, and may years to come in other dimensions, our dear David has passed from the flesh. In his last words of art and song he will be like Lazarus. He will indeed be missed and always remembered.

Alan Rickman followed Bowie to the otherside on 01/14/2016. Ever known as the beloved villain, Snape in Harry Potter. Alan also at the same age as David Bowie, 69. These two Britons no doubt admired each others work and perhaps will play on that big stage in the sky together. Many generations will miss this versatile actor who will evermore be immortalized on the silver screen. Though he was well known for playing villains, he could make us laugh too.

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