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Mourning Notice – Bring out your Dead!

Many of our loved ones  leave us too soon,  some of them even before we say get to say goodbye. Here at the wailing wall we will give you a second chance, help you send your  last messages as best we can. Posting your remembrances, your obituaries or those secrets that you need now reveal and release. Redeem your dead, purge your guilt or simply pray for them. We will help pray and push those messages through to the otherside. This is where you can add the other side of the obituary, but so can they; the spirits are welcome to comment  and post too. When I respond to your posts I may  utilize auto-writing techniques if they have messages that need to come through. So Send me your candidate for the wall, tell me why they should be interred here and what you would like to share about them and any messages you want to tell them.

MAY I start the ball rolling for us with  my notable 2015 losses:: a few famous and an unknown or two:

Christopher Lee, July 2015, 12 degrees of separation. Entertained Bloody Mary many a night

Leonard Nimoy, February 2015,  12 degrees of separation but helped me live long and prosper.

Blaze Starr dies June 2015 at the age of 83. Voluptuous Burlesque Queen whose energies in New Orleans  linger on Bourbon street and in the annals of political scandal of our state. Governor Earl K Long loved her, her performances the  clubs on Bourbon have had her residual imprint on them long before she did and we do  always talk about her on her  Haunted pub tour- this scandal tour includes the illustrious affair she had with our governor but now we shall  salute her spirit as well! You will be the femme fatale and the comic relief rolled into one beautiful woman who others aspire too

George Verdigo, August 2015, Bloody Mary’s friend

Bloody Mary presided the funeral. Rest in peace, for your life was not a peaceful one. You both entertained and annoyed me, surprised me and abused me (refrigerator rights at least). But somehow we all loved ya’ just the same. Once in a while some strange wisdom came through you and you saved my life once too. Whether you knew it or not, we will miss you.

Houngan Max Bouvoir, September 2015, Bloody Mary’s acquaintance and fellow Voodoo Priest, Head id Haitian Voodoo, Master drummer politician and ambassador voodoo liason

Chef Paul Prudhomme, Sunset 10/08/2015, cooked for Bloody Mary on many occasions!

New Orleans mourns an iconic figure with the loss of Chef Paul Prudhomme. A giant in placing New Orleans on the map as a world renown culinary city, Chef Prudhomme introduced Cajun and Creole cuisine to an enthusiastic audience of food lovers around the globe. From his early days at Commander’s Palace with Ella and Dick Brennan, to the restaurant founded with his late wife, K-Paul’s, Chef Paul truly changed the world of American Cuisine. He was a role model for untold students and professionals alike. His Blackened Redfish and Turducken, among many other imaginative creations, have become favorites the world over because of his award-winning and innovative genius. Chef Paul Prudhomme will live in the hearts of New Orleanians and culinary enthusiasts for generations to come. Our thoughts and prayers are with Chef Paul’s family and his employees.”  NOCVB NOLA

Allen Toussaint Sunset 11/10/2015 ,soothed my savage soul with New Orleans music and melodic tunes.  Native new Orleanain dies  of heart attack at 77 years of age while touring abroad  in Spain.New Orleans as a city and as a musical note in the great symphony of the music worlds will greatly miss Allen  but always play on in his honor.

NOLA.com says, “…Mr. Toussaint, who helped to define the New Orleans sound as a songwriter and composer, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988, the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2009, and the Blues Hall of Fame in 2011. In 2013, he received the National Medal of Arts from President Barack Obama.”He was like a one man Motown,” said Quint Davis, president of Festival Productions Inc.-New Orleans and the producer and director of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, at which Mr. Toussaint regularly performed…”  http://www.nola.com/music/index.ssf/2015/11/allen_toussaint_dies.html




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